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Online Personality Tests

Unconventional Personality Test -- When Your Greatest Strength Becomes Your Greatest Weakness

Kent Julian | Posted 10.19.2016 | Healthy Living
Kent Julian

Have you ever allowed a personality strength to become a weakness? What did you learn? Are their any insights you want to add to our unconventional personality test?

They Say The Secret To Your Personality Is The Length Of This Finger. Mine's Eerily True!

LittleThings | Posted 07.20.2016 | Science

It seems like every time I turn around, science announces some bizarre, and often unpleasant, discovery. But for the first time in a long while, science has brought forth findings that are not only pleasant, they're downright fun.

Scientists Say Your Eye Color Reveals Information About Your Personality. Mine Was So True!

LittleThings | Posted 06.04.2016 | Science

By Todd Briscoe, editor at We have all heard the clichéd expression that "eyes are the window to the soul," but now it appears that...

This 'Which A**hole From History Are You?' Online Quiz Isn't as Much Fun as the Others

James Napoli | Posted 05.24.2014 | Comedy
James Napoli

I was only kidding myself. I mean, what did I expect my innocent answers to the survey questions would yield?

5 Ways To Think About Personality Types

Delia Lloyd | Posted 04.25.2012 | Healthy Living
Delia Lloyd

If you pay someone to advise you on changing careers these days, the very first thing they'll likely do is administer a personality test to see what career paths you're suited to. So, how should we think about personality types?

5 Online Tests Actually Worth Your Time

The Huffington Post | Posted 08.23.2011 | Healthy Living

Wasting time on the Internet doesn't have to just mean Facebook and YouTube videos. This compilation of smart, accurate and perceptive online tests wi...