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Netzach: Eternity Calls Us Forward

Netzach: Eternity Calls Us Forward

05. 2.2012
What is it that calls us forward,/ To lift our eyes/ And see that everything is possible?

My Pool Heroes

Although for me swimming is a solitary experience, a meditation, the people I have met at the various pools over the years and whose names...

Beyond Chesed And Gevurah: Tiferet

We can think in black and white and know that it serves us well and yet still allow room for awareness that the prism of possibility is...

Back To The Beginning: From Egypt To Sinai

For proper introspection, there is only reflection. We must reflect on where we have been to know where we ought to journey toward.

The Bush Is Always Burning: A Poem For The Week Of Tiferet

Whose gaze am I willing to meet?/Certainly the azalea bushes,/Ablaze in yellow and red. Absolutely the cherry blossoms/But what about the...

Counting The Omer: A Mystical, Mathematical Poem

Turning potential into actual/Entering imagination within factual/Performing fixings in the spiritual/Attempting transformations in the...

Chanah: Compassion Within Compassion

Tiferet is the sefirah of the heart. Chanah speaks to God in her heart, telling God of her heart's desire to have a child.

To Our Daughter, On Her 8th Birthday

Noa Tiferet: You were born on the 17th day of the Omer, the third day of the third week, Tiferet she'b'Tiferet -- the day of beauty within...

The Omer: Counting Our Days

The tension of being physical creatures reflecting a Divine image, of living in the present while aspiring toward the future, provides...

Foundations Of Strength: A Poem For The 13th Day Of The Omer

Let's call each other into places/Where roots grow and life takes form/So each of us,/And all of us together/Can rise in love/And blossom...

Opening Our Lives To The Holy

This is our charge: to understand that no matter what work we do in our lives from teaching to working in a restaurant to being a garbage...

Marching Toward Freedom With The Omer

We often flow unaware from one moment on the calendar to the next. There are too many times where we fail to remember what we did last...

The Secret Of Inter-Inclusion: A Torah For All Of Sefirat HaOmer

Having told us that Isaac is Abraham's son, why does the verse go on to state that Abraham gave birth to Isaac? The Sages have taught us...

Why Count The Omer In Sadness?

This year, I will be counting the Omer and working to prepare myself for Shavuot. But I will harness, rather than abstain from, the joy...
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