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Michel Martelly

Former Candidates Moise Jean Charles and Jude Celestin Denounce Haiti's Looming "Electoral Coup"

Georgianne Nienaber | Posted 02.03.2017 | Home
Georgianne Nienaber

The fact that Voice of America chose to prominently report on the money laundering and drug related charges against Haiti President-elect Jovenel Mois...

The U.S. Elections: End Of Empire? A View From Haiti

Mark Schuller | Posted 11.21.2016 | Chicago
Mark Schuller

Many people were surprised at the results of last week's election. In hindsight, the signs were there to be seen, in plain sight. Many, either because they were paying attention or being targeted, were not surprised.

Haiti's Political Crisis: 'Uncertainty Is The Only Thing We Know For Sure'

The Huffington Post | Jesselyn Cook | Posted 02.13.2016 | Home

Every week, The WorldPost asks an expert to shed light on a topic driving headlines around the world. In this edition, we speak with Robert Fatton Jr....

Haiti Deeply Divided As President Steps Down Without Replacement

Reuters | Jesselyn Cook | Posted 02.08.2016 | Home

PORT-AU-PRINCE (Reuters) - Michel Martelly stepped down as Haitian president on Sunday, leaving a deeply divided country in the hands of a disputed in...

Behind the "Banana Man" - Haiti's Only Presidential Candidate

Mark Schuller | Posted 01.21.2017 | Home
Mark Schuller

by Jennifer Vansteenkiste and Mark Schuller If nothing changes, Haiti is scheduled to have a run-off election this coming Sunday, January 24. Only o...

Haiti: US interference Wins Elections

Azadeh Shahshahani | Posted 10.14.2016 | Politics
Azadeh Shahshahani

The security lapses, violence, disorganization and irregularities of the August 9 Haitian elections had been preordained by the U.S. subversion of these long overdue elections. The result has been further destabilization of Haiti.

What Are We Missing About Haiti in the Hillary Emails?

Georgianne Nienaber | Posted 09.14.2016 | Politics
Georgianne Nienaber

The truth is that no one will ever be privy to the complete correspondences on Hillary Clinton's server, but there is more than enough information available to discuss how the United States conducts corrupt foreign policy in Haiti.

100 Years of Occupation in Haiti : Constitution Maybe Paper

Mark Schuller | Posted 07.31.2016 | Home
Mark Schuller

A series of commemoration activities on Tuesday for 100 years of U.S. Occupation organized by the Mouvman Patriyotik Demokratik Popilè (the Patriotiic, Democratic, People's Movement) carried the theme, "with or without boots, the occupation still exists."

2015: The Year of Change for Cuba and Haiti

Vicki J. Huddleston | Posted 03.10.2015 | Home
Vicki J. Huddleston

Cuba is an example of failed communism; Haiti of failed capitalism. If either country is to progress, it will have to significantly change its political and economic system.

One Less Dictator on the Planet

Carine Fabius | Posted 12.07.2014 | Home
Carine Fabius

I hear the Dalai Lama would disagree with me on this, but my husband and I toasted to the death of former Haitian dictator Jean-Claude "Baby Doc" Duva...

Stop the Political Persecution of Aristide and Fanmi Lavalas Once and for All

Danny Glover | Posted 11.19.2014 | Home
Danny Glover

It's time to end the campaign of attacks against Jean-Bertrand Aristide and Fanmi Lavalas once and for all. Aristide, like all Haitian citizens, must be allowed to participate in politics without fear and intimidation being the norm.

Haiti Déjà Vu

Mark Schneider | Posted 09.17.2014 | Home
Mark Schneider

Secretary of State John Kerry just pulled off a compromise to save Afghanistan's elections from yielding widespread violence. He might considering doing the same in Haiti. Here's why.

Haiti: In the Kingdom of Impunity

Michael Deibert | Posted 06.02.2014 | Impact
Michael Deibert

There are many striking sights to be seen in Haiti today. In the north of the country, where over 200 years ago a revolt of slaves began that would ev...

4 Years Later: Haiti's Progress Not Always Visible to the Naked Eye

Caitlin Klevorick | Posted 03.17.2014 | Impact
Caitlin Klevorick

With each passing year the incredible stories of heroism give way to ones of failure. As we've seen, stories about suffering sadly tend to get more eyeballs than those of progress and lessons learned.

Who Owns Haiti's Future?

Georgianne Nienaber | Posted 06.26.2013 | Impact
Georgianne Nienaber

Three years and $6 billon later, we remain with the same questions and a very troubling report about USAID from CEPR. The big question remains. Who is capable of charting the way forward for Haiti?

Investing in Haiti's Future Means Listening Humbly

Ruth Messinger | Posted 03.16.2013 | Impact
Ruth Messinger

As governments and international organizations continue to invest in Haiti's future, we must have the humility to admit that we don't have all the answers. Let's heed the advice that knowledge lives with people on the ground -- not within the bowels of bureaucracies.

Letter From Haiti

Michael Deibert | Posted 11.28.2012 | Impact
Michael Deibert

Despite the eroding of hope when confronted with the immense challenge of governing Haiti and his own missteps, Haitians still seem to be giving President Michel Martelly the benefit of the doubt.

Neighborhood Revitalization in Haiti Not a Moment Too Soon

Mark Schuller | Posted 01.18.2013 | Home
Mark Schuller

It was recently reported that work on neighborhood revitalization in Port-au-Prince is about to finally begin. This is both welcome and long overdue, since more progress needs to be made in neighborhood revitalization.

Haiti Should Stay Away From Chavez's ALBA

Joel D. Hirst | Posted 03.13.2012 | Home
Joel D. Hirst

President Martelly must recognize that the future prosperity of the Haitian people will not come from an association with the world's despots but with the hard work of fighting corruption, creating opportunities and educating his people.

Notes From Haiti's Long Hot Summer

Michael Deibert | Posted 08.24.2011 | Impact
Michael Deibert

So the country, where an estimated 634,000 survivors of the quake still live in makeshift settlements in and around the capital, remains without a government.

Final Whistle for 514 Families as Haitian Government Illegally Closes Stadium Camp

Beatrice Lindstrom | Posted 09.27.2011 | Home
Beatrice Lindstrom

The government of Port-au-Prince is set on using the Sylvio Cator Stadium for a soccer game in early August, and on July 18, the mayor unlawfully evicted the last of the residents living in the Stadium's parking lot.

Haiti's Displaced (AUDIO)

Kimberly Abbott | Posted 08.31.2011 | Home
Kimberly Abbott

In Haiti, more than 650,000 earthquake victims are still waiting for permanent housing after a year and a half in emergency camps, where they are now vulnerable to criminal violence and the summer storm season.

Regine Barjon at Senate Hearing: "The People of Haiti Know What They Want"

Georgianne Nienaber | Posted 08.27.2011 | Impact
Georgianne Nienaber

Dual citizenship will not solve these problems when Haiti needs the basic human rights of clean water, sustainable jobs and infrastructure.

Flooding Scours the Whitewash From Haiti Aid Efforts

Georgianne Nienaber | Posted 08.13.2011 | Home
Georgianne Nienaber

The OCHA Haiti Flooding Situation Report covering the period from June 6-7 does not paint a pretty picture. This grim report was to be anticipated gi...

Haiti's Latest Elections

Pius Kamau | Posted 08.06.2011 | Home
Pius Kamau

Haiti needs a change of heart among some of her small elite in whose hands real power in Haiti resides.