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Christian Parents Freak Out After Elementary School Offers Yoga

The Huffington Post | Ed Mazza | Posted 03.25.2016 | Home

Schools around the nation are adding yoga programs, which have proven to help reduce students' stress and anxiety levels. But one Georgia district fou...

Nāmastē (Growing Up White in America)

Brady Mathieson | Posted 03.23.2016 | Home
Brady Mathieson

नमस्ते, or "nāmastē," translates to mean "Hello!" in Hindi. It's kind of formal. Typically, when addressing a friend in India, many just say "Hai!" which is universal in most cultures to mean "I see you and am acknowledging your existence."

Namaslay -- Your New Mala Beads Are Cute, But They Don't Make You Spiritual

Bree Melanson | Posted 03.22.2016 | Home
Bree Melanson

The juice cleanse you've been raving about, or Eckhart Tolle's latest book might not be everyone else's end-all cure-all too. As we embark on our spir...

8 Easy Ways to Be a Kind Human

Kate Snowise | Posted 02.26.2017 | Home
Kate Snowise

Demonstrating kindness doesn't need to be a grand giant gesture and it shouldn't be a burden. Sure a big gesture is great, but there are many ways you can simply LIVE a kind life. Here are eight easy ways to be a kind human:

How Practicing Sisterhood With Your Yoga Makes You a Better Woman and a Better Yogi

Angela D. Coleman | Posted 01.12.2017 | Home
Angela D. Coleman

There's a tangible energy that resides in a room where people come together to practice, and it ebbs and flows between each session. It fluctuates as the days pass, as emotions are brought into the room and released.

Positive Energy's Bad Rap

Dori Hartley | Posted 12.25.2016 | Home
Dori Hartley

I'm a happy person. I like life. And yes, I have suffered and known horrors that are so beyond the beyond that I too could shun all variation of happy thoughts. But right now, my mind works, my body's not failing me and I'm doing OK -- so I make a conscious decision to see things in a positive way.

5 Ways to Build Awareness This Summer

Nick Norton | Posted 05.29.2016 | Home
Nick Norton

To keep myself on a path of happiness, I've been practicing at cultivating some of this awareness everyday. And that's the best part -- it's only a direction. I'm always practicing, so there's no failing, only opportunities to improve. Here are five methods that I've incorporated into my day in order to become more in touch with myself.

10 Surefire Ways To Sin During Yoga

Ravishly | Posted 05.28.2016 | Home

According to a retired Catholic bishop in Nebraska, practicing yoga is not just a great way to relieve stress and build strength -- it's also "an occasion of serious sin."It might sound ridiculous, but it is so easy to sin during yoga. Here are 10 of the most common yoga sins you might not even know you're committing.

Namaste in the Bedroom

Christian de la Huerta | Posted 05.07.2016 | Home
Christian de la Huerta

For some people, "sacred sexuality" is an oxymoron, an inherent contradiction in terms. And it's no wonder, given humanity's religiously-inspired hist...

Why I'm Going to Shift From Hello to Namaste

Alka Pratap | Posted 06.13.2015 | Home
Alka Pratap

Growing up in the United States in a family that had moved from India was often confusing for me. Conflicting signals assaulted my mind as I grew up, and gave me little respite in my struggle, especially as a teenager, to find my own identity and define myself.

Impressions of India: Jaipur, The Pink City

Mary Anne Erickson | Posted 06.07.2015 | Home
Mary Anne Erickson

Just when you think you've purchased as many scarves as your suitcase will hold, enter a new pashmina shop and you'll discover it's time to break out that extra carry on bag, because "hey, silk scarves take up almost no room"!

Giving up Homophobia for Lent: Queering the Christian "Way of Sorrows"

H. Adam Ackley, Ph.D. | Posted 04.26.2015 | Home
H. Adam Ackley, Ph.D.

As Lent begins, some LGBTQIA students have been holding prayer vigils throughout southern California on conservative Christian campuses where they are either still enrolled as students or are alumni.

Confessions of a Yoga Farter

Nikki Gloudeman | Posted 03.10.2015 | Home
Nikki Gloudeman

Welcome to my life as a new yogi -- and specifically, a new yogi who has so far learned one salient fact about this ancient meditative practice: It makes me fart. A lot.

Principles of Simply Sustainable Living

Lisa Durant | Posted 10.16.2014 | Home
Lisa Durant

To me, living a beautiful life is actually about respect - for oneself, for others and I maintain, for the environment. Taking the time to notice what's beautiful and to savor it, and when necessary, to protect it.

Preventing Ebola and More Common Infections: Tips For You On Contact and Hygiene

Cary A. Presant, M.D. | Posted 10.06.2014 | Home
Cary A. Presant, M.D.

Social gestures are important to feel welcome, express trust, show gratitude, and conclude visits with a hopeful tone. Find the best way between you and your doctor to have these feelings, but do not increase your risk of infection in the process.

10 Benefits Of Having A Yoga Dad

Nina Friend | Posted 09.15.2014 | Home
Nina Friend

You'll forever have leverage over him because it was only after a whole year that he finally agreed to come to yoga with you... and now he's so hooked that he goes without you.

Water as a Symbol of Love

Dr. Hyder Zahed | Posted 08.21.2014 | Home
Dr. Hyder Zahed

Love is the natural medium that carries messages, that flow incessantly and silently, bringing us together, conveying what is often unspoken -- the message from our hearts to others and to the world -- allowing life to continue and flourish in all our relationships.

Yoga Teacher's 'Namaste' Clearly Not Aimed at Amy

Reductress | Posted 08.16.2014 | Home

Yoga instructor Faith Harcourt wished peace and wellness to everyone during this Sunday's Vinyasa Power-Stretch class at Lively Lotus Yoga, with the n...

Just Because You Practice Yoga Doesn't Mean You're Not an A**hole

Shaman Durek | Posted 01.16.2014 | Los Angeles
Shaman Durek

The gesture Namaste represents the belief that there is a divine spark within each of us that is located in the heart chakra. The gesture is an acknow...

Namaste, Partner

Bess Rowen | Posted 11.10.2013 | Home
Bess Rowen

Actors are often encouraged to practice yoga because of the ways in which it brings about awareness and control of your body. The characters on Yoga Partners remind me of the kind of well-meaning souls I have encountered in my yoga trysts.

It's Not What You Look at That Matters, It's What You See

Dennis Merritt Jones | Posted 06.03.2013 | Home
Dennis Merritt Jones

The gift of conscious perception can be an astounding event that happens whenever we realize that it is we, and we alone, who assign meaning to whatever our eyes fall upon every moment of every day.

A Namaste of Metabolic Interdependence

Pavel Somov, Ph.D. | Posted 12.17.2012 | Home
Pavel Somov, Ph.D.

Eating is a reunion of self and nonself, of me and not-me, of you and not-you, of eater and food through the enmeshment of eating. Eating is twofold yoga: a yoga that unifies your body with your mind and, at a higher level, a yoga that unifies you with your environment.

Why You Should Love Your Darker Parts, Too

Dr. Judith Rich | Posted 12.09.2012 | Home
Dr. Judith Rich

We humans are susceptible to the erroneous thought that we are separate entities. This is not the truth, but we've contracted a case of amnesia in which we have fallen asleep and forgotten the truth of who we are.

Buddha Doodle -- 'Namaste'

Molly Hahn | Posted 12.02.2012 | Home
Molly Hahn


LISTEN: Kenny G's New Album 'Namaste'

The Huffington Post | Posted 06.21.2012 | Home

Kenny G is trying something a little different with his latest album, Namaste, set for release next week from Concord Music Group. The smooth jazz/eas...