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In Defense of 'Running Away From Your Problems'

Gennette Cordova | Posted 02.15.2017 | Women
Gennette Cordova

We're conditioned early on, especially as women, to value security above all else and cling on to it at all costs, and it takes an exceptional sort of fearlessness to tune out the expectations of the people in your life and risk your own security, in pursuit of genuine happiness.

OMG I'm So Bored: Why Millennials Must Learn to Sit Alone in a Room

Jess Carson | Posted 11.23.2016 | Healthy Living
Jess Carson

Few articles have evoked a visceral reaction on par with my response to The Atlantic's piece, "Dorms for Grownups: A Solution for Lonely Millennials." I all but threw my hands up in an existential fit.

The Need to Escape

Toni Hammer | Posted 05.13.2016 | Parents
Toni Hammer

I have not been spending enough time with my children lately. I've been trying to escape from them.

Don't Get Stuck in Monotony

Intent | Posted 09.26.2012 | Healthy Living

Take today as an opportunity to question some of the things you've taken for granted about yourself and the choices you've made. Think critically about the assumptions that you let rule your life. Do they still hold up?