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Men in Black 3 Plot

6 Confusing Things About 'Men In Black 3'

Mike Ryan | Posted 07.28.2012 | Entertainment
Mike Ryan

Now that you've seen Men in Black 3 (or perhaps you didn't -- it's not humanly possible for me to keep tabs on all of you), I have a few questions. Look, I like to pretend that I have at least the intelligence of an average human being (I graduated from a Big 12 school, so I realize even that may be a stretch), but there are quite a few things in the Men in Black 3 plot that confused me. I get it: perhaps Min in Black 3 isn't supposed to be one of those movies you think about too hard. And I did enjoy it more than I probably should have, considering how much it's making me fret. But, alas, as I sit here on my birthday, of all days, I just can't help it. Maybe we can all work though this together?