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Newt Gingrich for President

The Glitter of the Ballroom

Gary Hart | Posted 02.16.2012 | Politics
Gary Hart

A friend asked if I thought former Congressman Newt Gingrich could win the Republican nomination, and the answer is yes. Given our expectations of leaders and rigid expectations of Republican constituencies, this is somewhat astounding.

Michael McAuliff

Newt Tax Plan Is Deficit Exploder, Report Says | Michael McAuliff | Posted 12.12.2011 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- Newt Gingrich's tax plan would add about $1 trillion to the deficit in a single year, according to a detailed analysis of his proposals....

Newt's Law of Malevolence

Warren J. Blumenfeld | Posted 02.11.2012 | Politics
Warren J. Blumenfeld

What are people really hearing from Newt Gingrich? What I personally hear consistently is Gingrich, in his own distorted and malevolent manner, slandering and attempting to control entire groups of people.

Paul Blumenthal

WATCH: Romney Super PAC Unloads On Newt | Paul Blumenthal | Posted 12.08.2011 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- On the same day that the Mitt Romney campaign launched an offensive to blunt the rapid rise of Newt Gingrich as a legitimate GOP preside...

WATCH: How Newt Gingrich Stole Christmas?

Posted 12.08.2011 | Comedy

As the holiday season and GOP primary both draw near, it's only natural that the two would eventually merge in a politically-charged Christmas video t...

Do-Nothing Strategy Working For GOP Candidate

Mauldin Patch | Shawn Drury | Posted 12.08.2011 | Politics

Since he began campaigning in earnest in South Carolina, Newt Gingrich's stump speech hasn't changed very much. He refrains from criticizing his fe...

Amanda Terkel

GLOVES OFF: Romney Campaign Goes After Gingrich | Amanda Terkel | Posted 12.08.2011 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- Newt Gingrich finally appears to be making Mitt Romney nervous. On Thursday morning, the Romney campaign held a conference call with rep...

With Cain Out Turn the Glare on Gingrich's Racial Skeletons

Earl Ofari Hutchinson | Posted 02.06.2012 | Black Voices
Earl Ofari Hutchinson

Private citizen Gingrich was out of the news for the decade after his House tenure ended. But that didn't mean he had toned down, let alone, altered his thinking, about minorities and how society should deal with them.

Obama vs. Newt or Mitt Can't Compare to the Fighting Okras vs. the Gorillas

Harvey Gotliffe, Ph.D. | Posted 02.05.2012 | Sports
Harvey Gotliffe, Ph.D.

The cruel, cold months of December and January bring warmth to the hearts of college football fans everywhere -- but only if their Division I team is involved in one of the thirty-five scheduled "major" college bowl games.

Gingrich's Sly Strategy: Run Clinton Against Bush

Robert L. Borosage | Posted 02.05.2012 | Politics
Robert L. Borosage

If Gingrich wins the nomination, exposing his hypocrisy, corruption, and double-talk will not suffice. The President will need to engage on the basic choices the country faces. That is why the mantra of not "litigating the past" is foolish.

Newt Gingrich Attends Kennedy Center Honors

Howard Fineman | Posted 02.04.2012 | Politics
Howard Fineman

WASHINGTON -- Having surged to the lead in the polls and declared himself the Republican nominee a month in advance of the first vote, former House Sp...

Jaweed Kaleem

Will Newt Gingrich Usher In A New Compassionate Conservative Era? | Jaweed Kaleem | Posted 12.03.2011 | Politics

When he stepped into the national spotlight in 1994 amid a Republican sweep of Congress, Newt Gingrich offered a bonanza of legislative promises: a ba...

The Newest Newt

Christopher Brauchli | Posted 01.31.2012 | Politics
Christopher Brauchli

Instead of dwelling on the foregoing as a lesser man might, I will describe what we can look forward to as Gingrich's campaign progresses. We learn this from interviews and a recently published book by him.

Howard Fineman

Union Leader Editor Loves Newt Gingrich's Plan To Replace School Custodians With Students | Howard Fineman | Posted 11.28.2011 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- Joe McQuaid, president and publisher of the New Hampshire Union Leader -- the dominant newspaper in a crucial early primary state -- lik...

Inflammatory Ex-Lieutenant Governor Endorses Gingrich

AP | Posted 01.28.2012 | Politics

COLUMBIA, S.C. — A former South Carolina lieutenant governor who once likened the state's poor to stray animals has endorsed Newt Gingrich's bid...

The Newtster: He's Baaaack!

Al Eisele | Posted 01.27.2012 | Politics
Al Eisele

Newt, you're proving your campaigning and fundraising strengths again as you resurrect your hopes of helping Republicans recapture the White House. Whether that's good for America, I don't know. But it's a great story for us journalists.

Amanda Terkel

In 2002, Newt Gingrich Sounded Like An OWS Protester | Amanda Terkel | Posted 11.21.2011 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- "You had better be siding with the people enough that the people don't get so angry they take you apart, because in the end in this coun...

Students As School Janitors? This Politician Thinks So

The Huffington Post | Laura Hibbard | Posted 11.21.2011 | Education

Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich gave some insight into why he believes child labor laws condemn poor children to remain in poverty in ...

Jon Ward

New Poll: Gingrich Suddenly Closing On Romney In Key State | Jon Ward | Posted 11.18.2011 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- Mitt Romney's gargantuan lead over the Republican primary field in his strongest state, New Hampshire, has vanished in the blink of an e...

Newt Gingrich: Conservatives' Newest Plan B?

AP | CHARLES BABINGTON and THOMAS BEAUMONT | Posted 01.23.2014 | Politics

WASHNGTON — Mitt Romney chugged ahead Thursday as the conservative-fueled drive to deny him the Republican presidential nomination reached a dif...

New Gingrich Plans Five Iowa Offices

Johnston Patch | Todd Richissin | Posted 01.07.2012 | Home

Presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich apparently has decided one of his best hopes to move his campaign forward is to set up shop in Iowa....

2012 GOP Contender Broke, Fighting For Air Time

AP | By SHANNON McCAFFREY | Posted 11.28.2011 | Politics

ATLANTA -- A floundering presidential bid has fractured what was once a rock star Republican image. Not long ago, Newt Gingrich sat atop a lucrative p...

Sam Stein

Newt Gingrich Blasts The Unemployed: 'Funamentally Wrong To Give People Money For ... Doing Nothing' | Sam Stein | Posted 11.22.2011 | Politics

ORLANDO -- Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich was asked during Thursday night's GOP debate what he would do about unemployment insurance, particularly...

Amanda Terkel

Newt Gingrich Hits 'Washington Elites' | Amanda Terkel | Posted 10.16.2011 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- Newt Gingrich likes to portray himself as an outsider, shunned from the exclusive inner circles of Washington, D.C. -- despite having on...

Newt: I'm Not Dead, I'm Still Here

Posted 10.15.2011 | Politics

After hitting some bumps in the road during the frist months of his presidential campaign, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich says that his political ...