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Minority Entrepreneurs

Meet Some of Cleveland's Innovators

Forward Cities | Posted 06.17.2016 | Impact
Forward Cities

Every city has its champions, its innovative leaders - those who, no matter their work, embody the spirit of their city and help drive progress and in...

4 Things I Didn't Know About Investors Before I Took Their Money

Felecia Hatcher | Posted 06.10.2016 | Business
Felecia Hatcher

So, you cashed the check, now what? So many of us are obsessed with getting investors no one really talks about the real down side.

Fostering Inclusive Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

Darrin Redus | Posted 07.22.2013 | Business
Darrin Redus

Connecting more minorities to the nation's emerging tech-based economy (via these high-tech industries) is of vital importance for our collective economic future. This bridge-building isn't always easy, however.

6 Ways to Connect Minorities to the Nation's Emerging Tech-Based Economy

Darrin Redus | Posted 09.01.2012 | Small Business
Darrin Redus

Although African-Americans comprised nine percent of all new entrepreneurship activity in 2011, less than one percent of all venture capital investment went to digital startups with African-American founders in 2010.

Entrepreneurship Program Offers Financial Aid To Female, Minority Startups

Posted 05.16.2012 | Black Voices

Despite their $1.1 trillion worth of buying power, African Americans are still largely underrepresented in the business sector when it comes to owners...

At Stanford, Latino Leadership Gathers, Shares and Mentors

Graciela Tiscareno-Sato | Posted 05.23.2012 | Latino Voices
Graciela Tiscareno-Sato

It's time for Latinos to meet and support each other and bring more into leadership. It's time to stop being invisible as we lead.

Latino Engineers Selected Among Global Elite Startups

Graciela Tiscareno-Sato | Posted 01.15.2012 | Latino Voices
Graciela Tiscareno-Sato

As the national debate rages about the lack of diversity in Silicon Valley, entrepreneurs from within the Latino community will be stepping into the mainstream limelight.

Alex Wagner

Dot Com Casualty Returns from the Dead | Alex Wagner | Posted 10.01.2011 | Black Voices

Despite the fact that he has no relation to the country legend, Hank Williams was on some level destined for the music industry. Williams, an engineer...

Innovative i4c Campaign Partners With Sarah McLachlan's 2010 Lilith Tour

Brett Greene | Posted 05.25.2011 | Impact
Brett Greene

The 2010 Lilith Tour's partnership with TouchPoint Trust Group is an opportunity for fans to participate in the movement to take control in driving social change.