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Metal Detectors

Keeping Guns Out of Schools Does Not Require Metal Detectors

Alan Singer | Posted 03.25.2017 | Education
Alan Singer

Three recent gun incidents in New York City schools coupled with mass shootings in the United States and terrorist attacks in California and Europe ha...

How the Other Half Goes to School

Alan Singer | Posted 03.04.2017 | Education
Alan Singer

How the Other Half Lives: Studies Among the Tenements of New York, written by Jacob Riis in 1890, is a classic study of poverty in the United States. ...

Battle to Reshape Education in New York State

Alan Singer | Posted 01.25.2017 | Education
Alan Singer

By placing metal detectors in minority schools our society conveys to students that education officials see them as threats who cannot be trusted. I strongly object to this. It is also important to note that airports authorities screen everyone, not just selected individuals.

Student Anti-Scanning Campaign Spreads

Alan Singer | Posted 12.03.2016 | Education
Alan Singer

Dennis and Ibrahim, students at Smith are real life Hunger Games Mockingjays. They have created a modern day Committee of Correspondence to pull together students from different New York City schools to join their campaign to get metal detectors out of school buildings.

Are Public School Students the New Inmates in the American Police State?

John W. Whitehead | Posted 09.16.2016 | Education
John W. Whitehead

America's public schools contain almost every aspect of the militarized, intolerant, senseless, overcriminalized, legalistic, surveillance-riddled, totalitarian landscape that plagues those of us on the "outside."

Students Tell Mayor de Blasio, Turn Off the Metal Detectors!

Alan Singer | Posted 04.25.2015 | Education
Alan Singer

The existence of the metal detectors is a constant irritant to the Black and Latino students who attend these schools, a repeated statement about their second-class educational citizenship, and a reminder of police repression of minority youth and the school-to-prison-pipeline that infects American society.

How to Breeze Through Airport Security

Laura Lippstone | Posted 04.26.2014 | Travel
Laura Lippstone

Just when I thought I sort of understood the process, I was at the airport yesterday. "TSA PreCheck" showed up on my boarding pass again. Goodie. But I still had to take my laptop out of its case. Go figure.

School District Debuts Random Metal-Detector Screenings

The Huffington Post | Sara Gates | Posted 05.19.2014 | Politics

Following a slew of recent gun incidents, Florida's Orange County school district has opted to introduce random metal-detector screenings through the ...

A Future Stuck in the Pipeline

Robert Koehler | Posted 06.04.2013 | Chicago
Robert Koehler

The time has come to declare an end to this entire era -- of militarized racism, violent solutions to everything. Ending violence in our communities is a realistic focal point and immediately draws our attention to our bedeviled, militarized public education system.

The Incredible Story Of One Woman's Lost Wedding Ring

Posted 11.05.2012 | Weddings

How's this for lost and found? On Sunday, a Massachusetts woman was reunited with her engagement ring that had been missing for 17 years. Local new...

The Best Anniversary Present Ever

Posted 11.05.2012 | Good News

A Massachusetts woman got a surprise anniversary present last week when the diamond engagement ring that she lost 17 years ago while visiting her sist...

The Lady's Guide To The TSA

Tamara Shayne Kagel | Posted 09.18.2012 | Travel
Tamara Shayne Kagel

Perhaps if we all adhered to some simple Security Manners, our lines will move a little swifter.

Andrea Stone

Jesse Ventura Says He'll Never Fly Again | Andrea Stone | Posted 06.13.2012 | Politics

Jesse Ventura, the libertarian former governor of Minnesota known as The Body during his pro wrestling career, said he has stopped flying because he w...

David Moye

WATCH: Former Wrestler Says There's Gold In Your Outhouse | David Moye | Posted 03.21.2012 | Weird News

If you have an outhouse, there's a former pro wrestler who'd love to rummage through it. He's "Heavy Metal" Ric Savage, and between 1991 and 1997 h...

New York City and the School-to-Prison Pipeline

Alan Singer | Posted 03.28.2012 | New York
Alan Singer

Metal detectors at school entrances make many New York City schools feel more like prisons than places where young people want to be and contribute to the sense that these are not a place where people are respected.

Raising up an Orwellian Generation

John W. Whitehead | Posted 05.25.2011 | Education
John W. Whitehead

Rather than instilling in our young people a fear of authority, we should be teaching them to be revolutionaries.