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The Dire State of Our Nation (What You Won't Hear From the Politicians)

John W. Whitehead | Posted 01.20.2015 | Politics
John W. Whitehead

Pay attention to what your local city councils are enacting. Pay attention to what your school officials are teaching and not teaching. Pay attention to whom your elected officials are allowing to wine and dine them.

What is America? A Republic? A Democracy? An Oligarchy? A Plutocracy? A Theocracy?

Gerry Myers | Posted 01.06.2015 | Politics
Gerry Myers

The Electoral College, gerrymandering, photo IDs and other voter suppression tactics are just some of the practices that keep America from being a democracy.

Brown v. Ferguson: Are We Better Off Separate Than Equal

Torri Stuckey | Posted 11.27.2014 | Black Voices
Torri Stuckey

In a strange twist of fate, two age-old Civil Rights cases collide in Ferguson, MO -- half a century later. Is it just coincidence? Or could there b...

Age Of Oligarchy: The Alliance Between Government And The One Percent

The Daily Beast | Joel Kotkin | Posted 06.28.2014 | Politics

When our current President was elected, many progressives saw the dawning of a new epoch, a more egalitarian and more just Age of Obama. Instead we ha...

Nine Reasons Our Foreign Policy Makes Us Look Like Complete Hypocrites

Carl Gibson | Posted 08.24.2014 | Politics
Carl Gibson

Before we start sending off troops to bring all the wonderful things we love about America to the rest of the world, maybe we should tend to our own affairs first. Let's take the log out of our own eye before we talk about the speck in the eye of other countries.

Fed Chair Not Sure Whether To Call U.S. An Oligarchy Or Democracy

The Huffington Post | Igor Bobic | Posted 05.09.2014 | Politics

Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen said Wednesday that she doesn't know whether the U.S. political system is a democracy or an oligarchy, as a recent ...

Oligarchy and Democracy in America

Jeffrey Winters | Posted 06.24.2014 | Politics
Jeffrey Winters

Oligarchy has always seemed far away to Americans. We readily invoke the term for Russian billionaires or robed senators in ancient Rome. But that is changing as we grapple with extreme economic and political inequality much closer to home.

Government = Protection Racket for the 1 Percent

Bill Moyers | Posted 06.22.2014 | Politics
Bill Moyers

And at state and local levels, while the poorest fifth of Americans pay an average tax rate of over 11 percent, the richest one percent of the country pay -- are you ready for this? -- half that rate.

What Oligarchy Means for Charities

Mark Rosenman | Posted 06.22.2014 | Politics
Mark Rosenman

The Supreme Court's recent campaign finance decisions mean that nonprofits must now confront growing democratic, as well as economic, inequality. The U.S. is moving in the direction of Russia where wealthy oligarchs rule in government as well as in the market.

Watch: What the 1 Percent Don't Want You to Know

Bill Moyers | Posted 06.21.2014 | Politics
Bill Moyers

A new book that's the talk of academia and the media shows that two-thirds of America's increase in income inequality over the past four decades is the result of steep raises given to the country's highest earners.

Watch: America's Mad Dash Toward Oligarchy

Bill Moyers | Posted 06.21.2014 | Politics
Bill Moyers

A new report shows that top CEOs were paid 331 times more than the average U.S. worker in 2013. At the same time, the poorest fifth of Americans paid an average tax rate of 11 percent while the richest one percent contributed half that rate at state and local levels.

U.S. Policies Favor The Wealthy, Interest Groups, Study Shows

The Huffington Post | Sara Bondioli | Posted 04.15.2014 | Politics

U.S. government policies reflect the desires of the wealthy and interest groups more than the average citizen, according to researchers at Princeton U...

The Freedom in Our Future

Victor Stenger | Posted 06.07.2014 | Politics
Victor Stenger

Since Poland was written in 1983, Michener couldn't have been thinking about today's America and its ruling oligarchy. But it sure sounded like that to me. Is this where we are headed as the oligarchs take over America?

