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Mothers Day Gifts

Mother's Day Gifts for the Mom Who Travels

Mike DeSimone and Jeff Jenssen | Posted 04.27.2015 | Travel
Mike DeSimone and Jeff Jenssen

Mother's Day is on the way, and it's a great time to think about the perfect gift for the mother in your life who spends part of her time away from home.

Spoil Your Mom by Cooking Her a Perfect Mother's Day Brunch | Posted 04.23.2015 | Taste

We're not talking about an afternoon at a crowded restaurant with a hundred other patrons.

Top 10 Mother's Day Gifts

Melissa Meyers | Posted 04.22.2015 | Style
Melissa Meyers

Have you thought about what to get Mom for Mother's Day yet? There is still time to get her that perfect gift. It's always tough to think of something unique and special so I've rounded up some of my favorite picks to help you select the best gift.

Starbucks Wants You To Spend $200 On A $50 Gift Card For Your Mom

The Huffington Post | Kate Bratskeir | Posted 04.22.2015 | Taste

It is not just the thought that counts.

10 DIY Mother's Day Gifts That Totally Beat A Framed Photo

The Huffington Post | Suzy Strutner | Posted 04.20.2015 | HuffPost Home

Mother's Day is a special opportunity to tell our moms how much we truly love them. But there is only so much that store-bought perfumes, framed pic...

6 Mother's Day Gifts That Mom Actually Wants

Posted 04.15.2015 | Parents

Another gift-giving holiday is upon us, and this time it’s Mom’s turn to be pampered and showered with attention. However, the perfect gift for he...

The Perfect Mother's Day Gift: A Safe Birth for María Guadalupe

Casey Santiago | Posted 04.15.2015 | Impact
Casey Santiago

For María Guadalupe, a young woman from Guatemala, the celebration of Mother's Day can bring up painful emotions. It's a day when she feels sadness around the loss of her mom, who passed away when she was 15.


Amy Elias, MS | Posted 03.31.2015 | Women
Amy Elias, MS

Of all the words there could ever be titles and fashions of the lady I love, Mother shines way above the beauty of all tragedy. Of all the...

Keeping a Repair From Ruining a Holiday Gift

Ryan Banfill | Posted 02.22.2015 | Money
Ryan Banfill

It turns out that I'm not alone in my feeling that buying a service contract on those headphones would ease my nerves should they need to be repaired. It appears people agree service contracts provide an easy, convenient way to gain that comfort.

This Was All The Mama Lovin' On Instagram

The Huffington Post | Megan Mayer | Posted 05.11.2014 | Style

Now THIS was the day to Instagram that bouquet of flowers you got for your mom. This Mother's Day, we tracked all the mama lovin' on Insta -- from...

A Mother's Day Letter to My College Daughter

Kathleen Buckstaff | Posted 07.09.2014 | College
Kathleen Buckstaff

As we celebrate Mother's Day and your upcoming graduation, let yourself fall in love with older women -- women you deeply admire. Let their grit, humor, strength and wisdom inspire you, permeate you, and change you on a cellular level.

A Mother's Day Toast

Debra Pickett | Posted 07.09.2014 | Parents
Debra Pickett

I gave it up because I just couldn't figure out how to be the kind of journalist I aspired to be while also being the kind of mother I aspired to be.

The Perfect Gift This Mother's Day Is Not What You Think

Lauren Jackman | Posted 07.09.2014 | Parents
Lauren Jackman

Before pregnancy, babies and vomit, I was a woman. During pregnancy, I was a woman too. In my early stages of parenthood, I still would have called myself a woman. But now I barely resemble one. Now I'm a mother.

18 Things NOT To Get Mom For Mother's Day

Kristen Howerton | Posted 07.09.2014 | Parents
Kristen Howerton

17. A coupon book, if you are over 12. Look, it's cute that I can trade a coupon for a hug, but there are only so many times I'll make a transaction for your affection.

No More Mother's Day for Me: I Remember Mom

Howard Barbanel | Posted 07.09.2014 | Fifty
Howard Barbanel

During the past two years of her life Mom faded out in a fog of dementia exacerbated by a series of mini-strokes which robbed her of her memory, much of her personality and her ability to live life in any kind of vital way. My mother was the personification of vitality, so to have had that taken away was a cruel punishment.

A Mother's Day Gift Idea for New Empty Nest Husbands

Shira Dicker | Posted 07.09.2014 | Fifty
Shira Dicker

It is at this very moment in your marriage -- the transition into New Empty Nesters; kids just out of the house -- that you need to re-consider Mother's Day's meaning for the hardworking woman you have lived with.

How One Woman Helped an Orphan Beat the Odds

Lynn M. Croneberger | Posted 07.09.2014 | Impact
Lynn M. Croneberger

A day dedicated to mothers is beautiful. And, we need to realize that there are still 17.9 million orphaned and abandoned children who need mothers of their own. These children may never have the opportunity to grow up in a loving, stable home.

6 Things Moms Really Want For Mother's Day

Ulli Appelbaum | Posted 07.09.2014 | Parents
Ulli Appelbaum

It can be a few hours to do whatever she wants, relax, go shopping, do nothing, or all these things she usually doesn't have time for. It is not about spending the day away from the family. Rather, it is about being able to indulge for a couple of hours in whatever she wants to indulge in, and then spend the rest of the day with the family.

The Best Mother's Day Gift: A Mom's Time Out

Dr. Gail Gross | Posted 07.08.2014 | Parents
Dr. Gail Gross

This Mother's Day, be good to yourselves, moms. Make a list of things that make you happy, and carve out time to do these things once a day, or at least once a week.

Why Is Mother's Day More Important Than Father's Day?

Marta Ibarrondo | Posted 07.08.2014 | Comedy
Marta Ibarrondo


Mother's Day Without A Mother: 10 Ways to Keep Her Memory Alive

Meryl Ain, Ed.D. | Posted 07.08.2014 | Parents
Meryl Ain, Ed.D.

I remember the first Mother's Day after my mother died. Although it was a combined birthday/Mother's Day celebration for me, a huge cloud of grief engulfed me. When I look back, I recall a beautiful family, a lovely brunch, a delicious cake... and my ongoing, pervasive sorrow.

6 Stylish, Last-Minute Mother's Day Gifts You Can Make

CraftFoxes | Posted 07.08.2014 | HuffPost Home

If you're staring down your calendar to Mother's Day, and have a mother who expects more than the standard-issue flowers, you're in luck. The sassy, classy gifts collected in this list can be crafted in one afternoon.

Why Do Moms Kick Ass?

Marta Ibarrondo | Posted 07.07.2014 | Comedy
Marta Ibarrondo


6 Imbibe-Approved Mother's Day Gifts

Imbibe | Posted 07.06.2014 | Taste

Shower mom with one (or more!) of these Imbibe-approved gifts and we promise she'll be pleased as punch.

Mum's the Word: It's Time to Take Back Mother's Day | Posted 07.06.2014 | Parents

Last year I had the perfect Mother's Day. I went for a run followed by a 90-minute massage and spent an hour on the couch watching an episode of Mad Men. It was everything Mother's Day should be -- but on a Wednesday.