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Bear Hands And The Darlings Bring Edge To The Whitney

Amy Grimm   |   July 26, 2010   11:39 AM ET

On a very hot and humid Friday night, there were some sounds of feedback and guitars amongst all of the modern American art at the Whitney Museum on Manhattan's Upper East Side. Museum goers were more then likely scratching their heads to try and figure out why rock and roll was being played at this legendary and usually reserved Manhattan institution. The reason for rock at the Whitney is a new indie music series the museum has implemented with Keds called The Whitney Live.

Best Coast Brings Sun-Soaked Sounds to Sweltering Seaport (FREE MP3)

Ben Bromberg   |   July 26, 2010   10:22 AM ET

Last Friday, the South Street Seaport held another free concert as part of the River To River Festival, bringing free music to outdoor venues around the city every summer. Sadly, the weather wasn't so accommodating for concert-goers. High humidity and grey skies followed afternoon showers and left a sweaty, uncomfortable crowd shuffling impatiently in the sticky heat, waiting for openers Best Coast to hit them with a little California sunshine. As the band took the stage, frontwoman Bethany Cosantino shared her sympathy with the crowd, thanking them for putting up with the heat to see the show and adding, "We wouldn't have -- we wouldn't even come here to see Drake. And we really like him."

The Antlers Let The Audience In, Lending New Tone To Old Songs

Zara Golden   |   July 23, 2010   10:37 AM ET

Just three songs into Dinosaur Feathers' set last night on Pier 54, a generator blew, leaving the stage dark and quiet. Dinosaur Feathers came back onto the stage to play a few more muffled songs -- in good nature, but sans drum machine -- while staff continued to assure the audience that they were going to have things back up in time for the headliners, The Antlers. I imagine this change of plans left the River Rocks crews scrambling, but as the sun set over the Hudson, just behind the stage, it was hard to share in their anxiety. And harder yet to imagine Peter Silberman, the man behind The Antlers, and one of 2009's most heartbreaking (if not brutal) albums, Hospice, was sweating much either.

Jim Jones Revue Need All Show To Break Through At Mercury Lounge

Chase Hoffberger   |   July 23, 2010    9:47 AM ET

Blame Jerry Lee Lewis and Little Richard: because of them, the American public has instilled into its psyche a belief that all piano based boogie rock outfits should tote an ivory pounding singer. But that's just not how it's always gonna be. And in the Jim Jones Revue's case, there's no screamer more fit to handle the load that comes with fronting Britain's newest barnstormers than Jim Jones himself, a mop topped Englishman who can seemingly howl for days without emitting so much as a single cough.

Sign Up To Cover Concerts This Week: Flaming Lips, Sonic Youth, Chromeo, The Black Keys, The National

Zara Golden   |   July 22, 2010    4:08 PM ET

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The Flaming Lips
The beloved sci-fi rockers, legendary for their wild shows, are sure to find magic in Central Park, under the summer stars.

Who: The Flaming Lips
When: Monday, July 26, 7PM
Wanted: Writer, Photographer
Where: Central Park SummerStage
Central Park
New York, NY 10001
(212) 360-2777

Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros Disappoint And Then Delight The Crowds At Governors Island

Will Winner   |   July 22, 2010   12:12 PM ET

Hippies and hipsters of all shapes and sizes turned out last night to hear the happy music of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros at The Beach on Governor's Island. Though thunderstorms had threatened all day,the air was crisp and the skies clear by show time.

Cyndi Lauper Sings Sultry Blues At The Town Hall

Bradford Shellhammer   |   July 22, 2010   10:08 AM ET

Cyndi Lauper's sold out show at New York City's Town Hall in Times Square Wednesday night was a bittersweet performance. Playing her hometown, the Queens native, on tour supporting her new album, Memphis Blues, looked and sounded radiant. Her set list, however, was anything but. The singer-songwriter ran through ten blues covers before finally launching into recognizable material.

