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Mortgage Bankers Association

Send In the Clowns

D. Sidney Potter | Posted 08.03.2014 | Business
D. Sidney Potter

Since time memorial, man has been motivated by an easy buck and short skirts. The recent frenzy of mortgage lenders to repeat the mistakes of history may be upon us again, as some lenders are experiencing 'greed creep' all over again.

Consumers Need Cordray Confirmed

Bill Bartmann | Posted 04.02.2013 | Politics
Bill Bartmann

The CFPB, charged by law to protect consumers, has an equally important role to protect honest businesses. Mr. Cordray has repeatedly emphasized the value honest businesses accrue when dishonest businesses are driven out of the marketplace. He has made good on his promise.

VA Loan Program Passes 20 Million Mark

Chris Birk | Posted 02.12.2013 | Business
Chris Birk

Congress created the VA loan program in 1944 as part of the massive GI Bill. The government basically insures a portion of each loan, and that security help spur the country's post-war housing boom. Today, VA loans are more popular than ever.

Foreclosure In America Is A 'Tale Of Two' Trends

AP | ALEX VEIGA | Posted 05.17.2012 | Business

LOS ANGELES -- National foreclosure trends took a positive turn in April, as the number of homes seized by banks declined and fewer properties entered...

Mortgage Giants Accused Of Spending 'Questionable' Amount On Conference

Reuters | Posted 05.21.2012 | Business

WASHINGTON, March 22 (Reuters) - A federal watchdog faulted Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the mortgage finance companies propped up with taxpayer fund...

10 States With Biggest Foreclosure Problems

The Huffington Post | Harry Bradford | Posted 03.01.2012 | Business

The national foreclosure crisis might be headed in the right direction, but it's still got a ways to go. The percentage of loans in foreclosure fe...

Mortgage Applications Surge Fueled By Refinancing Demand

Reuters | Posted 04.09.2012 | Business

NEW YORK, Feb 8 (Reuters) - Applications for U.S. home mortgages jumped last week, fueled by increased demand for refinancing as interest rates fell...

Mortgage Applications Surge

Posted 01.09.2012 | Business

Applications for U.S. home mortgages surged last week, driven by increased refinancing demand as interest rates dropped, an industry group said on...

Despite Cheap Rates, Home Mortgage Application Fall To 15-Year Low

AP | DEREK KRAVITZ | Posted 10.24.2011 | Business

WASHINGTON — Mortgage applications to purchase a home fell last week to a 15-year low, despite the lowest mortgage rates in decades. Many poten...

Seniors Face Foreclosure After Making Mortgage Payment Too Early

The Huffington Post | Harry Bradford | Posted 10.22.2011 | Business

A senior couple in Pasco County, Florida is facing the prospect of foreclosure. But the reason doesn't have to do with missed mortgage payments. This ...

Rising Number Of Americans Face Risk Of Foreclosure

AP | DEREK KRAVITZ | Posted 10.22.2011 | Business

WASHINGTON — The number of Americans at risk of foreclosure is rising, reflecting the U.S. economy's continued struggles. The Mortgage Bankers ...

U.S. Mortgages: 30-Year Rates Nearing November's Record Low

AP | Derek Kravitz | Posted 10.11.2011 | Business

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Fixed mortgage rates fell to at or near record lows. That's good news for the few who can afford to buy a home or are able to refin...

Applications For Home Mortgages Slip After Sharp Jump

Posted 09.26.2011 | Business

Applications for U.S. home mortgages slipped last week after a sharp jump the week before and as interest rates edged up, an industry group said o...

Applications For Mortgages Surge On Refinancing Demand

Posted 09.19.2011 | Business

Applications for home mortgages surged last week, racking up the biggest increase in four months on a flood of refinancing demand as interest rate...

Number Of Home Mortgage Applications Falls

Posted 08.29.2011 | Business

NEW YORK (Leah Schnurr) - Applications for home mortgages slipped last week as demand waned, even as mortgage rates dropped, an industry group sai...

Many More People Suddenly Applying For Mortgages

Posted 08.15.2011 | Business

Applications for home mortgages saw their biggest jump in three months last week, fueled by demand for refinancing as interest rates continued to ...

The Department of Justice: Indicting Immigrants, Ignoring Wall Street Crooks

Richard (RJ) Eskow | Posted 05.28.2011 | Politics
Richard (RJ) Eskow

From the federal government we've now seen two thousand prosecutions of people who ripped off banks, and no prosecutions for banks who ripped off people. The moral seems to be "don't mug a racketeer."

Adjustable Rate Mortgages Are Making A Slow Comeback

CNN Money | Les Christie, Staff Writer | Posted 05.25.2011 | Business

Adjustable rate mortgages are back! After accounting for nearly 70% of all mortgages issued during the boom, ARMs vanished during the bust, totalin...

Zach Carter

Liberal Think Tank Parrots Bank Lobby | Zach Carter | Posted 05.25.2011 | Business

The following is produced in partnership with The Dylan Ratigan Show's weeklong "No Way To Live" series on the financial crisis and its impact on ordi...

New Year's Slideshow: Choose the Year's Most Absurd Comment From a "Financial Wizard"

Richard (RJ) Eskow | Posted 05.25.2011 | Business
Richard (RJ) Eskow

"I know it's become part of the narrative that people knew what was going to happen at any minute. We never knew what was happening at any minute." That's Goldman CEO Lloyd Blankfein. Now he tells us.

Home Loan Demand Drops To Lowest Level In A Year

Posted 05.25.2011 | Business

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Mortgage applications tumbled to their lowest level in nearly a year as a six-week-long rise in interest rates took a significant...

Mortgage Banker's Forecast: More Regulation Will Cost Consumers and Taxpayers

Jerry Chautin | Posted 05.25.2011 | Business
Jerry Chautin

Washington, D. C. is hot, but the rest of the nation is not when comparing our unemployment rates to the nation's capitol. "The largest over-the-month...

Getting Medieval On Your Assets: Four Reasons Foreclosure Fraud Really, Really Matters

Richard (RJ) Eskow | Posted 05.25.2011 | Business
Richard (RJ) Eskow

Despite overwhelming evidence of widespread lawbreaking, there's still a popular point of view that says fraudulent foreclosures are "a technicality" and what we're seeing is neither a systemic problem nor a crime wave of epidemic proportions. Actually, it's both.

Pictures of MERS, Part 1: Corporate Documents Illustrate the Mortgage Shell Game

Richard (RJ) Eskow | Posted 05.25.2011 | Business
Richard (RJ) Eskow

At the center of the foreclosure fraud crisis lies something called "MERS," which is usually described in news reports as a computer system and database. But if you do some digging, you find it's much more than that.

Real Estate and Business Concerns Are Front and Center at the MBA

Jerry Chautin | Posted 05.25.2011 | Business
Jerry Chautin

Near term, economists tell us that less homebuyers and more apartment renters are in our future. Yet, the Mortgage Bankers Association reports that ...