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Nonprofit Ceos

Do Directors View Their Nonprofit Boards Through Rose-Colored Glasses?

Eugene Fram | Posted 05.15.2015 | Business
Eugene Fram

Having served as a volunteer director, board chair and consultant, I am often tempted to call it the nonprofit "mistake." It is, in some instances, a perception that may blindside the director and stunt the growth potential of the organization.

Once Again: Can A Mission-Driven Nonprofit Be Blindsided?

Eugene Fram | Posted 04.30.2015 | Business
Eugene Fram

Strange to say, a nonprofit organization and Board can become too dedicated to its mission! Such overzealousness can cause them to overlook opportunities for strategic change.

Time-Compressed Nonprofit Directors - Recruit and Retain Them!

Eugene Fram | Posted 01.29.2015 | Business
Eugene Fram

Every nonprofit board has had the experience of having board positions open and being unable to fill them with highly qualified people. The usual response from qualified candidates is that they are too busy to be accept a board position.

Dysfunctional Levels in Nonprofit Boards and Organizations

Eugene Fram | Posted 12.26.2014 | Business
Eugene Fram

Article and studies from a Google search on "Dysfunctions in Nonprofit Boards & Organizations" yields 445,000 items in .32 of a second. These items show dysfunctions on charter school boards, church boards, health care boards, trade associations, etc.

Can Nonprofits Build on Bill Gates's Business Insights?

Eugene Fram | Posted 09.19.2014 | Business
Eugene Fram

In a recent Wall Street Journal article, Bill Gates shares some of his convictions about what makes or breaks developing businesses. Based on his vast experience I suggest that many of his insights can serve as models as well as caveats in the nonprofit environment.

Is Your Nonprofit Board Chair Productive?

Eugene Fram | Posted 08.15.2014 | Business
Eugene Fram

Hundreds of articles have probably been published about the skills and abilities nonprofit CEOs need to have to meet the challenges of the nonprofit e...

Nonprofit CEOs Need To Be Peers NOT Powerhouses - Interface More Frequently with Individual Board Members

Eugene Fram | Posted 05.30.2014 | Business
Eugene Fram

Simply having board meeting contact with directors isn't sufficient for a 21st century nonprofit CEO. Following are three professional approaches the CEO can take for developing better communications with board members.

Controlling Overhead: Finding an Unpaid Nonprofit CEO

George Weiner | Posted 02.02.2014 | Impact
George Weiner

An organization that avoids overhead by paying employees nothing, avoids program evaluations and spends close to zero in technical infrastructure can't possibly be the best social investment.

Are Nonprofits Ignoring Call For Female Leadership? | Posted 07.10.2013 | Impact

Debates about the female leadership gap are sweeping through the private sector. And yet, the glass ceiling remains unexamined in the not-for-profit s...