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Nice Girls

Trump Shows Us How the "Nice" Label Hurts Women

Karen Frankola | Posted 08.08.2016 | Entertainment
Karen Frankola

Trump's dressing down of an assertive, skilled woman is a very public example of what still happens all too often at work. Let's just drop "nice" from our vocabulary when assessing the competence of the women we work with.

Letter To The Nice Girls

Becky Cavender | Posted 03.28.2015 | Women
Becky Cavender

Keep your palms open to the sky, Nice Girl.

Nice Girl Rehab: Israeli Style

Julie Gray | Posted 11.23.2014 | Women
Julie Gray

It's hard to be an American woman. One must be smart but not too smart, outspoken but only to a point, successful but only so successful. One must be NICE at all times. Then I moved to Israel. Imagine the culture shock.

Five Reasons Every Guy Should Pick the Nice Girl

Stefanie Williams | Posted 07.22.2014 | College
Stefanie Williams

The nice girls, they finish last too. And I'm not talking about the nice girls who look like something out of "People of Walmart." I'm talking about the good girls who people look at and say, "Jesus, why are they single?"

When Being Nice Just Doesn't Cut It Anymore

Jennifer Rosen | Posted 07.22.2013 | Healthy Living
Jennifer Rosen

How did I get to be such a doormat? When did I develop such a deep-rooted fear of offending others? What caused me to place other people's needs ahead of my own? What did I think would happen if (horror of horrors) I were to actually displease someone?

Are You 'the Polite Little Girl in the Room'?

Joan Williams | Posted 12.03.2012 | Women
Joan Williams

In this legal environment, sometimes the risk-averse approach of being the polite little girl in the room is, in fact, riskier than going after what you want.

Do Mean Girls Win at Work?

Marcia Reynolds | Posted 05.13.2012 | Women
Marcia Reynolds

In truth, what it takes for a woman to win is not that much different from a man.

Seven Myths About Being a Nice Person

Daylle Deanna Schwartz | Posted 08.23.2011 | Women
Daylle Deanna Schwartz

Many people have misconceptions of what nice behavior is or call themselves nice for the wrong reasons. I want to clear up the most common ones up so ...

PHOTOS: 'Nice Girls Just Don't Get It'

Dr. Lois Frankel | Posted 08.01.2011 | Books
Dr. Lois Frankel

Women are still undervalued -- at home and at work. Even though women now fill 49% of all professional and managerial-level jobs, women CEOs lead in only 15 of the Fortune 500 companies, or 3 percent.

Cultivating your inner Jennifer Aniston

Dr. Irene S. Levine | Posted 11.17.2011 | Healthy Living
Dr. Irene S. Levine

If someone asked you to characterize actress Jennifer Aniston, after "beautiful" and "talented," the next word that might come to mind would be "nice....