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WATCH: Mom of 15's Secret to Spontaneous Summer Road Trips

HooplaHa | Posted 08.03.2015 | Travel

Are you a busy mom who needs a little advice from a woman with experience? Well look no further and meet the woman who knows, Lyette Reback, mother of...

The Life-Changing Question a Stranger On a Bench Asked Me

Debra Carpenter | Posted 07.31.2015 | Parents
Debra Carpenter

All the things I so often say to my daughter flashed into my mind, and they all had one thing in common. I wasn't focusing on making memories for my daughter -- I was obsessed with the future and constantly hurrying toward it. And why? I had this awesome, perfect present to enjoy.

Wonder Moms: Ali Smith

Dana Holmes | Posted 07.28.2015 | Women
Dana Holmes

A confident and happy woman makes a better mother. And whatever it takes to get there should be done.

Every Time Mom Sneezes, This Baby Laughs And Can't Stop! | Posted 07.28.2015 | Good News

There's just something beautiful about the joy that a mother and her baby can share with each other in perfect moments like this.

20 Things to Never Text an Extended Breastfeeding Mom

Shari Wargo Stamps | Posted 07.09.2015 | Parents
Shari Wargo Stamps

Some really hurtful and untrue comments are often thrown around, and it's time to remove them from the conversation about what extended breastfeeding is really like and why parents do it.

Wonder Moms: Lindsey J. Boyd

Dana Holmes | Posted 06.25.2015 | HuffPost Home
Dana Holmes

Lindsey lives in NYC and co-founded her eco-friendly company, The Laundress, ten years ago following a successful career at Chanel, and has since been reviving the lost art of laundry care one person at a time.

Father's Day, A Letter to My Sons...

Amber Sabathia | Posted 06.11.2015 | Parents
Amber Sabathia

As I write this letter, I hope that when the day comes for you both to become fathers you will take the time to read it. As your mother, I have found that you will have many fears when raising a child. As much as your personal life experiences will teach you, I wanted to give you a little insight on what mom and dad have learned so far raising you and your siblings.

WATCH: 'Mom of 15' Reveals Secret to Getting Kids Involved in Household Chores

HooplaHa | Posted 06.09.2015 | Parents

Are you a busy mom who needs a little advice from a woman with experience? Well, look no further and meet Lyette Reback, Palm Beach, FL-based mother...

An Open Letter to Taylor Swift

Meredith Masony | Posted 06.08.2015 | Entertainment
Meredith Masony

Let me begin by saying that, I do in fact understand that I am a 34-year-old mother of 3. I am also a huge Taylor Swift fan.

I've Died and Gone to Heaven and It's Called Air France Business Class

Christine Blackburn | Posted 05.26.2015 | Travel
Christine Blackburn

The facial massage is what really did it for me. Not the seat in the Air France business class cabin that reclined flat, not the champagne that flowed...

A Military Mom Honors Fallen Son by Comforting Others

HooplaHa | Posted 05.22.2015 | Good News

Ida founded Butterfly Circle of Friends, a nonprofit in her hometown of Spotswood, NJ, to help those in need in the local community and worldwide. Her biggest goal is to help families who have also lost children to find hope and healing in their life.

Mom of 15 Makes Family Meals Fun

HooplaHa | Posted 05.19.2015 | Entertainment

Lyette reveals her secrets behind stretching the dollar of her grocery budget while not compromising on taste and flavor.

10 Signs You're Being Raised By A Nurse

Shelly Lopez Gray | Posted 05.18.2015 | Women
Shelly Lopez Gray

You have to be bleeding to death or unconscious to go to the emergency room. When my dad started complaining of chest pain in the middle of the night and said he wanted to go to the ER, my mom warned him that it better not be his gallbladder.

Don't Leave Out These Women On Mother's Day

Melissa Carter | Posted 05.11.2015 | Parents
Melissa Carter

"Mother's Intuition kicked in," Heather told me, "and I said we're going to the children's hospital and won't leave without answers. Something's going on."

For Mom on Mother's Day

Thea Halo | Posted 05.10.2015 | Books
Thea Halo

There had always been only us: my mother, my father, my five sisters and four brothers, one uncle, an Armenian aunt -- probably with her own sad story to tell -- and their daughter who married and moved away too soon. Then a void.

Mom Died in My Arms: God's EverLasting 'Gift'

Debbie Davis | Posted 05.09.2015 | Religion
Debbie Davis

I had no idea that being in the same room as someone who passes away can be a "gift." Mainly because that had never happened to me before. And if asked, I would have said, "How awful." Yet, being with Mom for her last breath, was anything but awful.

I Remember When You Were Something Other Than A Mom

Jeff Bogle | Posted 05.09.2015 | Parents
Jeff Bogle

I reckon there's never been a song for moms quite like this one, one that expresses, with brutal and unflinching honesty, the sacrifices made, body changes endured, and doubts that naturally creep in about ever getting back to where you were, who you were, and what you were doing before becoming a mom -- all while simultaneously cherishing your new title.

My Kids Don't Need Me Anymore, and That's Just Fine

TueNight | Posted 05.08.2015 | Women

Lots of new moms complain about the infant days, which consist almost exclusively of feedings and diaper changes, carried out in a fugue state. But I loved what I call the hamster stage, before a baby does much of anything but make weird noises and poop.

What Being a Mom Really Means

Jessica James | Posted 05.08.2015 | Parents
Jessica James

It's giving air to the lungs that grew within you, and sight to the eyes that will never see you as anything but mommy.

10 Things You Didn't Know About Mother's Day

The Daily Meal | Posted 05.19.2015 | Women
The Daily Meal

There are few things in this world beloved more than mom. Moms are the embodiment of eternal love and devotion. Sick and need caring for? Mom's there with a bowl of chicken soup. Had your heart broken? Mom's using her sleeve to dry your tears. As inherently selfless creatures, you know that they deserve a day all to themselves, one that celebrates everything that they stand for.

Daughter With Down Syndrome Inspires Mom to Create Fashion Accessory Business

HooplaHa | Posted 05.07.2015 | Good News

This is the ultimate story of a mothers love for her child. Boynton Beach, FL mom, Laurie Ruehlman wanted to spend more quality time with her daughter, Payton, who has Down Syndrome.

Joys, Challenges of Motherhood Revealed in New Book and Storytelling Tour

HooplaHa | Posted 05.07.2015 | Good News

Have you ever been curious what your mother's favorite stories of parenthood are? Check out this video featuring Ann Imig, founder of Listen To Your Mother, an online and live story telling platform for mothers everywhere to share the joys, triumphs, challenges and humor of being a Mom.

The Real Deal on Mother's Day

Mary McLaurine | Posted 05.06.2015 | Parents
Mary McLaurine

After you take that last step down the staircase, put your armful of French toast, coffee, sheets and comforter down for a minute to grab that vacuum and Hoover mini-carpet cleaner out of the closet.

6 Celebrity Moms That Are Changing the World

Annabel Acton | Posted 05.06.2015 | Entertainment
Annabel Acton

Who said being a mom is a limiting career? These power moms prove that a lot can be accomplished while being a mother. In honor of Mother's Day, here's six of the most powerful, inspiring, and badass moms in the celebrity realm who are using their status to change the world and offer up a new kind of role model for every woman.

Thanks, Moms

Richard Greenberg | Posted 05.04.2015 | Parents
Richard Greenberg

Being a mother today is no harder or easier than it ever was. It's always been a really tough job. But what my mother and my wife have in common seem to be things that have allowed them to succeed in different ways.