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The Producer's Work: An Interview With Park Chan-wook

Marcin J. Sobczak | Posted 01.14.2015 | Home
Marcin J. Sobczak

The Producers' Work is an experiment created for the sole purposes of this blog. We want to take a closer look at the producers working in different areas of the art and entertainment industry.

16 Terrible Movies That Should Have Gotten Razzie Nominations

The Huffington Post | Matthew Jacobs | Posted 01.23.2014 | Home

After the announcement of Oscar nominations on Thursday, we can steel ourselves for an incessant stream of articles declaring which of the year's belo...

Oldboy and the South Korean New Wave Cinema: An Interview With Author Urban Waite

Court Haslett | Posted 02.13.2014 | Home
Court Haslett

One of the things I like about these movies is their unpredictability. In American films, there are certain characters that will never die, and certain lines that will never be crossed. That is not the case here.

Movie Review: Oldboy

Marshall Fine | Posted 02.01.2014 | Home
Marshall Fine

I've been a fan of Spike Lee -- if not of all of his movies -- for 25 years. And I've found that, more often than not, he's at his best when he's directing someone else's material -- or someone else's story. It's absolutely true of Oldboy.

Spike Lee's 'Oldboy' Flops

The Huffington Post | Christopher Rosen | Posted 12.02.2013 | Home

Spike Lee's "Oldboy" failed to find an audience over the long holiday weekend, earning just $1,250,000 in its first five days of release. For the thre...

Mike Ryan

'Sopranos' Star Won't See James Gandolfini's Last Lead Role | Mike Ryan | Posted 11.23.2013 | Home

The physical features on Michael Imperioli's face change when his former co-star James Gandolfini is brought up. There's certainly no sense that Imper...

Mike Ryan

Elizabeth Olsen's 'Avengers' Character Will Be Like Nothing You've Seen | Mike Ryan | Posted 11.15.2013 | Home

When Elizabeth Olsen burst on the scene in 2011, it still seemed at least a little bit reasonable to ask about her older sisters, Mary-Kate and Ashley...

Samuel L. Jackson Made Up With Spike Lee

Posted 09.25.2013 | Home

Samuel L. Jackson appeared in four movies for director Spike Lee between 1988 and 1991, but November's "Oldboy" marks the first time the duo have reun...

Creepy New Look At 'Oldboy'

Posted 08.13.2013 | Home

FilmDistrict is set to release Spike Lee's reinterpretation of "Oldboy" on Nov. 27, but for those fans who can't wait that long -- and who have alread...

'Oldboy' Gets Delayed

Posted 07.30.2013 | Home

Spike Lee's remake of Park Chan-wook's "Oldboy" has been delayed from its Oct. 25 release date to Nov. 27. That puts Lee's R-rated genre film out on t...

Cinefantastique's Here's What's Going On: Mega-Shark Wants to Eat You

Dan Persons | Posted 09.15.2013 | Home
Dan Persons

Prove your love and the producers of Sharknado will give you a walk-on role... Slipknot founder to direct immortal cop Officer Downe... Red band trailer for Oldboy...

Incredible First Look At 'Oldboy'

Posted 09.09.2013 | Home

The first trailer for Spike Lee's remake of "Oldboy" has arrived, and it's filled with enough wild imagery and homage to satiate any concerned fan of ...

Spike Lee Remakes A Classic

Posted 07.08.2013 | Home

Spike Lee's remake of "Oldboy" is already one of the fall's most anticipated features, and the new poster for the film will do nothing to dampen early...

Mike Ryan

Mia Wasikowska On The Lure Of Nashville's Honky-Tonks | Mike Ryan | Posted 03.06.2013 | Home

Mia Wasikowska gained international fame after playing the title character in Tim Burton's "Alice in Wonderland," a movie that grossed over $1 billion...

Interview With the Creators of Stoker

Erica Abeel | Posted 05.05.2013 | Home
Erica Abeel

Now with Stoker, maestro of mayhem Park has staked an outpost in English-language film. It's a deliciously unhinged exercise in stylish horror studded with a stellar cast including Nicole Kidman, Mia Wasikowska, and Matthew Goode.

Movie Review: Stoker

Marshall Fine | Posted 04.28.2013 | Home
Marshall Fine

Chan-wook Park's Stoker is audaciously, in-your-face creepy and exhilarating in a way few films have been since David Lynch's Blue Velvet. Because it's not just the creepiness -- but the way Park gets you involved in his world so that you can't look away.

Elizabeth Olsen 'Excited' For Controversial 'Oldboy' Remake

The Huffington Post | Christopher Rosen | Posted 09.11.2012 | Home

Spike Lee's "Oldboy" remake is hammering its way toward a 2013 release date. Earlier this month, the film was acquired by FilmDistrict for U.S. distri...

Spike Lee Remakes OldBoy - A Filmmaker's Perspective

CC Stinson | Posted 10.30.2012 | Home
CC Stinson

Spike Lee has signed on to take up the task of remaking the Korean film Oldboy. This film is beloved by many not for it's brutal depiction of vengeance, but for it's depth of human emotions betrayed through director's Park Chan-wook lens.

Elizabeth Olsen Latest Actress Rumored For 'Oldboy' Remake

Posted 04.30.2012 | Home

And you thought "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies" had trouble finding a leading actress. Spike Lee's "Oldboy" remake-cum-reinvention -- which previous...

Colin Firth Getting New Image?

Posted 01.11.2012 | Home

Colin Firth has worn many hats -- he's played Mr. Darcy (twice), a stuttering King of England and even a singing suitor in "Mamma Mia." But he's never...

Josh Brolin Will Have His Revenge

Posted 10.29.2011 | Home

Josh Brolin will once again be involved in a high stakes hunt. This time, he'll be on the other end of the chase. The actor, who was sought after b...

What Made Von Brunn Do It?

Gregg Hurwitz | Posted 05.25.2011 | Home
Gregg Hurwitz

While I don't believe that stories cause someone to commit violence, I do believe that as a creator, I have a responsibility not to provide a game plan for criminals shopping for information.

Vampire Gore Wins Jury Prize at Cannes: Park Chan-Wook's Thirst

Karin Badt | Posted 05.25.2011 | Home
Karin Badt

I surprised by the jury's decision, as the film has too limited a subtext to justify all the gore, especially after the first hour, when things get really bloody.