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Miss Cakehead

PHOTOS: This Life-Sized Unicorn Cake Is (Really!) Filled With Rainbows

The Huffington Post | Rachel Tepper | Posted 10.16.2013 | Taste

Our lives are now complete.

PHOTOS: This Is The Grossest Cupcake Ever

The Huffington Post | Rachel Tepper | Posted 10.07.2013 | Weird News

You may think you've seen the grossest desserts out there (we've covered quite a few), but consider first this maggot-removal cupcake showcased by Evi...

PHOTOS: Grisly Desserts Look Like A Crime Scene And More

The Huffington Post | Rachel Tepper | Posted 09.16.2013 | Weird News

The illustrious Emma Thomas, a self-styled cake curator better known by her alter-ego, Miss Cakehead, is back with more macabre desserts. Thomas, w...

PHOTOS: 'Cake Hotel' Makes Travel Look Delicious

The Huffington Post | Rachel Tepper | Posted 03.21.2013 | Travel

A group of confectioners made dreams a reality on Thursday by transforming a London home into a pop-up "cake hotel" filled with edible works of art. T...

NSFW PHOTOS: Grisly Murder Scene Made Of Cake And Candy

The Huffington Post | Rachel Tepper | Posted 01.18.2013 | Home

Emma Thomas, aka Miss Cakehead, shows us a lot of weird things. Anatomically correct macarons. Severed toe and ear cookies. Baby heads made of white c...

LOOK: This Is No Raw Turkey

The Huffington Post | Ryan Grenoble | Posted 11.19.2015 | Weird News

That's no raw turkey -- that's dessert! Despite its outwardly grotesque appearance, the innards of this creation aren't full of stuffing, but orang...

PHOTOS: Creepily Realistic White Chocolate Baby Heads

The Huffington Post | Rachel Tepper | Posted 11.30.2012 | Home

We're sure you remember Miss Cakehead. You know, the cake curator who brought us STD cupcakes, the human butchery, severed toe and ear cookies, anatom...

PHOTOS: STD Cupcakes Not For The Squeamish

Posted 10.24.2012 | Home

HIV, syphilis, gonorrhea, genital warts and other sexually transmitted diseases adorn a set of specially prepared -- and painstakingly anatomically co...

PHOTOS: The World's First 'Human Butchery'

The Huffington Post | Rachel Tepper | Posted 09.27.2012 | Home

Just when we think we've seen the wackiest from morbid cake curator Miss Cakehead, she ups the ante. If you were turned off by her severed toe coo...

PHOTOS: Severed Toe And Ear Cookies That Are Way Too Realistic

Posted 09.04.2012 | Home

Since cake curator Miss Cakehead first came to our attention, we've been going crazy for the weird desserts she's been featuring on her website. Now, ...

PHOTOS: The Grossest Cocktails We've Ever Seen

Posted 09.04.2012 | Home

We warn you, these cocktails are not for the faint of heart. They come to us via Miss Cakehead, the force behind creepy edible creations like anatomic...

PHOTOS: Anatomically-Correct Macarons At Adults-Only Cake Shop

Posted 08.29.2012 | Home

Feast your eyes on the latest creations curated by Miss Cakehead, the alter-ego of weird cake-aficionado Emma Thomas. These anatomically correct ma...

PHOTOS: Anatomically Correct And Frightening Baked Goods

Posted 08.17.2012 | Home

These cakes and cookies look straight out of a mad scientist's laboratory, but they're actually the work of several talented bakers and artists who ha...