Bernie Sanders: Citizens United Is Creating An 'Oligarchic Form Of Society'

The Huffington Post | Natasha Bach | Posted 03.27.2014 | Politics

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) spoke out against the rise of the wealthy in United States politics from the Senate floor Thursday, saying the rise of the...

Government of the Rich, by the Rich and for the Rich: It's Time for 'Militant Nonviolent Resistance'

John W. Whitehead | Posted 03.16.2014 | Politics
John W. Whitehead

We now live in a two-tiered system of governance. There are two sets of laws: one set for the government and its corporate allies, and another set for you and me.

Haiyan Tragedy Reveals Philippines' Hollow State: The Folly of Elite Democracy

Richard Javad Heydarian | Posted 01.25.2014 | World
Richard Javad Heydarian

A look at the systemic configuration of the Philippine political system allows you to appreciate the limits of human agency on a purely individual basis. The Haiyan tragedy was a wake-up call to the increasing unsustainability of the Philippine political economy.

What Do Bengazi, IRS, and Social Security Have in Common?

Susan Rhea | Posted 05.28.2013 | Politics
Susan Rhea

The Bengazi attack, the IRS Tea Party scandal, and fixing Social Security -- what do they have in common? Money. Or lack thereof. It takes money to ru...

The Age of Neo-feudalism: A Government of the Rich, by the Rich and for the Corporations

John W. Whitehead | Posted 03.30.2013 | Politics
John W. Whitehead

Members of Congress, entrusted to represent the best interests of the average American, instead play out a stilted, ineffective soap opera on our TV screens, complete with phony discussions of fiscal cliffs and debt ceilings which take the place of real proposals for meaningful change in the country.

BuyPartisan Consensus: ExxonMobil Donates $260,000 to Obama Inauguration

Steve Horn | Posted 03.23.2013 | Green
Steve Horn

Critics say it's more of the same out of an Obama Administration that in the first term had a cozy relationship with corporate patrons.

Career Day: A Lesson Seniors Will Never Forget

Judy Frankel | Posted 01.15.2013 | Education
Judy Frankel

"What is that sucking sound?" I asked a classroom of seniors at San Pedro High School in California. I had been invited to speak for their Career Day, Making a Difference In Our Youth. Upon the wall I showed a picture of a vacuum cleaner. A few giggles erupted through the room.

The Trouble with Oligarchy: Plato's Surprising Perspective

Marilyn Wedge, Ph.D. | Posted 11.21.2012 | Politics
Marilyn Wedge, Ph.D.

There is little doubt that the Republicans--and especially their leader--have become the party of oligarchy. Why more Americans do not seem to notice this fact seems to indicate their disengagement from politics and a misunderstanding about exactly what they are voting for.

Feast of Fools: How American Democracy Became the Property of a Commercial Oligarchy

Lewis Lapham | Posted 11.20.2012 | Politics
Lewis Lapham

It is the wisdom of the age -- shared by Democrat and Republican, by forlorn idealist and anxious realist -- that money rules the world, transcends the boundaries of sovereign states, serves as the light unto the nations, and waters the tree of liberty.

At DNC, Obama Should Propose: Close the "Romney Loopholes" and "Give America a Raise" by Increasing the Minimum Wage

Paul Abrams | Posted 11.05.2012 | Politics
Paul Abrams

President Obama should throw down the gauntlet by promising to veto any cuts in any domestic programs until the Romney loopholes are closed. Why should the rest of us pay for Romney's money vacationing in the Cayman Islands?

The Wealthiest Who Benefit Most From Government

Harlan Green | Posted 08.27.2012 | Politics
Harlan Green

Why not starve government, since the misinformation gang opposes almost any form of financial or environmental regulation, while neglecting aging infrastructure and falling behind other developed countries in education?

Money, Power and the Real 'Hunger Games'

Sanjay Sanghoee | Posted 09.27.2012 | Politics
Sanjay Sanghoee

Have you been to this country? A vast jumble of haphazard development comprised of forbidding industrial warehouses.