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Mothers Day Tribute

A Mother's Day Tribute To 8 Fantastic Make-Believe Moms

Pat Gallagher | Posted 05.05.2016 | Fifty
Pat Gallagher

So last year we paid tribute to our favorite TV moms, and this year we thought we would celebrate our favorite cartoon/fairytale mothers --- just because, why not? So, without further ado: The Top 8 Cartoon/Fairytale Mothers.

The 9 TV Old School Moms We Miss Most

Pat Gallagher | Posted 07.10.2014 | Fifty
Pat Gallagher

When we were growing up, our mothers were our rock and the soft shoulder we could nestle up to when our spirits were low or our fever was high. It was a way of life for most of us back in the '50s, '60s, '70s, and even beyond -- for the milk and cookies to be waiting for us when we came home from a hard day at school.

5 Lessons From New Motherhood On Living The Good Life

Jessica Cumberbatch Anderson | Posted 07.09.2014 | HuffPost Home
Jessica Cumberbatch Anderson

I wouldn't call my pre-baby outlook on life misguided, but like most 20-, er, 30-something-year-old professionals (especially those here in New York),...

Mother's Day Tribute: The Mole

Dana Talusani | Posted 07.08.2014 | Parents
Dana Talusani

I didn't believe her at the time; I was too close to sleep, too overwhelmed by the idea that my mother -- the mother that fixed the world and made everything right-- couldn't perform magic.

Just One More Day

Lisa Farnham and Ashley Taylor | Posted 07.07.2014 | Parents
Lisa Farnham and Ashley Taylor

I wanted one more phone call, one more visit, one more chance to tell her the latest funny Abby story or something amazing Emma had learned in school.

The Moment I Was Humbled To Share With My Mom

Wendy Boglioli | Posted 07.07.2013 | Fifty
Wendy Boglioli

As an Olympic swimmer, I learned young the value of mentors and coaches. Of all the individuals who have offered me their invaluable insight and guidance, my first mentor was my mother. She was not only my first coach but also my earliest advocate and supporter.

How I Learned To Feel At Home Without Her

Beth Bernstein | Posted 07.06.2013 | Women
Beth Bernstein

She liked her jewelry discrete and her displays of affection and love to be measured by how tight you could hug. I'm not sure I ever held on long enough.

What My Mother Taught Me

Dr. Sharon Ufberg | Posted 07.05.2012 | Women
Dr. Sharon Ufberg

My mother died before I ever married, had children of my own, finished graduate school or launched my own career. But the lessons she taught me have been there every step of the way.

A Tribute To Bad-Ass Moms

John Duffy, Psy.D. | Posted 11.17.2011 | Healthy Living
John Duffy, Psy.D.

Let's face it. When things get tough, when something happens in life, when something goes awry, most teenagers I know still want mom.

Remind Your Mother, 'You Are Enough'

Julie Daley | Posted 11.17.2011 | Healthy Living
Julie Daley

Like most daughters, I complained about the ways my mother was flawed. And I grew up fighting my own flaws, especially as a mother, especially when my life got very hard.

Mother's Day: A Tribute To My Best Friend

Dr. Cheryl Pappas | Posted 11.17.2011 | Healthy Living
Dr. Cheryl Pappas

Unlike many people I know, the truth of my relationship with my mother is that authentically, organically, uncommonly, she has always been my best friend.

A Tribute to Motherhood: Love Is Life

Diane von Furstenberg | Posted 11.17.2011 | Healthy Living
Diane von Furstenberg

As we get ready to celebrate Mothers Day, I think not just about my mother, but about all the mothers I encounter each day -- those I work with, talk with, spend time with -- and I'm inspired.

Mom's Food RULES: Recipes, Tips, & Tricks To Remember

Posted 05.25.2011 | Home

Comments are turned off on this entry so your responses to the right can flow into the Mother's Day slideshow. Leave your mom's best...anything...ther...