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Music Education

Prince To Be Honored At Carnegie Hall Concert

The Huffington Post | Treye Green | Posted 01.23.2014 | Entertainment

Legendary entertainer Prince will be honored this March with a benefit concert for music education. The concert will be held at Carnegie Hall on M...

Why Music, Part 5: Music and Education

Frank Fitzpatrick | Posted 02.02.2013 | Education
Frank Fitzpatrick

I can't help but wonder how many children are denied music education in America, either because it is unavailable, unaffordable or they are determined unworthy. It is both an injustice to our children and a threat to our future.

Sound Art Talks About Music Education

Catherine Goldwyn | Posted 01.14.2013 | Los Angeles
Catherine Goldwyn

Imagine the most challenged communities getting a simple music class once a week. Imagine linking those communities with each other across the nation. Imagine Sound Art.

23 Reasons Music Class Was Cooler In Elementary School

Buzzfeed | Posted 10.22.2012 | Teen

5th grade graduation requirement: butchering “Hot Cross Buns” on a recorder....

Mother: Teacher Rounded Up Class To Spit At Student

Posted 12.20.2012 | Education

A Shenandoah, Iowa elementary music teacher has been placed on administrative leave following an alleged incident in which the instructor encouraged h...

Why Music Is Important: El Sistema Makes the Case to the World

Tony Woodcock | Posted 12.08.2012 | Impact
Tony Woodcock

In 2008, I made my first visit to Venezuela to see El Sistema. By then, I had heard several colleagues' reports about the miracle that was happening in this developing country. But nothing prepared me for the powerful impact of music and music-making I experienced.

Musical Force

Peak Johnson | Posted 09.27.2012 | Education
Peak Johnson

The School of Rock in Center City Philadelphia offers a performance based curriculum that teaches inner-city youth how to play rock music and truly shine in the ever-changing music industry.

Music Unites Expands Programs to Los Angeles at the House of Rock

Michelle Edgar | Posted 11.18.2012 | Impact
Michelle Edgar

Music Unites aims to empower young high school teens through music across our country.

The Amazing EWI

Penny Will | Posted 10.07.2012 | Arts
Penny Will

An EWI (pronounced EE-WEE), is not a genetically engineered cross between an emu and a kiwi, as the name suggests, but rather, a musical instrument, and a very cool one at that.

Living On The Wall

Charyn Harris | Posted 09.25.2012 | Los Angeles
Charyn Harris

"Stand for something or you will fall for anything," is one of my favorite quotes. What are the alternatives for the youth who are on the same path because we are not paying attention or caring enough to reach them?

Going for the 'Glee' Effect in Orchestral Music

Michael Drew | Posted 09.24.2012 | Arts
Michael Drew

My brother does something that means a great deal to me: He uses the power of the Internet, and social media, to bring orchestral music to people who might not otherwise encounter it, or who might ignore it or who might think it's simply not for them.

Sing Me the Learning

Meg Campbell | Posted 08.29.2012 | Education
Meg Campbell

Take a look at the Lady Gaga parody,"Snakes Are Born This Way," created by second graders and their teachers at Conservatory Lab Charter School in Boston for a smile and a reminder of what learning and high quality student work can look like.

Musicians Work to Create Future Guitar Heroes

Barry Bortnick | Posted 08.26.2012 | Denver
Barry Bortnick

Jen Pastalo Dacpano and Nicole Severson are on a mission to bring music, song, and community into the hearts and souls of school children across the Front Range.

Lucas Kavner

High School Mariachi Changes Students' Lives | Lucas Kavner | Posted 06.18.2012 | Home

Eloy Martinez didn't fall into Zapata High School's mariachi band as much as he was completely bowled over by it. Six years ago, he was a fifth grader...

School Districts Sound Sour Note to Cut Costs

Meryl Ain, Ed.D. | Posted 06.06.2012 | Education
Meryl Ain, Ed.D.

A report this week by the U.S. Department of Education paints a dreary picture of arts education in the nation.

There Is Something About El Sistema

John M. Eger | Posted 06.02.2012 | Arts
John M. Eger

El Sistema, which doesn't translate well, means simply "the system," a system for giving young, usually poor kids, a chance on living. At first glance it's about music. Getting young people to play an instrument, then joining an orchestra. It is that for sure, but so much more.

Music Unites Campus Representative Program Gives Back by Mentoring NYC Students

Michelle Edgar | Posted 05.30.2012 | Impact
Michelle Edgar

Music education is an essential aspect of child development. However, because of budget cuts, especially in our inner city schools, music education is among the first things to go.

Emmy-Award-Winning Violinist Saves High School Music Programs | Posted 03.16.2012 | Impact

Mark Wood steps into a high school auditorium, his patented electric violin in hand. The kids know immediately: this is no ordinary music lesson. T...

Music Unites: Empowering, Inspiring and Uniting NYC High School Students Through the Power of Music

Michelle Edgar | Posted 05.13.2012 | Impact
Michelle Edgar

The arts and music education is always the first to go during budget cuts. As cutbacks continue, there is a greater need for music non-profit organizations like Music Unites.

Taking the Snow Home to São Paulo

Alessandra Costa | Posted 04.18.2012 | Good News
Alessandra Costa

Ian, a student from Projeto Guri, a music education program of the São Paulo state government, had never left his home state, much less his country. On February 7, he traveled with his violin and 17 friends to Detroit, Michigan.

More Music Please

C. M. Rubin | Posted 04.08.2012 | Education
C. M. Rubin

All children should have the opportunity to experience, learn and perform choral music by great composers. Francisco J. Nunez, Artistic Director and Founder of The Young People's Chorus of New York City, believes this.

So You Want to Be an Opera Singer?

Susanne Mentzer | Posted 04.08.2012 | Arts
Susanne Mentzer

Majoring in music entails major multitasking and focus and a particular skill set. Those who think it is easy are misguided as those who think we never landed on the moon.

Music and the Arts: A New Opera

C. M. Rubin | Posted 02.19.2012 | Arts
C. M. Rubin

Twenty-three years since its beginning, Nunez's Young People's Chorus has become one of the most influential and honored choruses in the world. In the process, it has introduced millions of listeners, young and old, to great music across the spectrum.

Raising Their Voices

Network Awesome | Posted 10.28.2011 | Entertainment
Network Awesome

The PS22 Chorus' many fans include musicians, movie and television stars, politicians, and the list continues. To appreciate the chorus, you need to start with the man who dreamed it up: Gregg Breinberg.

Cutting Electives From High School Grad Requirements Will Have Big Impact | Sharon Noguchi | Posted 12.14.2011 | Education

It's hailed by some as a way to cut California's 18 percent dropout rate, and condemned by others as the beginning of a two-tier education system that...