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One State Solution

Trump Is Right On Palestine: A Two-State Solution Is No Longer Viable

Graham E. Fuller | Posted 02.22.2017 | World
Graham E. Fuller

Just because Trump said it doesn’t mean it has to be wrong. During Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s recent visit to Washington, U.S. Pr...

Bibi and I Discuss the One-State Solution

David Moshman | Posted 05.25.2015 | World
David Moshman

No one is proposing anarchy -- the no-state solution. Mathematically, that leaves us with the one-state solution. More precisely, it leaves us with many possible one-state solutions, and plenty to discuss.

Israel Palestine: A Constitutional Democracy

David Moshman | Posted 05.06.2015 | World
David Moshman

The only possible solution to the problem of Israel and Palestine, it is generally assumed, is to recognize the two peoples and divide the land between them. The only question, it appears, is where to draw the line and what happens to people who end up on the wrong side.

Peace in the Middle East: A 7-Point Plan for Jon Voight

Sara El-Yafi | Posted 11.08.2014 | Politics
Sara El-Yafi

There is no ethnicity to suffering. The more we delay this understanding, the more we delay peacemaking and democratic state building. No one wins.

Why Israel and Palestine Should Get Rid of Their Borders and Become Two Overlapping States

Mathias Mossberg | Posted 12.19.2014 | World
Mathias Mossberg

We propose both sides share the land -- all of it -- as two "parallel" states.

Israel-Palestine: The One State Solution Is a Fantasy

MJ Rosenberg | Posted 03.30.2013 | World
MJ Rosenberg

The United States should insist on negotiations toward a two-state solution now and that means applying pressure on Israel and the Palestinians to start talking.

Requiem to the Two State Solution of the Israel-Palestine Conflict

Carlo Strenger | Posted 11.04.2012 | World
Carlo Strenger

It may well be that the Israel-Palestine conflict is but a reflection of the Middle East's inherent instability. Unfortunately this means that the area's fate, and that includes Israel's, will be determined by blind historical forces rather than by foresight and planning.

There Are Many Ways to Be "Pro-Israel" -- Supporting a Nightmarish One-State Scenario Is Not One of Them

Jeremy Ben-Ami | Posted 09.11.2012 | World
Jeremy Ben-Ami

The majority of American Jews understand what Allen West and Joe Walsh fail to see: Building a viable Palestinian state alongside a secure Israel is the only way to secure Israel's future as a Jewish homeland and a democracy.

Ten Questions + One for the One-Staters

Ziad J. Asali, M.D. | Posted 08.29.2012 | World
Ziad J. Asali, M.D.

To take the one-state option seriously, due diligence regarding its feasibility is required. This simply means asking how it can be achieved through the following questions.

A One-State Solution for Israel and Palestine

George Bisharat | Posted 06.10.2012 | World
George Bisharat

Would not a truly democratic state joining Jews and Palestinians become the "light unto nations" that Israel was always meant to be?

Peter Beinart Is Right, but for the Wrong Reasons

Abraham H. Foxman | Posted 05.20.2012 | World
Abraham H. Foxman

The implications of this conundrum -- desire for a Jewish state and a demographic challenge to that concept -- are evident and unpalatable: either the Palestinian residents would be denied equal rights or there would be a process of finding a way to get Palestinians to leave the state.

The Two-State-Solution is Dead, One-State is the Answer

Nehad Ismail | Posted 04.24.2012 | World
Nehad Ismail

Former Knesset Speaker Avrum Burg endorsed the one-state solution in an article in Haaretz in December 2011, and called the entire left to do the same. Burg has flirted with the idea in the past, but he was never so explicitly.

Harvard, Santorum and the One-State Solution

Marty Kaplan | Posted 04.28.2012 | Politics
Marty Kaplan

I don't doubt that some of those advocating a one-state solution sincerely believe that it's the last best hope for security and dignity for both peoples. I also don't doubt that others advocating it have latched on to the concept as cover for their antipathy toward Zionism.

2011, the Year the Two-State Solution Died

Carlo Strenger | Posted 02.29.2012 | World
Carlo Strenger

Although the two-state solution was far from perfect, at least it gave answers to these basic questions of governance and civic rights. But Israel's citizens and its government have decided. It will not be.

Israel: The One-State Solution Should be Taken Off the Table

Ami Kaufman | Posted 05.25.2011 | World
Ami Kaufman

"Right there, beyond those trees, is the Green Line," our tour guide said, as he pointed to a valley on our right. I was a junior-high student in Haif...

A One-State Solution?

Sara Reef | Posted 05.25.2011 | Religion
Sara Reef

Opponents of a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict have failed to offer any alternative proposals.

Gray Matters Remembers -- The Captain of "Exodus"

Saul Friedman | Posted 05.25.2011 | World
Saul Friedman

When the Israelis attacked the Turkish ship with relief supplies, it brought to mind my encounter in 1978 with one of the legendary heroes in the founding of Israel -- a man I knew as Captain Ike Aranne.

Religion Gone Global: An Interview With Reza Aslan | Nathan Schneider | Posted 05.25.2011 | Religion

How many scholars of religions also run a film company? And how many members of the Council on Foreign Relations can claim an MFA in fiction from the ...

Is the Two-State Solution Dead?

Mya Guarnieri | Posted 05.25.2011 | World
Mya Guarnieri

To continue to advocate for a two-state solution, Dr. Gordon explains, is to support Netanyahu and his map for an unacknowledged, de facto single state that oppresses Palestinian residents.

Re-Energizing The Two-State Solution To Israeli-Palestinian Peace

Ray Hanania | Posted 05.25.2011 | World
Ray Hanania

Yes, I'm running for President of Palestine in the next election. No, I don't expect to win. My goal is to get the real leaders to do their jobs and stop putzing around.

The 'One-state Solution' Only Stokes Palestinians Self-Delusion

Rabbi Abraham Cooper | Posted 05.25.2011 | World
Rabbi Abraham Cooper

Until the Palestinians eager to bury the Jewish state finally recognize the legitimate national aspirations of 5.7 million Jews, there may not be peace. But there will always be an Israel.

"It's The Occupation Stupid"

Daoud Kuttab | Posted 05.25.2011 | World
Daoud Kuttab

Instead of pleading with the Israelis to accept the two-state solution, the US should simply ask the Israelis to end their military control of Arab lands occupied in June 1967.

Hertz's One State Solution: Netanyahu's Rent-a-Car Ally

Michael Shtender-Auerbach | Posted 05.25.2011 | World
Michael Shtender-Auerbach

With Hertz operating in every major Middle Eastern country, one would think Hertz would recognize how utterly offensive its map is and immediately repeal its use.