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On the Road

The Weird (and Potentially Wonderful) at the Toronto Film Festival

Mark Juddery | Posted 11.03.2012 | Entertainment
Mark Juddery

The Toronto International Film Festival, the world's second largest film festival, starts this week. This is a festival with a long history of introducing films that go on to be major critical and box-office hits.

In Defense Of Flawed Literature

Danny Lanzetta | Posted 10.17.2012 | Books
Danny Lanzetta

Simply put, one doesn't read Kerouac for clever female characterizations (male either, for that matter) or his progressive views on women any more than one would read Jane Austen for thematic variety.

WATCH: New Trailer For 'On The Road'

The Huffington Post | Christopher Rosen | Posted 08.06.2012 | Entertainment

"The only people that interest me are the mad ones." After making a splash at the Cannes Film Festival in May, the first international trailer for ...

The Best Thing That Could Happen to Kristen Stewart

Marshall Fine | Posted 10.01.2012 | Entertainment
Marshall Fine

If, in fact, her personal life somehow hurts her standing with her young fans -- if the fans can no longer look up to her as a role model because she's a 22-year-old who got tired of one man and was tempted by another -- well, I'd say it's the best thing that could happen to her.

Route 6 Has Been Ignored And It's Jack Kerouac's Fault

Malerie Yolen-Cohen | Posted 09.18.2012 | Travel
Malerie Yolen-Cohen

"On the road-map was one long red line called Route 6 that led from the tip of Cape Cod clear to Ely, Nevada, and there dipped down to Los Angeles."

Ed Ruscha on Kerouac, Social Media and Pop Culture in the 1960s

Tara Solomon | Posted 08.18.2012 | Miami
Tara Solomon

There's no living artist cooler than Ed Ruscha, whose five-decade career as a pop icon is only intensifying. For "On The Road," Ruscha took his inspiration from Keroauc's seminal 1955 novel, which the artist first read at age 20.

The Jack Kerouac Tour of San Francisco

Paul Iorio | Posted 08.13.2012 | San Francisco
Paul Iorio

With the feature film adaptation of Jack Kerouac's On the Road on its way to U.S. theaters, it's the perfect time to make a pilgrimage to the Beat epicenter of San Francisco to see some Kerouac landmarks.

From Beatnik to Tweetnik: Brazilian Filmster Gins Up Kerouac's Fifities Favela

Eric Ehrmann | Posted 07.31.2012 | Home
Eric Ehrmann

On The Road, the Kerouac movie property that languished under the control of Hollywood legend Francis Ford Coppola for three decades finally broke out of development hell and laid an egg in Cannes.

Adventures of a Lady in Rock: I Don't Wanna, I Don't Think So...

Anya Marina | Posted 07.25.2012 | Women
Anya Marina

I said when I started this column that I'd be checking out some of the various theories that floated up to explain the fact that my fellow she-performers and I just don't get the action that our male peers do while on the road. "Guitar as Cockblock" was my favorite.

PHOTOS: Have We Had Enough With The High Slits?

Posted 05.23.2012 | Style

Have you had your serving of high slit dress today? Did you fulfill your daily quota of upper thigh? Because lately, on the red carpet, that's all ...

PHOTOS: Have We Had Enough With The High Slits?

Posted 10.11.2012 | Style

Have you had your serving of high slit dress today? Did you fulfill your daily quota of upper thigh? Because lately, on the red carpet, that's all ...

On the Road - Delivers!

Jerry Cimino | Posted 07.23.2012 | Entertainment
Jerry Cimino

In life, some things are worth waiting for. Case in point: the film adaptation of Jack Kerouac's seminal novel, On the Road. Purists will be elated, as the film honors Jack Kerouac and is true to his book.

Kristen Stewart Gets Sexual In 'On The Road'

The Huffington Post | Kia Makarechi | Posted 05.23.2012 | Entertainment

Jack Kerouac's "On the Road" finally made its big-screen debut Wednesday at Cannes, and Kristen Stewart apparently left quite the impression on the au...

Kerouac at the Cinema

Bernard-Henri Lévy | Posted 07.23.2012 | Home
Bernard-Henri Lévy

I can see myself, talking about one of those books of life, a source of sustenance for young people refusing the inevitability of an timid existence, one somehow cracked or just rocked softly into precocious old age, a book like a bible, a treatise on savoir-vivre for the use of future generations, Jack Kerouac's On the Road.

WATCH: The Great American Food (Road) Trip

Daniel Klein | Posted 07.22.2012 | Home
Daniel Klein

We heard stories of Americans from generations past and others just off the boat. We were inspired and sadened by what we saw, heard and experienced.

Kerouac Was a Comfort-Food Freak

Anneli Rufus | Posted 06.05.2012 | Home
Anneli Rufus

On the Road's food passages are fraught with longing and with Kerouac's knack for making the ordinary holy. Comfort food sustained him as he headed west.

Ed Ruscha + Jack Kerouac = Poetic Wandering

Posted 03.22.2012 | Arts

Ed Ruscha's paintings look simple, which is what makes their complexity so confounding. Like a short poem, you can enjoy a Ruscha work in a matter of ...

'On The Road' Trailer Released (VIDEO)

Posted 05.10.2012 | Entertainment

The cinematic adaptation of Jack Kerouac's "On the Road" has a long, storied history. (Kerouac himself once asked Marlon Brando to buy the rights and ...

'On the Road' Movie Trailer Promises an Adaptation Worthy of Kerouac

Jerry Cimino | Posted 05.09.2012 | San Francisco
Jerry Cimino

The movie trailer for Walter Salles' film adaptation of Jack Kerouac's seminal novel On The Road has just been released. It portends an extremely satisfying movie experience that literary fans have been anxiously awaiting for.

Katy Perry: 'Firework' Inspired by Jack Kerouac's 'On the Road'

Jerry Cimino | Posted 04.22.2012 | San Francisco
Jerry Cimino

It sounds like On the Road made a pretty big impression on Katy Perry. It turns out her big hit, "Firework," was inspired by probably the single most famous line Kerouac ever wrote.

Hedlund To Make Sweet Music Greenwich Village

Posted 01.10.2012 | Entertainment

He's tackling counter-culture all over the U.S.! According to Showblitz, "Country Strong" star Garrett Hedlund is in negotiations to join Justin T...

WOW: Jack Kerouac's Amazing Letter To Marlon Brando

Posted 03.07.2012 | Entertainment

Two legendary rebels of the 1950s, one legendary opportunity missed. Jack Kerouac famously became a recluse, but it turns out he had movie star am...

10 Famous Book Characters and Their Real-Life Inspirations

Posted 11.15.2011 | Books

From Flavorwire We all know truth is stranger than fiction, and some things (and people) are just too good to have been made up. We’ve already sh...

Ken Kesey Rides Again In Magic Trip

Cynthia Ellis | Posted 10.06.2011 | Entertainment
Cynthia Ellis

Directors Alex Gibney and Allison Ellwood have resurrected, cinematically, the pivotal moment when our country went from Mad Men to HAIR.

HuffPost Review: Magic Trip

Marshall Fine | Posted 10.04.2011 | Entertainment
Marshall Fine

You don't have to be a Deadhead or a Ken Kesey-phile to find the fun and the wistfulness in Magic Trip, Alex Gibney and Alison Ellwood's reconstruction of the famous cross-country bus trip by Ken Kesey and his Merry Pranksters.