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Multicultural Education

Education In Prison: A Spiritual Revolution America Needs

Andy Watts | Posted 07.25.2016 | Education
Andy Watts

Higher education for the incarcerated and formerly incarcerated is an extension of King's spiritual explosion of a material atom. Higher education in prison can be for many who are incarcerated a path to wholeness and productivity in various areas of life.

The Global Search for Education: Successful Integration Strategies for Migrants

C. M. Rubin | Posted 12.17.2016 | Education
C. M. Rubin

"Students in immigrant families have expectations for their careers that match, and in many cases surpass, those of more socio-economically advantaged...

Mixed Like Us: 5 Ways to Support Biracial Children at Home and in School

Kimberly Cooper | Posted 12.02.2016 | Education
Kimberly Cooper

Growing up biracial, I'd learned that negative social perceptions of biracial, multiracial and transracially adopted children were largely impacting the growth, well-being, and resources available to members of our own community at home and in schools. Asserting that biracial children were more "mixed-up" than mixed-race only served to further perpetuate negative stereotypes about us.

UnErasing LGBTQ History in Schools

Warren J. Blumenfeld | Posted 10.16.2016 | Education
Warren J. Blumenfeld

No matter what your score, I wanted to make the point that for the most part, students are not given the opportunity to discuss important issues, concepts, and personalities related to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) issues in the required curriculum in the K-12 classrooms of the United States.

Enforcing Segregationist Thinking

Michael Meyers | Posted 05.22.2016 | Education
Michael Meyers

Private schools that mandate the teaching of children to think "black," "white," "Asian," etc. are all wet and regressive. What's next? Will the Fieldston School also instruct the kids that they should "love, speak, and be" their "race", i.e. be "black" or "white" or "Asian"-- as some of the Afrocentric academies openly did to "strengthen" black kids' identities?

The Hypocrisy of 'Pro-Life' and the GOP

Warren J. Blumenfeld | Posted 05.19.2016 | Politics
Warren J. Blumenfeld

In actuality, the GOP conducts itself as a party that stands for life until birth; then one is left to fend for oneself.

Can Language Learning Help You Achieve Your Dreams?

Amelia Friedman | Posted 12.01.2014 | College
Amelia Friedman

Learning a language can do so much for us both personally and professionally, so let's learn languages. But first, let's think about how learning a language will help us achieve our life goals.

What Language Should I Learn?

Amelia Friedman | Posted 09.06.2014 | Education
Amelia Friedman

Learning a language is a commitment. It takes years to become truly proficient, and even then there will be yet more to learn. (I'm still learning new words and cultural references in English, and I've been speaking it since I was in diapers.)

It's the Curriculum, Stupid!

Rick Ayers | Posted 08.26.2012 | Education
Rick Ayers

While many educators believe the development of a just, multicultural society is central to our values, very powerful forces have been fighting against such a vision for decades.

Catch Up, America!

Samara Green | Posted 05.09.2012 | Teen
Samara Green

The world is calling for global citizens, but the U.S. has not yet answered. Compared to other countries, the U.S. lags behind in its globally-minded students.

Building a Nurturing and Supportive Environment for All Students

Matthew Lynch, Ed.D. | Posted 04.01.2012 | Education
Matthew Lynch, Ed.D.

Among the first goals that teachers must achieve in order to successfully create a culturally responsive environment is convincing their students that they genuinely care about their cultural, emotional, and intellectual needs.

Remembering 9/11: A Decade Later

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar | Posted 11.09.2011 | Religion
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

What is the root cause of terrorism? It is religious indoctrination, perpetuating hatred towards other cultures in the name of God, pursuing a violent agenda and justifying it.