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Giant Spider Tries To Eat A Mouse, And We're Freaked Out

The Huffington Post | David Moye | Posted 10.24.2016 | Weird News

It’s the stuff of nightmares and viral videos: A giant spider drags a dead mouse up the side of a refrigerator, presumably to eat it. Jason Womal f...

Just Try To Look Away From This Absurdly Flat Mouse Found In A 17th-Century Book

The Huffington Post | Claire Fallon | Posted 09.22.2016 | Arts

Well, that’s one way to get rid of a pest ― and your pesky Latin homework ― all in one fell blow. The Latin textbook featured above, published ...

Is Speedy Gonzales A Mexican Hero Or A Stereotype In Cartoon Form?

The Huffington Post | Carolina Moreno | Posted 04.07.2016 | Latino Voices

Wearing an over-sized yellow sombrero and yelling "¡Arriba! ¡Arriba! ¡Andale! ¡Andale!," Speedy Gonzales raced straight into the hearts of viewers...

The Best-Laid Plans of Mice and Men Often Go Awry

S. F. Siddiqui | Posted 03.24.2016 | GPS for the Soul
S. F. Siddiqui

That day is a constant reminder that things can change in an instant. I made plans, but even with low, safe expectations, things did not go as expected. All I can truly control is how I react, whether I cower and hide, or become bold and take charge. Whether I burst out in tears or in laughter.

Mighty Mouse vs. Super Trap

The Huffington Post | Ron Dicker | Posted 12.10.2015 | Weird News

YouTube user Matthias Wandel devises some interesting mousetraps to test against rodents on video surveillance. But the determined and agile mouse ste...

Rodent Repulsion After Man Finds Mouse In Sandwich

The Huffington Post | Whitney Meers | Posted 10.14.2015 | Weird News

When Matt Jones and Jay Armstead entered a Subway restaurant in Lincoln City, Oregon, it surely wasn't for the mouse muffaletta. But that's essentiall...

Things That Go Bump in the Night

Laverne H. Bardy | Posted 09.25.2016 | Fifty
Laverne H. Bardy

It was 9:00 p.m. when I left the comfort of my bed and wandered into the kitchen to make a cup of herbal tea. When I turned on the light the peripheral view of a gray blur bouncing up and down set off an involuntary shriek that shot up from my toes.

Woman Finds A Boiled Rat In Hawaii Market

The Huffington Post | Carla Herreria | Posted 09.24.2015 | Weird News

Hawaii News Now - KGMB and KHNL While the rest of the Internet was rooting for New York's Pizza Rat, one woman was trying to hold back vomit after dis...

Michelle Rodriguez Ate A Mouse Cooked In Her Own Urine

The Huffington Post | Julia Brucculieri | Posted 08.17.2015 | Entertainment

In today's weird news, Michelle Rodriguez ate a mouse cooked in her own pee. And no, that is not an exaggeration. The "Fast and the Furious" actress ...

Amazon Warns About 'Racial Prejudices' In 'Tom And Jerry'

The Huffington Post | Bill Bradley | Posted 10.02.2014 | Entertainment

Cartoons today aren't like they used to be, and maybe that's a good thing. BBC reports that Amazon Prime is accompanying "Tom and Jerry" with a cau...

This Kitten Is Determined To Win An Epic Game Of Cat And Mouse

The Huffington Post | Kimberly Yam | Posted 09.12.2014 | Good News

This kitten is developing a serious case of gamer rage. In a video shared by Rumble Viral, a precious little kitten is very appropriately chasing ...

Are You Ready for Windows 8.1.1?

Michael L. Berman | Posted 06.07.2014 | Technology
Michael L. Berman

In the beginning, the Boys from Redmond created Windows 8. And it was good so they released it unto the computer world. But the members of their flock rebelled and rejected it, because it was "different."

Gourmet Mouse Traps

Emily Elyse Miller | Posted 01.25.2014 | Taste
Emily Elyse Miller

The culinary expectations of mice are on the rise -- don't expect these rodents to get out of bed for less than truffle mac and cheese.

WATCH: Why Is This Little Guy Serenading The Sky?

LiveScience | Megan Gannon | Posted 09.30.2013 | Science

Deep in the cloud forests of Central America, two species of singing mice put on a high-pitched opera to mark their territory and stave off clashes, r...

Someone Had Too Much Time On Their Hands

The Huffington Post | Posted 09.25.2013 | Comedy

Hamster wheel accident or car accident? They are one in the same. Via FunkayAnimals...

If You DON'T Give A Mouse A Cookie...

Posted 08.12.2013 | Comedy

Now this is quite the clever mouse. Looks like someone left a jar of food laying around and this tiny thief decided to seize the day. Note to self: ti...

The New York Tech Scene Rocked Last Week.

Steve Rosenbaum | Posted 07.26.2013 | Technology
Steve Rosenbaum

Oh, all I have to say his whew! That was pretty awesome. Two major financial events, a week of panels and parties, and amazing content -- all centered around New York's growing digital ecosystem. Next week? I don't know about you, but I'm in good practice so I'm just going to keep it up.

Love to Die For (SLIDESHOW)

The Nature Conservancy in California | Posted 04.14.2013 | Green
The Nature Conservancy in California

Just for fun, we thought we'd explore the darker side of love in the wild -- with animals that are willing to die for it!

Is This Your Next Computer Mouse? | Posted 12.18.2012 | Technology
Read More: Mouse, Technology News

Flipping the touch screen paradigm on its ear, a group from Autodesk Research, the University of Toronto, and the University of Alberta have created a...

My Own Private Terrorists: Why I'll No Longer Let Mouse Phobia Ruin My Life (Or Apartment)

Anya Strzemien | Posted 12.17.2012 | HuffPost Home
Anya Strzemien

I'm not the first person to have a fear of mice.

'Singing Mouse' Study Yields Major Surprise

Posted 10.11.2012 | Science

By: Trevor Stokes, LiveScience Contributor Published: 10/10/2012 05:11 PM EDT on LiveScience The newest singing sensation in the animal kingdom?...

Skin-Shedding Rodent May Bring Major Medical Advance

Posted 09.27.2012 | Science

By: Charles Choi, LiveScience Contributor Published: 09/26/2012 01:14 PM EDT on LiveScience A mouse that escapes predators by shedding patches of ...

WATCH: The End Of The Mouse Click?

The Huffington Post | Dino Grandoni | Posted 08.20.2012 | Technology

To navigate to this webpage today, you had to scroll and click multiple times, whether you tapped down on a laptop trackpad or pressed a traditional m...

New Study Reveals Who Brought Mice To America

| Posted 03.19.2012 | Science

Four-legged stowaways hitched a ride aboard the wooden 10th- and 11th-century Viking ships that braved the northern seas. The probably numerous passen...

A World Without Facebook?

Davis Schneiderman | Posted 04.04.2012 | Comedy
Davis Schneiderman

Consider the many ways you need to check in with your social network and the all-seeing, almost totalitarian power of the text message. Yes, communication is all-but-instant, but so is observation.