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Music Piracy

What Is the Authenticity of a Work of Art in the Era of 3D?

Jean-Jacques Neuer | Posted 03.14.2015 | Arts
Jean-Jacques Neuer

What would be the meaning of an "original work" tomorrow if the copy is identical to the original and if being provided with an off-the-shelf technical device is sufficient to reproduce the original? Why would the original be more expensive than the copy? How is it possible to insure effectively against fakes?

Dana Liebelson

How State Attorneys General May Help Hollywood Revive Anti-Piracy Efforts | Dana Liebelson | Posted 12.16.2014 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- Earlier this year, Hollywood came up with a plan to work with state attorneys general to undermine Google, bolstering efforts to revive ...

The Way You Buy Music Could Change Very Soon

The Huffington Post | Ryan Kristobak | Posted 08.13.2014 | Entertainment

As reported by Billboard, the music industry is heavily considering instituting a global album release day, marking Friday as the official standard da...

Sorry, Taylor Swift, THIS Is The Real Future Of The Music Industry

The Huffington Post | Lauren Duca | Posted 07.10.2014 | Entertainment

Middlebrow is a recap of the week in entertainment, celebrity and television news that provides a comprehensive look at the state of pop culture. From...

Why Kanye West May Be Very Unhappy With A 'Jersey Shore' Star

The Huffington Post | Yasmine Hafiz | Posted 06.17.2013 | Celebrity

"Yeezus" has been blowing up on the Internet this week since it leaked days before its official release tomorrow, June 18. Everyone's talking about it...

How the Internet Is Changing Music (Feat. Amanda Palmer on Vocals)

Rob Brooks | Posted 05.08.2013 | Entertainment
Rob Brooks

Sometimes I think I can hear the internet as it relentlessly changes everything. But the sound of the internet changing everything grows most audible in and around the music industry.

How Pirates May Actually Be Good For The Music Industry

The Huffington Post | Betsy Isaacson | Posted 01.22.2013 | Technology

Digital pirates have long been the bane of the music business, those in the music business say. No longer interested in buying songs when they can get...

Eyes in the Dark: The Album Distributed Through the Power of the Pirate

Harry Hodgson | Posted 10.19.2012 | Teen
Harry Hodgson

Stockholm had an amazing idea to distribute their new album, Eyes in the Dark: they used the power of piracy and they did it with style.

STUDY: Music 'Pirates' Also Big Spenders

The Huffington Post | Britney Fitzgerald | Posted 10.16.2012 | Technology

While record companies are quick to blame slumping sales within the industry on music-stealing pirates, a recent study suggests these moochers may als...

Neil Young's Surprising Comments On Piracy

The Huffington Post | Kia Makarechi | Posted 09.17.2012 | Entertainment

Though his recent statements are unlikely to shock the many young music fans who grew up downloading albums and songs illegally, many were surprised w...

What's in a Name?

Sam Sommers | Posted 09.15.2012 | Home
Sam Sommers

Names matter. Whenever we hear one, we draw a wide range of assumptions about the individual person (or item) in question. Just ask the fish merchant whose stroke of naming genius turned the undesirable Patagonian toothfish into the haute cuisine Chilean sea bass.

Guess What? Stealing Is Still Wrong

Logan Lynn | Posted 05.08.2012 | Home
Logan Lynn

I don't actually believe that stealing my intellectual property is your constitutional right. Sorry, everybody. I get that you are used to consuming music like it's chewing gum, but those days are numbered. I'm glad that file sharing companies are getting shut down.

Music Executive Tries To Explain Blatantly Hypocritical Act

TechCrunch | Posted 02.10.2012 | Technology

Yesterday I reported on a bizarre incident I witnessed at Sundance last month: VEVO, the music portal owned by some of the biggest record labels in th...

Lady Gaga, Jack White, Norah Jones And More: 10 Musicians OK With Piracy

The Huffington Post | Courteney Palis and Catharine Smith | Posted 02.09.2012 | Technology

Following the massive web protests over Congress' online copyright protection bills SOPA and PIPA, as well as the high-profile takedown of file-hostin...

Embrace Piracy

Mac Hart | Posted 04.05.2012 | Home
Mac Hart

Once our government and the media industry realize that they need to compete with piracy rather than destroy it, they will overcome it.

Jason Gilbert

iTunes Match: It's A Pirate's Life For Me! | Jason Gilbert | Posted 11.14.2011 | Technology

iTunes Match is a pretty good name for Apple's cloud music service -- simple, evocative, a combination of the words "iTunes" and "Match" -- but a bett...

Artist Displays Hard Drive Filled With $5 Million In Pirated Files

Posted 11.06.2011 | Arts

Artist Manuel Palou's new piece, '5 Million Dollars 1 Terabyte straddles the line betweenart and piracy. The work is described on the gallery's w...

Beatles Backing UK Anti-Piracy Campaign

AP/Huffington Post | Posted 10.17.2011 | Arts

LONDON -- The Beatles are up for the fight against pirates. The estate of iconic British band has pledged its support for the anti-piracy campaign ...

What Do Placido Domingo And Metallica Have In Common?

The Huffington Post | Amy Lee | Posted 09.28.2011 | Home

Celebrated opera star Placido Domingo has been named as chairman of the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI), a worldwide orga...

"All or Nothing at All"

Rick Carnes | Posted 08.01.2011 | Technology
Rick Carnes

Policy makers have struggled for over a decade to find the proper fix for the problems presented by rogue piracy websites and now with the PROTECT IP Bill they are taking some first steps.

RIAA Wins $105M In Limewire Piracy Settlement, But Artists May Not Benefit

Posted 07.16.2011 | Arts

CORRECTION: Information contained in the Torrentfreak article to which this post referred was incorrect. The RIAA has not released a statement specifi...

Warning: You Are Forbidden to Buy E-Books!

Eric Lurio | Posted 05.25.2011 | Books
Eric Lurio

That's right, you are forbidden to buy e-books. You also cannot buy songs off the radio or apps for your mobile phone. You can go to Amazon or the App...

Has Music Piracy Killed the 'Recording Artist'?

Rick Carnes | Posted 05.25.2011 | Entertainment
Rick Carnes

After hearing The Beatles again last month I was reminded of a time when the songs mattered more and great recorded sound was the focus.

A New Age of Dis-Connectivity in Music

Rick Carnes | Posted 05.25.2011 | Arts
Rick Carnes

Back when the big labels were rolling in money they could afford to invest in diversity in their catalogs. Now the business has been reduced to 'crank up the computer and crank out another track' exactly like the last hit.

The End of Hollywood as We Know It

Marty Kaplan | Posted 05.25.2011 | Entertainment
Marty Kaplan

Illegal file sharing and piracy hurt artists, workers, businesses and national economies. So why is it so pervasive? Did honest people become lawbreakers overnight because digital technology put a dangerous tool in their hands?