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Mitch Mcconnell Debt Ceiling

John Boehner and Paul Ryan's Clean Debt Limit Imperative: Raise and then Raze the Debt Ceiling (Part II)

Victor Williams | Posted 10.26.2015 | Politics
Victor Williams

Paul Ryan is living large. John Boehner is ready to double-dip from the links. Too bad Uncle Sam is bust. Within days, our great nation will be unable to honor its Treasury bond obligations and without funds to issue payments for Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Veterans, national defense, federal courts, or any other federal programs.

Debt-Default Crisis 2015: Raise, and Then Raze, the Debt Ceiling (Part 1)

Victor Williams | Posted 05.17.2015 | Politics
Victor Williams

At the stroke of midnight, March 16, 2015, the debt ceiling was again breached. The Treasury Department has begun "extraordinary measures" to forestall the certain default. Jack Lew must rob Peter to pay Paul.

Mitch McConnell Defends Allowing Debt Ceiling Vote

The Huffington Post | Chris Gentilviso | Posted 02.15.2014 | Politics

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) fired back against backlash from the tea party on Friday, defending his decision to allow a vote on rai...

Matt Sledge

Mitch McConnell: It Would Be 'Irresponsible' To Pass A Clean Debt Ceiling Increase | Matt Sledge | Posted 01.27.2014 | Politics

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said Sunday that it would be "irresponsible" to raise the debt ceiling without trying to attach amendme...

Sabrina Siddiqui

Obama: GOP Would Be 'Crazy' To Hold Debt Ceiling Hostage | Sabrina Siddiqui | Posted 12.20.2013 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- President Barack Obama warned Republicans Friday not to pursue another debt ceiling showdown, standing by his position that he won't neg...

Michael McAuliff

The Plan To End Debt Ceiling Hostage-Taking | Michael McAuliff | Posted 12.20.2013 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- Vermont Democratic Rep. Peter Welch is offering a simple way for Congress to avoid damaging standoffs over the nation's debt ceiling: ag...

Michael McAuliff

McConnell: Debt Ceiling Won't Be Raised Without A Hostage | Michael McAuliff | Posted 12.18.2013 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said Tuesday that the nation's debt limit won't be raised unless Republicans can extract ...

Mitch McConnell Expects Debt Ceiling Stakes To Rise

Reuters | Posted 02.16.2014 | Politics

WASHINGTON, Dec 17 (Reuters) - The U.S. Senate's top Republican Mitch McConnell said on Tuesday he doubts Republican lawmakers will allow a debt cei...

Sabrina Siddiqui

McConnell Once Slammed Using Shutdown As Leverage | Sabrina Siddiqui | Posted 10.10.2013 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell worked last month to put the breaks on a government shutdown. The reason why: He's probably scarr...

McConnell: We'll Drag Obama 'Kicking And Screaming' To Table

The Huffington Post | Michael McAuliff | Posted 03.20.2013 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell foreshadowed a new fight over the nation's borrowing limit this summer, saying Tuesday that the o...

Tea Party and McConnell

Jeff Danziger | Posted 04.02.2013 | Politics
Jeff Danziger


Life of Mitch

Jeff Danziger | Posted 03.12.2013 | Politics
Jeff Danziger


Don't Play Politics With the Debt Ceiling

Paul N. Van de Water | Posted 03.06.2013 | Politics
Paul N. Van de Water

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is threatening to risk a default on the national debt unless President Obama agrees to large spending cuts. But playing politics with the debt ceiling is a dangerous and inappropriate game.

Howard Fineman

Mitch McConnell: The Great Dismantler Bests Obama | Howard Fineman | Posted 10.02.2011 | Politics

If you haven't noticed, this is Mitch McConnell's moment. Only instead of being this century's Henry Clay -- Kentucky's "Great Compromiser" -- McConnell is and wants to be the Bluegrass's "Great Dismantler."

Paul Blumenthal

Should Super Congress Be Super Transparent? | Paul Blumenthal | Posted 10.02.2011 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- The proposed so-called "super Congress," created by congressional leaders in the debt deal and required to find $1.5 trillion in debt re...

Ryan Grim

Super Congress Getting Even More Super Powers In Debt Deal | Ryan Grim | Posted 09.30.2011 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- In order to shore up GOP support for a deal to raise the debt ceiling, Senate Democrats are exploring ways of giving the proposed "super...

Sam Stein

Reid Vote Delayed To Sunday As Hints Of Deal Emerge | Sam Stein | Posted 09.29.2011 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- A final Senate vote on raising the nation's debt ceiling was put off 12 more hours as the two sides inched toward a long-sought agreemen...

Michael McAuliff

Harry Reid's Debt Ceiling Bill Puts His Cards On The Table | Michael McAuliff | Posted 09.28.2011 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) unveiled a new debt ceiling bill Friday night that strongly resembles a plan first suggested ...

Michael McAuliff

Senate Debt Bill Poised To Take U.S. To Edge Of Default | Michael McAuliff | Posted 09.28.2011 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- Senate Democrats think they see a path to raising the nation's debt ceiling, but it will literally take the country down to the wire -- ...

Al Franken Blasts Republicans Over Debt Ceiling Talks

Posted 09.24.2011 | Politics

On July 7, Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) took to the Senate floor to remind his colleagues and the public what is at stake in the debt ceiling fight, and ...

Michael McAuliff

Debt Talks Break Up After 50 Minutes | Michael McAuliff | Posted 09.22.2011 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- A tense White House meeting on the expiring debt limit broke up after less than an hour today, with the president and leaders of Congres...

Michael McAuliff

Senate Kills Tea Party-Backed Bill On Debt | Michael McAuliff | Posted 09.21.2011 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- Senate Democrats shut down the draconian “Cut, Cap and Balance” bill Friday, declaring their action would clear the way to get to a ...

Tea Party Targets Boehner, McConnell

Posted 09.18.2011 | Politics

As contentious negotiations continue on the issue of raising the nation's debt limit in Washington, a Tea Party group is accusing House Speaker John B...

Day Of Reckoning For The GOP

Posted 09.18.2011 | Politics

By Andy Sullivan WASHINGTON -- Senator Mitch McConnell's plan to avert an imminent U.S. debt default could lead to a day of reckoning for his Repub...

Watch: Mitch McConnell Takes Heat Over Debt Ceiling 'Plan B'

Posted 09.17.2011 | Politics

In the debt ceiling debate, GOP senator Mitch McConnell and his "Plan B" have come under increasing scrutiny. The plan, which calls congress to ce...