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Office Gossip

How to Identify and Neutralize Gossip

Nesrin Everett | Posted 10.29.2015 | Business
Nesrin Everett

Gossip can be extremely negative, as it is rarely founded on the truth, it's intentions are seldom honorable and it has the potential to cause a great deal of harm.

Why We Love to Gossip

Dr. Peggy Drexler | Posted 01.15.2015 | Business
Dr. Peggy Drexler

Office gossip is alive, flowing freely and -- depending on your point of view -- either as natural as casual conversation or a pathogen infecting morale, productivity and even health. Adding to the darker view, gossip may be a special problem for women -- its most able practitioners and, perhaps, its most vulnerable targets.

The Sexist Truth About Office Romances

Dr. Peggy Drexler | Posted 10.09.2014 | Women
Dr. Peggy Drexler

Most researchers believe there are three primary motivating factors behind dating someone at work -- love, ego and job. Men do it for love. Women do it to get ahead. That's the outrageously biased way people judge office romances -- and another example of women getting a bum deal.

The Queen Bee's Deadliest Weapon: Gossip

Dr. Peggy Drexler | Posted 06.04.2013 | Women
Dr. Peggy Drexler

As more and more women in the workplace compete with each other for jobs, they're calling on gossip as a means to get ahead--or keep others down.

9 Sentences That Could Ruin Your Career

Posted 01.23.2013 | Small Business

By Steve Tobak, visit Inc. More people shoot themselves in the foot, get fired, or destroy promising careers by opening their big fat mouths than a...

Fifteen Percent Of Enron's Emails Contained This Non Work-Related Activity

The Huffington Post | Harry Bradford | Posted 06.06.2012 | Business

What could 600,000 emails from employees of the defunct Enron Corporation reveal besides some sketchy accounting practices? Well, a good amount of ...

Did You Hear That? Office Gossip May Be On The Decline

Posted 02.23.2012 | Business

Your co-workers have been gossiping less as of late, and that should have the old boss worried. Most workers -- 63 percent, in fact -- say that wat...

New Technologies Fuel Office Gossip

USA Today | Stephanie Armour | Posted 05.25.2011 | Business

Office gossip, though rarely talked about or researched, has taken on new dimensions in this high-tech age, becoming a dynamic force that can build ca...