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New Emoji

These Emojis Nail Those Feelings You Can't Put Into Words

The Huffington Post | Alexis Kleinman | Posted 06.24.2015 | Technology

So real.

Redheads Demand An Emoji Of Their Own, Get Entire Keyboard

The Huffington Post | Kate Bratskeir | Posted 06.22.2015 | Style

Great advancements have been made in the realm of emojis. In April, iPhone users gained access to a diverse range of emoji characters with many skin t...

We're Getting Closer To Official Cheese, Hot Dog And Eye-Roll Emojis

The Huffington Post | Alexis Kleinman | Posted 06.17.2015 | Technology

Oh what a glorious day!

Damon Beres

'Abused Emojis' Could Help Domestic Violence Victims Break Their Silence | Damon Beres | Posted 05.26.2015 | Technology

This is powerful.

38 Of The Most-Requested Emojis (Including Bacon) Might Be Coming Soon

The Huffington Post | Alexis Kleinman | Posted 05.21.2015 | Technology

You asked, the emoji gods delivered!

Alexis Kleinman

9 Emojis We Desperately Wish Were Real | Alexis Kleinman | Posted 05.18.2015 | Technology

Why is there not a Beyonce emoji? Or an avocado emoji? Seriously.

Don't Send New Emoji To Someone Who Doesn't Have Them Yet

The Huffington Post | Alexis Kleinman | Posted 04.08.2015 | Technology

Well this is awkward...

Diverse iPhone Emoji Are Finally Here!

The Huffington Post | Alexis Kleinman | Posted 04.08.2015 | Technology

Get 'em while they're hot.

Gay Families Are Coming To The Emoji Keyboard

The Huffington Post | Cavan Sieczkowski | Posted 02.24.2015 | Gay Voices

Same-sex families will soon have a place on the emoji keyboard. On Monday, it was revealed that a new beta version of iOS 8.3 includes an array of...

It's Official: Apple Is Finally Getting Diverse Emoji

The Huffington Post | Damon Beres | Posted 02.23.2015 | Technology

Who says Santa Claus has to be white? Until now, your iPhone's emoji keyboard did.

Why We Never Got Those 250 New Emoji We Were Promised

The Huffington Post | Todd Van Luling | Posted 11.18.2014 | Technology

An announcement last summer made us all think that new emoji were on their way to our smartphones. But here we are close to Thanksgiving, and we're st...

You'll Soon Be Able To Pick Your Emoji's Skin Color

The Huffington Post | Kerry Flynn | Posted 11.05.2014 | Technology

If all goes well, you'll soon be able to pick your emoji's skin color. The Unicode Consortium, which sets the international standards for text and...

No More Words. Only Emoji

The Huffington Post | Kerry Flynn | Posted 09.19.2014 | Technology

Why express yourself in words, when emoji are just so much better? The makers of Keymoji, a free, downloadable keyboard that's compatible with the new...

The 'Seinfeld' Emoji Are Here, And They're Spectacular!

The Huffington Post | Bill Bradley | Posted 07.28.2014 | Entertainment

No wait for you! The "Seinfeld" emoji have arrived! Earlier this month, it was announced that the guys behind the Seinfeld2000 Twitter and Instagra...

Bianca Bosker

How Emoji Get Lost In Translation | Bianca Bosker | Posted 06.27.2014 | Technology

I recently texted a friend to say how I was excited to meet her new boyfriend, and, because "excited" doesn't look so exciting on an iPhone screen, I ...

More Than 250 New Emoji To Be Released, And We Have The List

The Huffington Post | Drew Guarini | Posted 06.17.2014 | Technology

Sometimes, words just aren't enough. Sometimes, you need that perfectly fitting emoji. On Monday, the Unicode Consortium, a nonprofit that regulate...