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Michael Lynch

Eugene Koonin: "The New Evolutionary Biology"

Suzan Mazur | Posted 02.03.2017 | Science
Suzan Mazur

Eugene Viktorovich Koonin "They should have invited Eugene Koonin," Canadian biochemist Larry Moran told me in the hallway during a break at the Nove...

Royal Society Set to Release Evo Meeting Details

Suzan Mazur | Posted 05.22.2017 | Science
Suzan Mazur

The Royal Society science office says the suspense will soon be over. It will announce presenter names/topics for the November evolution paradigm shif...

Books for Baseball's Indian Summer

Jeff Polman | Posted 09.08.2016 | Home
Jeff Polman

Baseball books tend to come out in March or April, along with returning Eastern meadowlarks, daffodils, and the sweet smell of spring training. Quite often, though, I don't get a chance to read new ones until late summer or early autumn

An Art Form That Just Keeps Evolving

George Heymont | Posted 10.15.2014 | Arts
George Heymont

I'm often amused by the random juxtaposition of shows I attend from one night to the next. One could hardly position two American musicals that differ quite as much in their performance history, style, and appeal than the two I saw in back-to-back performances a few months ago.

'The Voice' Blind Auditions End, Michael Lynch Duets With Christina Aguilera

The Huffington Post | Jason Hughes | Posted 10.08.2013 | TV

It was the final night of blind auditions on "The Voice," which meant the coaches were finalizing their teams. One contestant who certainly demanded t...

Peak Oil -- New York Times' Op-ed Gets it Right and Wrong

Raymond J. Learsy | Posted 05.25.2011 | Business
Raymond J. Learsy

The environmental threat to our existence and that of generations to come grows every day. Seeking non-fossil fuel solutions to our energy needs are not "rushed government investments" as Michael Lynch pontificates.

Saying Goodbye to Siobhan Was an Idol Shocker

Holly Robinson | Posted 05.25.2011 | Entertainment
Holly Robinson

My mind is still reeling from Wednesday night's Idol show, and it wasn't just from seeing Shakira quote Roosevelt after her barefoot gypsy dance and duet with country singer Rascal Flatts.

The New York Times on Peak Oil - Don't Worry, Be Happy

Gabriel Rotello | Posted 05.25.2011 | Green
Gabriel Rotello

If the Peak Oil proponents are correct, it amounts to one of the biggest stories of our time, right up there with global warming

Michael Lynch, Wrong on Oil Prices for Over a Decade, is Wrong About Peak Oil

Joseph Romm | Posted 05.25.2011 | Politics
Joseph Romm

The future is just like the past, until, of course, it isn't. We aren't making more oil; we are, however, consuming more and more.

Peak Oil Agonistes: The New York Times Finally Comes Around to Where HuffPost Never Feared to Tread

Raymond J. Learsy | Posted 05.25.2011 | Business
Raymond J. Learsy

At last, one of the great misnomers of public disinformation bordering closer to brainwashing has been brought to heel.