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Obama Romney

Four Years Later

Brian Jencunas | Posted 11.14.2012 | College
Brian Jencunas

Romney has to include some narrative of positive change. Even if all Obama has to offer is scorched-earth attacks and minor successes, that small campaign will be enough to beat a candidate who stands for nothing.

Poll Shows Where Voters Stand On Obama/Romney Fistfight

The Huffington Post | Nick Wing | Posted 09.13.2012 | Politics

If the presidential election were literally a blood sport -- where candidates wailed on one another until a combatant conceded defeat -- President Bar...

The Election: Agonizing Choices

Jack Rothman | Posted 11.13.2012 | Politics
Jack Rothman

That said, this election is a different and frightening one that turns things upside down. I surely don't want to vote for the lesser of two evils. But I feel compelled to halt the greater of the two evils.

Mitt Romney, Bless His Heart

Jason Stanford | Posted 11.10.2012 | Politics
Jason Stanford

Barack Obama's convention speech stayed true to an important southern rhetorical tradition. Stay with me here. I'm about to teach you how to call someone a %#@&* in public and be polite at the same time. See, politics is fun!


John Hodgman | Posted 10.27.2012 | Politics
John Hodgman

I will reveal here that I am going to vote for Obama, and I hope he wins, and here is the reason: I LIKE WINNING.

Six Foreign Policy Questions That Electors Should Ask the Presidential Candidates

Georges Ugeux | Posted 10.27.2012 | Politics
Georges Ugeux

I know: foreign policy does not matter in a presidential election. But what about money? What if we realized that one-third of our indebtedness comes from war and other military expenses that escape the campaign? Does it not matter?

Technoshock Politics: How the Internet Shapes American Politics

Matthew Lynch, Ed.D. | Posted 10.23.2012 | Black Voices
Matthew Lynch, Ed.D.

In three fundamental areas, the Internet has changed the terms of the political debate: public records, public pressure, and public funding.

Obama and Romney Remain 'Neck and Neck' In Poll

Posted 08.22.2012 | Politics

The race between President Barack Obama and Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney "remains neck and neck," according to an AP-GfK poll release...

Obama Slamming Romney As Out-Of-Touch

AP | JIM KUHNHENN | Posted 10.21.2012 | Politics

COLUMBUS, Ohio — President Barack Obama says deep cuts in college aid that Mitt Romney is set to make would be the moral equivalent of telling y...

Ryan Plus One Week: No Bounce

Simon Jackman | Posted 10.20.2012 | Politics
Simon Jackman

The Obama-Romney margin at the national level, 1.3 percentage points as of today, is right at the edge of conventional levels of statistical significance; the probability that Obama leads Romney in national level voting intentions is about 80 percent.

Why Obama vs. Romney Is (And Will Be) So Vicious

Howard Fineman | Posted 10.16.2012 | Politics
Howard Fineman

Okay, I admit it: I was wrong. I was guilty of optimism. Also naiveté and ignorance. I predicted that the elevation of Paul Ryan would produce a more serious, substantive tone in the campaign.

Election Remains Focused On Superficial Issues After Paul Ryan Pick

The Huffington Post | Sam Stein | Posted 08.14.2012 | Politics

The election may have entered its "big-ideas" stage with the choice of Paul Ryan as Mitt Romney's vice presidential pick. But the early attacks levele...

Obama Reacts To Romney Vice Presidential Pick

AP | KEN THOMAS | Posted 10.11.2012 | Politics

CHICAGO — Democrats pounced on Mitt Romney's selection of Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan as his running mate Saturday, saying the pick showed a commit...

Random Thoughts About the Coming Conventions

William Laney | Posted 09.30.2012 | Politics
William Laney

The Democrats seem to have the best laid plans. Those plans could result in President Obama coming away from the Democratic convention with a lead in the polls sufficient to put added pressure on Mitt Romney in that critical first debate.

Sam Stein

Romney Was Once The Trendy Choice To Be Obama's Health Care Czar | Sam Stein | Posted 07.26.2012 | Politics

This all could have been avoided. In the early days of his administration, President Barack Obama faced a staffing crisis. The person he had tappe...

Romney Does It Again!: Calls Obama's Ideas "Foreign"

Ian Reifowitz | Posted 09.23.2012 | Politics
Ian Reifowitz

What's next? Will Mitt Romney start demanding Obama's extra-super long form birth certificate? The thing is, he doesn't have to

Romney Hammering Obama On Comment Taken Wildly Out Of Context

AP | PHILIP ELLIOTT | Posted 09.23.2012 | Politics

WASHINGTON — Mitt Romney says Barack Obama doesn't think entrepreneurs built their businesses. The problem is that's not what the president said...

'You Didn't Build That.'

Rick Horowitz | Posted 09.22.2012 | Politics
Rick Horowitz


Barack Obama Slips In New Hampshire

The Huffington Post | Adam Carlson | Posted 07.18.2012 | Politics

President Barack Obama holds a narrower lead over Republican challenger Mitt Romney in New Hampshire, according to a new poll. The WMUR Granite Sta...

'Crook County'? Romney Advisor Slams Obama's 'Chicago-Style' Politics

Posted 07.17.2012 | Chicago

Chicago's history doesn't exactly help dispel the city's reputation for crooked politics (see slideshow below), but a recent series of attacks on the ...

Is Mitt Romney a Supervillain?

Gavin Shulman | Posted 09.10.2012 | Comedy
Gavin Shulman

I don't want to over-simplify things, but sometimes simple is true. There's a reason Mitt Romney seems like a jerk. If the Italian leather shoe fits, he'll wear it. And buy an extra pair for his son Taggart.

WSJ: Romney 'Squandering An Historic Opportunity'

The Huffington Post | Sabrina Siddiqui | Posted 07.05.2012 | Politics

The Wall Street Journal's editorial board issued a serious warning to Mitt Romney on Wednesday night, blasting the presumptive Republican nominee and ...

Romney Campaign Officials Set Record Straight: 'Outsourcing Is Not Offshoring'

Steve McSwain | Posted 08.28.2012 | Politics
Steve McSwain

Politico reports that Romney is seeking a retraction from the Washington Post. Campaign officials were outraged recently over the Post's revelation that Bain Capital invested in firms that helped U.S. companies outsource American jobs to other countries.

Obama Wants My Donation: Tell Me What to Do

Phil Campbell | Posted 08.28.2012 | Politics
Phil Campbell

The question before us is plain: Why should I pick up the phone and give Barack Obama money this year?

For Progressives, There Is No Choice But to Vote for Obama

MJ Rosenberg | Posted 08.26.2012 | Politics
MJ Rosenberg

There is no excuse for any progressive to sit this election out. Even if Barack Obama was the second coming of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the dynamic would be the same.