Rufus Wainwright Wows the Crowd in Brooklyn

Rebecca Harrington   |   July 21, 2010   10:50 AM ET

Last night, folk singer Loudon Wainwright III opened for his son, Rufus Wainwright, at the Prospect Park Bandshell. The awkwardness of this did not go unremarked upon. "I feel like he is my son," said Rufus at one point, gesturing to his father's outfit, which included cargo shorts. Loudon in his turn, reminded Rufus of the time when Rufus opened for him. Rufus rolled his eyes.

The Wainwright family is a rare one in American cultural life, a musical dynasty that has crossed genre and generation to give us, through art, a fractured portrait of their emotional inner-workings. The clan includes parents, folk singers Loudon Wainwright III and Kate McGarrigle, as well as children, pop musicians Rufus and Martha Wainwright. The family has often performed together and written songs about each other.

Konono No 1's DIY Spirit Fills Prospect Park And Le Poisson Rouge (VIDEO, SLIDESHOW)

Dustin Reid   |   July 21, 2010   10:03 AM ET

Hailing from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Konono No. 1's bright and distinctly tribal sounds seemed fit for a sunny day at Prospect Park. However, Konono's show the following night at the more intimate (le) Poisson Rouge was a much better fit.

Surfer Blood Belts Out Catchy Set At Siren Festival

Monica Klein   |   July 20, 2010   12:41 PM ET

In the upcoming weeks, CMJ darlings Surfer Blood will be playing in Australia, Japan, and Norway. For a band that formed one year ago, this is hardly a small feat. Nevertheless, as drummer Tyler Schwarz explained, "I feel like just a normal dude, with an extremely awesome opportunity, but definitely not famous. I didn't like, save something."

Whether or not Surfer Blood is "famous" is up for debate; nevertheless, the screaming crowds that came out to hear the band play at Siren's summer music festival on Saturday proved that they have amassed a devoted following.

Harlem Hardly Pleases At Siren Festival

Beatrice Rothbaum   |   July 20, 2010   10:27 AM ET

Harlem wasted no time after sauntering onto Siren's Stillwell Stage one minute before 5:30--they grabbed their instruments, belched out a few test-riffs, and plunged into their hit, "Friendly Ghost."

The song detonates with Michael Coomer's rolling drum pattern before Curtis O'Mara whines: "I live in a graveyard / I wanna go out but it's too hard," as the guitars take effect. It's infectiously catchy and head-boppy--a standard, fast-paced garage rocker. And although it's an unexplained tribute to Casper the Friendly Ghost, this song pretty much sums up everything you need to know about this band.

Ratatat And Air France Spin DJ Sets At P.S.1's Warm Up Series

Jennifer Arches   |   July 19, 2010    1:04 PM ET

Since its inception in 1997, MoMA P.S.1's Warm Up summer performance series has seen acts from "hip-hop to electronica to lounge/easy listening to punk-inflected bluegrass". On Saturday, July 17th, MoMA members, Long Island City residents, and a throng of everyone in between flocked to the Queens museum establishment to enjoy the summer heat with P.S.1's Greater New York exhibition and an outdoor Warm Up DJ performance montage from Justin Miller, ARP, Ratatat and Air France.

Matt & Kim Are Cute On Stage At Siren, As Always (SLIDESHOW)

Brian Walter and Jonah Sprung   |   July 19, 2010   12:40 PM ET

It takes us Jerseyans about two hours to get to Coney Island, the site of the annual Siren Music Festival. Saturday's journey gave us ample time to think about our relationship with Matt & Kim, this year's headliner. We had first seen Matt & Kim four years ago in a warehouse in Bushwick, where their simple keyboard and drum pop took just moments to turn a crowd of expressionless head-bobbers into a dance mob so excited that they had to be calmed down for fear of the floor breaking. They played with a sense of unbridled joy that neither of us had ever encountered. After that night, we chased them all over the city in search of that same high.

The Spirit Of Siren Remains Amidst Coney Island Changes (SLIDESHOW)

Roland Li   |   July 19, 2010   12:09 PM ET

Every summer during the last decade, the masses have trekked out to Coney Island for Siren Festival, battling the heat and crowds for a searing day of live music. Although the area is slowly descending into yet another commercialized sector -- as evidenced this year by the half-dozen "for sale" banners draped on buildings from developer and landlord Thor Equities -- the counter-culture spirit that infuses the festival still lingers.