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Mother Theresa

Tony Cointreau Writes About A Gift of Love and Talks About Lessons Learned From Mother Teresa At Michael's

Robi Ludwig, Psy.D. | Posted 09.29.2016 | New York
Robi Ludwig, Psy.D.

Michael's is the famous and popular lunch hangout for the high profile entertainment crowd, but on the evening of September 20th it opened its doors for another kind of special event. Tony Cointreau, who is the heir to the Cointreau French liqueur fortune, held a book party to celebrate his latest book, A Gift of Love: Lessons Learned from my Work and Friendship with Mother Teresa.

Saint Mother Theresa: 3 Lessons For A Jewish Observer

Alon Goshen-Gottstein | Posted 09.08.2016 | Home
Alon Goshen-Gottstein

Saints reach much wider than their community or their religion. It is as if the halo of certain individuals casts a wide ring of life that speaks to some fundamental dimension of being human, a dimension that transcends the boundaries of their particular religion. Great saints do not belong to a religion; they are a patrimony of all humanity.

How Much Money Do You Need to Be Successful?

Marilyn O'Malley | Posted 02.18.2017 | Home
Marilyn O'Malley

Success and happiness is more than the amount of money you make. Success is accomplishing what you set out to do, be or have, like raising healthy children, saving lives as a doctor or making a specific income as an entrepreneur.

What Pope Francis Can Teach the Presidents of Catholic Colleges and Universities

Rev. Seamus P. Finn, OMI | Posted 09.15.2016 | Home
Rev. Seamus P. Finn, OMI

This is not an either/or proposition according to the Holy Father; this is not a question of uprooting the system and starting over. It is about creativity and innovation and opportunity.

Ten Reasons to Visit Macedonia

Sharon Hoge | Posted 04.25.2015 | Home
Sharon Hoge

With picturesque villages, a wine region, modest mountains, lovely lakeside resorts, Macedonia is rich in history, gorgeous scenery, a favorable exchange rate, and welcoming people.

Pristina Picks: In the Know in Kosovo's Capital

Sharon Hoge | Posted 03.15.2015 | Home
Sharon Hoge

Modern malls and promenades have replaced rubble in the dozen years since the Bosnian war devastated Kosovo, and gateway capital city Pristina is a center of recovery projects and reconstruction.

Start Living Life to the Fullest: Powerful Phrases to Inspire you to Spiritual Greatness

Jesica L. Santos | Posted 01.24.2015 | Home
Jesica L. Santos

I have selected 75 phrases that have had a profound impact in my life throughout the years. It is my sincere hope that they will deeply inspire you to reach a higher level of awareness and lasting fulfillment in your life in all the realms.

Women in Business: Carol Snell, Board of Directors at Push Technology

Laura Dunn | Posted 12.11.2014 | Home
Laura Dunn

Carol Snell has a broad range of experience that includes venture financing, refining market direction for technology-focused businesses, building man...

Small Moments Can Change the World

Rupa Mehta | Posted 09.30.2014 | Home
Rupa Mehta

The power of no is simply profound. Sometimes the power is in not what you've said "no" to, but what you've indirectly said "yes" to.

Love Supreme

Jack Schimmelman | Posted 05.05.2014 | Home
Jack Schimmelman

ictoria believes that autistic children are powerful souls who have diminished themselves in a body gone wrong; that they are the very best of us come here to teach. They are angels.

Nelson Mandela, Forgiveness and Brothers and Sisters

Judith Greenberg, Ph.D. | Posted 12.09.2013 | Home
Judith Greenberg, Ph.D.

How did he do it? How did he see stars instead of bars while in prison? Apartheid, suffering, and twenty-seven years of imprisonment did not stop him from leading a nation through a process of truth and reconciliation.

Kindness One: Finding the Spirit of Mother Teresa in India

Leon Logothetis | Posted 02.05.2014 | Home
Leon Logothetis

Here was a woman who epitomized what I was trying to infuse into my journey: love and kindness. She was someone who walked the walk.

The Power of Women

Roberta Gately | Posted 09.23.2013 | Home
Roberta Gately

Whoever the woman was who influenced you the most, remember her, carry her in your heart and pass on the light she shared with you to another.

A Response To Mother Teresa's Critics

Celeste Owen-Jones | Posted 05.07.2013 | Home
Celeste Owen-Jones

If Mother Teresa did such a bad job helping others, why not save that time spent criticizing her to instead try to make a difference in this world?

PHOTO: Mother Teresa Carving Added To Human Right's Porch At Washington National Cathedral

Posted 10.25.2012 | Home

Washington, D.C.—On Thursday, October 25, 2012, Washington National Cathedral will hold a special service of Choral Evensong to dedicate a carving o...

Live For The Journey, Not The Destination

Laura Berman Fortgang | Posted 09.16.2012 | Home
Laura Berman Fortgang

I am a huge proponent of figuring out one's purpose and living it fully. The part I have a problem with is the misconceptions people have about finding it and what they think it should be.

Christopher Hitchens: Most Provocative Outbursts

Telegraph | 3:30PM BST 13 Apr 2011 | Posted 06.14.2011 | Home

"[Mother Teresa] was not a friend of the poor. She was a friend of poverty. She said that suffering was a gift from God. She spent her life opposing t...

Just Say No to Everyone But the Voices in Your Head

Melanie Benjamin | Posted 05.29.2011 | Home
Melanie Benjamin

Authors helping authors. That has a nice ring to it, doesn't it? Liberté, égalité, fraternité, and all that. We're all in this together. We ne...

Happy Thanksgiving: All I Can Handle in this Age of Autism

Chantal Sicile-Kira | Posted 05.25.2011 | Home
Chantal Sicile-Kira

We each have our own truths. Our beliefs may be different, but our goals are the same: a happy, healthy, love-filled and productive life -- as independent and self-determined as possible.

Stop Divorce Poison: Save Your Kids From Parental Alienation

Richard Warshak | Posted 05.25.2011 | Home
Richard Warshak

Through persistent bad-mouthing, some parents manipulate their children to reject the other parent in the same way a politician paints a unfavorable picture to alienate voters from the opponent.

Mother Teresa's Centenary Bash: Why I'm Against It

Michele Somerville | Posted 05.25.2011 | Home
Michele Somerville

If Catholics wish to celebrate Mother Teresa's life in a reverent way, let them donate the costs of this vulgar and faintly punitive birthday celebration to an agency that offers single, poor women housing and support while pregnant.

Mother Teresa: One Of The Greatest Saints Ever

Rev. James Martin, S.J. | Posted 05.25.2011 | Home
Rev. James Martin, S.J.

Many of the saints did what Mother Teresa did -- founded a religious order, served the poor, led a life of heroic virtue. But few, if any -- perhaps none -- did so without any fruit in prayer.

Is Your Mother Holier Than Mother Teresa?

Rev. James Martin, S.J. | Posted 05.25.2011 | Home
Rev. James Martin, S.J.

The young mother who wakes up in the wee hours of the night to care for her child is every bit as saintly as the Catholic nun who spends hours and hours teaching children in an inner-city school.

N.Y. Icon Takes Dim View Of Mother Teresa's Birthday

Religion News Service | By Fernando Alfonso | Posted 05.25.2011 | Home

By Fernando Alfonso Religion News Service (RNS) In a bid to honor what would have been Mother Teresa's 100th birthday on Aug. 26, the New York-based ...

Can We Afford NOT To Be Of Service?

Anne Naylor | Posted 11.17.2011 | Home
Anne Naylor

We are designed for giving. When we do so, our lives come into a certain order, even and especially when things seem so chaotic and uncertain.