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Medicating Children

Is Mental Illness a Bigger Threat to Kids than Physical Illness?

Lisa Firestone | Posted 11.26.2012 | Parents
Lisa Firestone

As parents, our children's health ranks among our top priorities. When fall arrives and flu season begins, we notice every cough and feel for signs of fever. But how attuned are we to mental health symptoms in our kids?

Medications and Kids: What Not to Do

Claire McCarthy, M.D. | Posted 11.08.2012 | Parents
Claire McCarthy, M.D.

Medications can make a huge difference when it comes to making kids feel and get better -- such a huge difference that sometimes we don't realize that medications can be dangerous, too. Here are the "medication don'ts" that every parent should know:

ADHD: The Medication Helps Daddy, Too

Kergan Edwards-Stout | Posted 04.16.2012 | Parents
Kergan Edwards-Stout

We finally decided to try the pharmaceuticals available, only to be met with warnings from countless well-meaning people, none of whom actually had children with ADHD. I began to feel as if, in some small way, they were judging our parenting skills and finding fault.

Why Are We Still Medicating Our Kids?

Marilyn Wedge, Ph.D. | Posted 05.28.2011 | Home
Marilyn Wedge, Ph.D.

So, if family therapy is safe, effective, and brief, why do very few people know about it? The answer is simple: follow the money.

Generation Rx Grows Up: A Response to Judith Warner

Kaitlin Bell Barnett | Posted 11.17.2011 | Healthy Living
Kaitlin Bell Barnett

In deconstructing the "overmedicated kids" storyline, Warner has taken an important first step toward reframing the debate. But we need to go further in our reassessment of kids and medication.

Ending Drunkenness in America

Stanton Peele | Posted 11.17.2011 | Healthy Living
Stanton Peele

Hopefully, teens will never drink. Instead, they can consume tons of corn starch in soft drinks and snack foods.