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New York Education Reform

Janie Velencia

NY Governor's Approval Rating Drops To An All-Time Low | Janie Velencia | Posted 05.26.2015 | Politics

It's been a rocky second term for New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D). According to a Siena Research Institute survey, a record low 41 percent of New York ...

NY ObamaCore Panel Must Scrutinize Influence of Political Philanthropy on Implementation

Kate Apfelbaum | Posted 04.29.2014 | Education
Kate Apfelbaum

Where is the public oversight when state ethics laws are apparently being circumvented? Private funders of Common Core, advocates for governmental action that includes spending tens of millions of dollars for professional development and instructional materials, tread perilously close to the line.

Small NYC Schools Show Better Graduation And College Rates

The Huffington Post | Jane Janeczko | Posted 10.24.2013 | New York

According to an October study from researchers at MIT and Duke, the central focus of Mayor Bloomberg's education plan - smaller schools - is showing s...

Give Progressive Middle Schools a Chance

Tom Allon | Posted 05.04.2013 | New York
Tom Allon

School choice has been a positive development in public education in New York, but sometimes the city's Department of Education makes the wrong choice.

NYC Can't Afford a Late Start to Early Education

Bill de Blasio | Posted 04.17.2013 | New York
Bill de Blasio

President Obama gets it. Governor Cuomo gets it. Now, we need a mayor who recognizes the need for a game-changing overhaul of our schools that starts with getting early education right. Anything less, and we are leaving our kids behind.

Commission Recommends Core Changes To Education

Newsday | John Hildebrand | Posted 03.05.2013 | Education

Students seeking admission to SUNY schools of education should be required to have grade-point averages of at least 3.0, with the aim of boosting teac...

The Racial Dynamics of Standardized Tests

Ruzan Sarwar | Posted 01.23.2014 | New York
Ruzan Sarwar

If critics of standardized tests think it's lack of finances or lack of access to resources that prevents certain races from performing to the stated benchmarks, I want to put an end to that delusion.

Why Does New York Have "Specialized" High Schools?

Alan Singer | Posted 12.30.2012 | New York
Alan Singer

Why does New York City have these special schools where the teaching and curriculum are just not that special?

A True Education

Tom Allon | Posted 12.01.2012 | New York
Tom Allon

The status quo is unacceptable. We need to shift the paradigm in education in general. Even our top performers need to be taught that a love of learning will foster life-long learning, a necessity in this era of increasing disruptive innovation.

Great School Choices

Tom Allon | Posted 10.27.2012 | New York
Tom Allon

Choice is a hallmark of our country. It is synonymous with freedom. We live in a country where we have choice in our leaders, our religion, our food, our housing, our lifestyles. Choice in education is not only necessary -- it is crucial for our country's future.

Let Education Reform Blossom in New York

Richard Buery | Posted 06.20.2012 | Education
Richard Buery

Just weeks after President Obama awarded New York State a reform-friendly waiver to onerous federal "No Child Left Behind" education rules, for-profit education firms are threatening to strangle the new reforms.

Standing on the Shoulders of Schools Around Us

Peter Cipparone | Posted 08.09.2012 | New York
Peter Cipparone

In a divisive education policy conversation which pits one set of schools and politicians against another, educators must lead the charge to learn from other schools. We must stand on the shoulders of those who work alongside us.

Leaders of New Group Have an "Interest" in Education

Gail Robinson | Posted 06.13.2012 | New York
Gail Robinson

Increasingly privatized education -- with charters, consultants and competition -- offers more opportunities for investment and profit-making. Its proponents have a special and vested interest in the policies they promote.

The School Closing Follies

Marc Epstein | Posted 12.03.2011 | Education
Marc Epstein

We've now moved into an era in which politicians, philanthropists, and a school of education reformers now believes the only way to education salvation is to literally close schools and fire teachers.

'Trigger Law' Would Allow New York Parents To Fire Teachers, Principals

Posted 08.14.2011 | Education

A proposed state law would give New York parents significantly more power over their children's schools. The so called "trigger law" would allow pare...