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Modern Meditation

The Simple Truth to Modern Meditation

Jeff Cannon | Posted 04.22.2015 | Healthy Living
Jeff Cannon

Trend Spotting -- something new is bubbling up in the world of meditation. It's not on the horizon -- it is, as they say, in the here and now. It is...

Relax -- It's Just Meditation

Jeff Cannon | Posted 03.31.2015 | Healthy Living
Jeff Cannon

No, I do not have a Ph.D. No, I was not educated in a traditional meditative practice. No, I am not a Buddhist. But sometimes the world, even the meditation world, needs an outside point of view if it is to change for the better.

Medicine and Meditation to Rewire My Brain

Jeff Cannon | Posted 06.04.2014 | Healthy Living
Jeff Cannon

By keeping my "eye on the prize," as I told one nurse, and focusing 100 percent of my energy on the minutely repetitive tasks I needed to, I was able to reach a far greater success than many thought possible.

Mindful Moments: 5 Simple Practices That Will Help Manage Stress

Jeff Cannon | Posted 04.28.2013 | Healthy Living
Jeff Cannon

The real answer to living your life in balance and with a healthy sense of calm is not about spending more time on the mat or on a meditation pillow, but taking your practice off the pillow and bringing it into your everyday life.