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Mcgill University

Montreal University Buildings Evacuated After Bomb Threats Target Muslim Students

The Huffington Post | Antonia Blumberg | Posted 03.01.2017 | Home

Multiple buildings were evacuated at a Canadian university on Wednesday after a letter sent to media outlets threatened to detonate bombs targeting Mu...

Saving the Whales, Hating Israel, and the Future of Western Civilization

Andrew Pessin | Posted 06.10.2016 | College
Andrew Pessin

McGill's Judicial Board has done us all an immense service. Socrates, Hume, Mill--and ultimately all the many minority and disenfranchised voices themselves that have in recent years finally been getting their turn to be heard--should thank you.

Rebuilding the Dead Syria

Rameh Shirazi | Posted 03.23.2017 | College
Rameh Shirazi

If Syrians are given the chance to gain expertise in social work programs, they can help Syrian refugee communities in neighboring countries from marginalization and possibly rebuild, democratically, a better Syria with a better civil society.

Ban Ki-Moon's Address to Canadian Youth: A Call for Global Leadership

Radouan Torkmani | Posted 02.21.2017 | Impact
Radouan Torkmani

Will the Canadian youth seize the opportunity to become the leaders of their generation? On the 12th of February, McGill University hosted the United...

A College Education Is Worth the World, Young Genocide Survivor's College Dream Comes True

Samantha Lakin | Posted 05.27.2016 | Impact
Samantha Lakin

This summer marks the two year anniversary of my work in Rwanda. I have met many incredible people during this journey, and know I will meet many more.

Climate Change Deniers in the United States Congress

Maguire Mealy | Posted 05.11.2015 | Green
Maguire Mealy

Yet despite the depressing forecast ahead of us, the greatest danger that we face today is not the future consequences of our actions but the denial of facts.

The Soular Backpack: Increasing Education in East Africa

Salima Visram | Posted 03.28.2015 | College
Salima Visram

My goal is that through education, people will be given the tools to empower and alleviate themselves from poverty. I believe in the power of social business as the greatest catalyst in creating sustainable change.

Empowerment Within Engagement: Reconciling Dialogue and Action in Model United Nations

Joy Aguilar | Posted 03.15.2015 | College
Joy Aguilar

Participating in Model UN can improve your public speaking skills, sharpen your critical thinking and develop your research abilities.

Obesity Can Take 8 Years Off Your Life

The Huffington Post | Shelley Emling | Posted 12.05.2014 | Fifty

Today, more than one-third of American adults -- or 78.6 million people -- are considered obese. A new study pinpoints why we should take that statist...

From Rodin to Reward Pathways: The Science of Art

Nina Wang | Posted 01.13.2015 | Arts
Nina Wang

Our experiences of art are so subjective that studying them in a scientific way seems impossible, but a growing field called neuroaesthetics is attempting to do just that.

A Conversation With Bass-Baritone Philippe Sly

Sean Martinfield | Posted 12.16.2014 | San Francisco
Sean Martinfield

San Francisco Opera's fourth presentation in the 2014/15 season is Handel's hit from 1730, Partenope. Directed by Christopher Alden, the production debuted in 2008 and is a joint effort with the English National Opera and Opera Australia.

Why Students Should Care About Global Health

Robert Fusco | Posted 12.15.2014 | College
Robert Fusco

Students are in a unique place to stimulate change in the world. We have the resources and a lens of optimism through which we view the world.

All-Natural Student Stress Remedy: Silencing the Mind

Marina Rogers | Posted 12.13.2014 | College
Marina Rogers

On a practical level, meditation can aid in insomnia, stress, emotional instability, depression, productivity, concentration, eating-habits, and the list goes on... As students, we are all subject to these difficulties associated with academic endeavors.

Emma Watson's Feminism: Is It Enough?

Michelle Huang | Posted 12.07.2014 | Women
Michelle Huang

I believe that the use of labels is generally detrimental to the fight for equality, particularly with such an exclusive and narrowly defined label as in Watson's use of feminism. Labels splinter groups, and in fact, conceptualize the borders themselves.

Understanding the Other Side of Our Birth Right

Jai Retter | Posted 11.02.2014 | Home
Jai Retter

What I learned from my experiences in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories is that identifying as an American Jew is not a disqualifying pre-requisite for being pro-Palestine, pro-peace, and pro-Israel all at the same time, but ignorance is.

TechFuture: Hold On! Paul Moller's Skycar Is Coming

Bill_Robinson | Posted 07.28.2014 | Technology

If you are feeling dejected and gloomy, never fear; there's a flying car coming right at you in the near future. A "Jetsons-like" transportation mode is just around the corner.

Winning the Hult Prize With My Company, Aspire Food Group

Hult Prize: Team McGill | Posted 05.13.2014 | Impact
Hult Prize: Team McGill

Exactly one year ago, I stood frozen cold inside the warm amphitheater of the Boston Museum of Science.

U.S. Ranks Near Bottom Among Advanced Nations In Efficiency Of Health Care Spending

The Huffington Post | Yagana Shah | Posted 12.12.2013 | Fifty

While the great health care debate continues across the nation, a new study shows our struggles for health care go far beyond just the quarrels in Was...

Start-Up Wins $1 Million to Tackle Global Food Crisis -- With Edible Insects

Neil Parmar | Posted 11.24.2013 | Impact
Neil Parmar

And the $1 million Hult Prize for the best start-up idea that secures food for undernourished slum-dwellers goes to... a group of five students from Montreal, Canada, who want to grow, process and sell edible insects.

LOOK: 3D Printer Turns Human Bodies Into Musical Instruments

Posted 07.25.2013 | Arts

Ph.D researchers Joseph Malloch and Ian Hattwick from McGill University have created 3D-printed wearable musical instruments. The prosthetic digital i...

The 85th Academy Awards Failed to Honor a Legend

Kerry Patton | Posted 04.27.2013 | Entertainment
Kerry Patton

For many, Jake Eberts was a ray of hope, inspiration, and admiration. He served humankind by giving back and physically showing so much about the world in which we live. He was a legend yet Hollywood missed an opportunity to recognize his accomplishments.

The CRAZIEST College Parties

The Huffington Post | Tyler Kingkade | Posted 03.22.2012 | College

Not all parties are created equal. Tailgating and hitting up the bars near campus are all just a part of the average college experience. Yet, there...

PHOTO: Scientists Make Supersoldier Ants

LiveScience | Wynne Parry | Posted 03.07.2012 | Science

By Wynne Parry, LiveScience Senior Writer (Click here for the original article.) When eight bizarrely big-headed soldier ants turned up in a wi...

5 Apples A Day May Actually Keep The Cardiologist Away

Posted 12.24.2011 | Fifty

Just when the old adage "an apple a day keeps the doctor away" seems to lose any real meaning behind that condescending rhyme, science steps in to rev...

Global China Connection: From Columbia to Stanford and McGill

Jim Luce | Posted 05.25.2011 | Home
Jim Luce

Hundreds of Chinese studies majors at top universities in North America have recently formed a network dedicated to forging new economic, cultural, and political links between East and West.