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National Identity

Eight Years Later, I Still Believe In Obama's America

Ian Reifowitz | Posted 01.18.2017 | Politics
Ian Reifowitz

This is Obama's America, an America that rejects hate, rejects tribalism. It's an America where we identify as members of groups based on ethnicity, religion, sexual identity, ideology, etc., but where our common bonds as Americans come first.

Finding My Mother and My American Identity

Joel Peterson | Posted 07.02.2016 | Impact
Joel Peterson

Americans may be equal, but we are not all the same. It is the willingness of one American to defend the right of another to be different -- to think, to believe, to live in ways and to say things that one may vehemently dislike. But we will act to defend this differentness, this right to be free and unique -- even at risk of death.

An Open Letter From A Serial Immigrant

Tinatin Japaridze | Posted 06.30.2016 | World
Tinatin Japaridze

It takes some distance, time, and a healthy dose of objectivity to maintain a 20/20 vision, even when we would rather turn a blind eye and a deaf ear.

White Identity Offers Bland Nothingness or Racism -- An Inclusive American Identity Is the Answer

Ian Reifowitz | Posted 06.30.2016 | Politics
Ian Reifowitz

We need an American identity built on a foundation of that shared history--not a whitewashed version of it, but one that can, as President Obama declared in Selma, "look upon our imperfections and decide that it is in our power to remake this nation to more closely align with our highest ideals."

Press Play for Politics: My Struggle to Compose a Georgian Weapon Against Russia

Tinatin Japaridze | Posted 05.21.2016 | World
Tinatin Japaridze

On the first day of 2010, I got a phone call from the Georgian Public Broadcaster (GPB), the official organizers of Eurovision's Georgian chapter. The previous year, I co-wrote the 2009 Icelandic Eurovision entry, "Is It True?," a runner-up that received a silver prize at the finals held in Moscow.

Why We Need Diversity in American Media

Shaleila Louis | Posted 05.11.2015 | World
Shaleila Louis

Diversity isn't about tearing down America's place in the media. It's about making some new ones for some other countries too.

The Israeli-American Predicament

Daniella Gitlin | Posted 10.01.2014 | Religion
Daniella Gitlin

The difficulty won't disappear. We can't have it both ways: There seems to be no way to reconcile earnest opposition to the Israeli government's oppression of Palestinians and the assault on Gaza with support for the protection of Tel Aviv from Hamas rockets.

A Proud Russkiy Citizen or an Unpatriotic Traitor of Mother Russia?

Tinatin Japaridze | Posted 09.24.2014 | World
Tinatin Japaridze

I refuse to be defined by my passport -- both literally and metaphorically. Surely there's more to an individual than his personal identification number and/or the color of his passport?

Hope for a New Paradigm in U.S.-Pakistani Relations?

Prem M. Trivedi | Posted 03.29.2014 | Politics
Prem M. Trivedi

The need for a paradigm shift in the bilateral relationship appears to be an idea whose time has come within the U.S. foreign policy community. A revived U.S.-Pakistan Strategic Dialogue has the potential to launch a different kind of strategic framework.

A Rationality Shutdown

Robert Koehler | Posted 01.23.2014 | Politics
Robert Koehler

We're continuing to raid, bomb and terrorize Fourth World countries and pointlessly harvest global metadata. We're still "completing our mission" in Afghanistan. We're just phasing out the government functions that have value.

A Visitor in Cairo at the Right Time

Maïa Venturini | Posted 09.14.2013 | World
Maïa Venturini

How can the army look fair and democratic to Morsi's supporters while they are perceived as traitors, and their media outlets, shut down? I wonder how people can feel peaceful enough in their hearts and minds to celebrate the joyful fast of Ramadan.

"I Love My Culture and My People"

Ian Reifowitz | Posted 06.17.2013 | Politics
Ian Reifowitz

Loving my fellow Americans doesn't mean I feel negatively toward people from other countries, and it doesn't mean I think America is perfect. I'm fully aware of this country's strengths and its flaws.

Global Governance Gets a New Image

Indra Adnan | Posted 04.23.2013 | Impact
Indra Adnan

If you have never heard of Simon Anholt, don't own up to it. Some call him a political entrepreneur, others a global image consultant -- I see him more as a nation therapist, helping countries and more lately, cities, find themselves and their place in the world.

Obama as 'Not American': Sununu's Only Echoing His Boss -- Romney

Ian Reifowitz | Posted 09.17.2012 | Politics
Ian Reifowitz

This is about far more than remarks made by one Romney surrogate speaking out of school. What the media needs to report is this: Sununu is merely echoing language coming from Mitt Romney himself.

How Progressives Should Talk About Patriotism

Ian Reifowitz | Posted 09.05.2012 | Politics
Ian Reifowitz

What we cannot do, what Douglass himself did not do as seen in the conclusion to his 1852 speech, is cede patriotism and an embrace of America to the right wing.

Nationalism 2.0

The Morningside Post | Posted 07.08.2012 | World
The Morningside Post

We are defined and united less by the national identities we are born into than by the transnational identities in which we choose to believe. We are becoming advocates rather than patriots. Our fight is increasingly for cause before country.

Liberation Through Assimilation: Burqa Ban Comes To Canada

Sonny Singh | Posted 02.21.2012 | Religion
Sonny Singh

This isn't about whether we think wearing burqas or niqabs is a good idea or not. The issue is whether a government should be able to impose its notion of national identity on its citizens

Metaphors Made Real: On the Power of National Symbols

Jake Townsend | Posted 01.03.2012 | World
Jake Townsend

If ever there was a question regarding the power and importance of national symbols, the recent acceptance of Palestine into UNESCO may put them to rest.

Identity Ecosystem: Big Brother Logs On

John W. Whitehead | Posted 11.26.2011 | Technology
John W. Whitehead

"Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It may be better to live under robber barons ...

America's Dirty Little Secret

David Macaray | Posted 11.27.2011 | Politics
David Macaray

The notion of social-economic conflict suggests something vaguely ideological -- something unpleasantly Marxian and subversive. In short, we regard "class warfare" as un-American.

Country: Know Thyself

Jake Townsend | Posted 10.16.2011 | World
Jake Townsend

National identity provides foundational strength for a country, for it defines that unique metaphoric construct for collective belief in the nation not only as a physical place, but as a collectively held idea.

Black History Meditation: Remembering The Presence Of Our Ancestors

Albert Raboteau | Posted 05.25.2011 | Religion
Albert Raboteau

Our nation, constituted by diverse ethnic, racial, and religious groups achieves a unified identity, not only through a set of shared principles articulated in civic institutions, but through memory.

Rabbis' Letter Challenging Israeli Democracy

Yermi Brenner | Posted 04.08.2012 | Religion
Yermi Brenner

The struggle to maintain a unique national identity without compromising the minority's democratic rights is one that not only Israel faces.

The West Bank Meets Dixie

Mira Sucharov | Posted 05.25.2011 | World
Mira Sucharov

If and when the West Bank settlers are forced to relocate, there will no doubt be a painful rift in Israeli society. One thing that may help ease the transition is a good song.

Black, White and Other... Worldwide

Marcia Dawkins | Posted 05.25.2011 | World
Marcia Dawkins

Even though the 21st century is seeing an exponential increase in reports of multiracial ancestry worldwide, exactly what makes a person multiracial remains a puzzling concept.