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Mitt Romney Contraception

Elise Foley

Marco Rubio: Lilly Ledbetter Act 'Nothing But An Effort To Help Trial Lawyers' | Elise Foley | Posted 10.22.2012 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) defended Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney on Sunday for his opposition to the Lilly Ledbetter Fair ...

Laura Bassett

Mitt Romney's Contraception Strategy: Change The Subject | Laura Bassett | Posted 10.17.2012 | Politics

Earlier in his campaign, Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney took a clear stand on the issue of contraception coverage by stating that he woul...

Laura Bassett

Mitt Romney Reverses Contraception Position Under Pressure From Obama | Laura Bassett | Posted 10.17.2012 | Politics

In response to a debate question about equal pay, President Barack Obama took the opportunity to criticize Mitt Romney's positions on contraception by...

Obama Campaign Ad: Women Need To Know Where 'Real Mitt Romney' Stands On Abortion, Contraception

The Huffington Post | Sabrina Siddiqui | Posted 10.12.2012 | Politics

President Barack Obama's reelection campaign released a new ad Friday attacking Mitt Romney's position on women's health issues, the same week in whic...

Chris Christie Denies Mitt Romney Shift On Abortion

The Huffington Post | Sarah Bufkin | Posted 10.10.2012 | Politics

After Mitt Romney said on Tuesday that he does not plan to push legislation to limit abortion access if elected president, Gov. Chris Christie (R-N.J....

Laura Bassett

Obama Campaign: Romney Is Hiding Abortion Position, Not Softening It | Laura Bassett | Posted 10.10.2012 | Politics

After Republican candidate Mitt Romney attempted to moderate his positions on abortion and contraception on Tuesday, the Obama campaign said Wednesday...

Laura Bassett

Romney Glosses Over Past Position On Contraception | Laura Bassett | Posted 10.10.2012 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney on Tuesday continued to moderate his past positions, this time glossing over his previous su...

Mitt Romney's Moment of Truth

Menachem Rosensaft | Posted 12.08.2012 | Politics
Menachem Rosensaft

Here are three issues Governor Romney should be asked about at the next debate or in any media interviews he might give between now and Election Day.

Laura Bassett

Gender Gap Favoring Obama Is Wider Now Than In 2008 | Laura Bassett | Posted 03.29.2012 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- Women voters played a strong role in securing President Barack Obama's victory in 2008, and new polling shows that the gender gap betwee...

Ann Romney Defends Husband's Appeal With Women

Posted 03.07.2012 | Politics

Ann Romney introduced her husband Tuesday night in Boston and tried to steer the GOP primary conversation about women from contraception to the econom...

Sam Stein

Mitt Romney Backtracks On Comment Opposing Blunt Amendment [UPDATE] | Sam Stein | Posted 02.29.2012 | Politics

In an interview with Ohio News Network on Wednesday, Mitt Romney said he opposed a controversial amendment that would allow employers to opt out of co...

John Celock

Birth Control Debate Moves To States As Obama Rule Simmers | John Celock | Posted 02.10.2012 | Politics

With birth control issues taking center stage at the federal level with the Obama administration's new rules requiring insurers to provide contracepti...

Contraception Compromise?

Joe Peyronnin | Posted 04.08.2012 | Politics
Joe Peyronnin

No matter how the administration explains the decision, most Catholics see the proposal as forcing institutions run by the Catholic Church to violate the churches' own moral teachings. And, while well intentioned, this does not make sense and it is not smart politics.

Laura Bassett

Mitt Romney Slams Birth Control Decision Similar To One He Made In Massachusetts | Laura Bassett | Posted 01.30.2012 | Politics

The Mitt Romney campaign sharply criticized President Barack Obama's recent decision to require most religiously affiliated employers to offer their e...

Friday Talking Points -- Run It Up the Flagpole

Chris Weigant | Posted 03.14.2012 | Politics
Chris Weigant

The "right to privacy" goes back further than Roe v. Wade. It actually stretches back to another Supreme Court case -- Griswold v. Connecticut. Remind people what this means.

Romney Takes Stand On Banning Contraception

AP/The Huffington Post | Posted 01.07.2012 | Politics

(AP) MANCHESTER, N.H. — Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney says that constitutional amendments are the way to guarantee bedrock rights an...