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Online Voter Registration

Online Registration Could Bring More Latinos to the Voting Booth

Pedro A. Cortés | Posted 10.27.2016 | Latino Voices
Pedro A. Cortés

With next year's presidential campaign underway, we must keep in mind that the person elected as our national leader will have an important role in matters of immigration, health, education, jobs and other issues vital to Latinos.

Americans Should Push Back Against Voter Suppression Laws

Greg Speed | Posted 08.05.2016 | Politics
Greg Speed

But while election modernization has helped break down barriers, it won't fix the gap in protections for minority voters. We can't have a truly modern voting system if our voting rights laws lack the power to stop states from enacting 21st Century equivalents of poll taxes the VRA was intended to prevent.

Samantha Lachman

Chris Christie Looks Likely To Veto New Jersey Voting Reforms | Samantha Lachman | Posted 07.09.2015 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) appears likely to veto a package of election reforms aimed at improving the state's sparse voter turn...

Samantha Lachman

Attempts To Limit Voting Rights Stunted As Efforts To Enhance Voting Access Prevail | Samantha Lachman | Posted 06.03.2015 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- A number of state legislatures are adjourning, and supporters of expanded access to the ballot box may be sighing in relief as they see ...

It Might Get Easier For Florida Residents To Vote. Here's Why.

The Huffington Post | Paige Lavender | Posted 05.15.2015 | Politics

Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) signed a bill into law Friday authorizing online voter registration in the Sunshine State. In a letter addressed to Flo...

Paige Lavender

More States Are Authorizing Online Voter Registration. Here's Why That's Great News. | Paige Lavender | Posted 05.13.2015 | Politics

Setting up online voter registration could lead to an easier, more accurate and more satisfying experience for voters at little cost, according to a b...

Samantha Lachman

These States Are Actually Considering Ways To Make Voting More Convenient | Samantha Lachman | Posted 01.27.2015 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- November's midterm election meant grappling with new voter identification requirements, cutbacks to early voting and the elimination of ...

2014's Voting Changes Are Reason for 2015 Reform

Robert M. Brandon | Posted 03.09.2015 | Politics
Robert M. Brandon

Rather than playing partisan politics with the ballot box, state legislators and local elected officials should seek to improve the electoral process and access to the ballot in 2015. After all, politicians should not be choosing their voters; voters should be choosing their politicians.

Online Voter Registration in Minnesota: What a Difference a Day Makes

Jon Sherman | Posted 06.30.2014 | Politics
Jon Sherman

That's right -- online voter registration is so convenient and cost-effective that it took a whole day for Minnesota lawmakers and the governor to decide that voters shouldn't be deprived of it for even a second. And so it continued uninterrupted. What lessons can we learn from Minnesota's experience?

Online Voter Registration: Improving Access to Voting

Elisabeth MacNamara | Posted 04.22.2014 | Politics
Elisabeth MacNamara

Secure online voter registration is a crucial, common sense step in modernizing our nation's voting system, and we're committed to making sure it is available to all eligible voters.

Voting Rights Should Be More Than a 'Dream'

David Orr | Posted 10.28.2013 | Chicago
David Orr

By requiring photo IDs in the polling place or proof of citizenship when registering, states are imposing unnecessary burdens to deliberately exclude citizens from the election process.

Where is Quinn's amendatory veto pen when we need it?

Matthew Dietrich | Posted 10.01.2013 | Chicago
Matthew Dietrich

VETO PEN Three weeks ago Gov. Pat Quinn used his amendatory veto power to eliminate funding for lawmaker salaries after they failed to meet his July 9...

Where was Quinn's veto pen when we needed it?

Matthew Dietrich | Posted 10.01.2013 | Chicago
Matthew Dietrich

Reboot Illinois is all about reform in Illinois government and nothing is better for improving government than a large and active electorate. So the ...

Who Registers to Vote Online?

Michael P. McDonald | Posted 06.29.2013 | Politics
Michael P. McDonald

Who uses online voter registration? Which party may benefit? Data provided by the Maryland State Board of Elections illuminates patterns of online voter registration use.

Does This Trend Mean Doom For The GOP?

Aaron Sankin | Posted 04.23.2013 | San Francisco

California Democrats did something the party hasn't managed to accomplish since 1883 this last November--gaining a supermajority in both houses of the...

Why Young Voters Stay Home

The Huffington Post | Tyler Kingkade | Posted 02.23.2013 | Politics

States should implement online voter registration and Congress should force states with voter ID laws to accept college identification cards at the po...

Missed Opportunities: Virginia General Assembly Should Have Focused on Improving Virginia Elections

Robert M. Brandon | Posted 04.15.2013 | Politics
Robert M. Brandon

The 2012 presidential election taught us that while Virginia has yet to face pervasive "Florida-like" havoc, its elections could use a makeover. Here are five changes the General Assembly could have embraced to ensure open, fair and more efficient elections in 2013.

SO EASY: Register To Vote Online!

The Huffington Post | Kathleen Miles | Posted 09.19.2012 | Los Angeles

While some states are making voting more difficult with voter ID laws, California has just made voting easier than ever. With only about a month un...

Voter ID Takes A Toll On Pennsylvania Voting

The Huffington Post | Nick Wing | Posted 08.17.2012 | Politics

Within hours of a judge passing down a decision upholding Pennsylvania's strict new voter ID law, the state announced that it was scrapping two voter ...

Online Colorado Voter Registration Attracts Predominantly Male Republicans

The Denver Post | Burt Hubbard | Posted 05.25.2011 | Denver

The initial batch of voters registering online in Colorado are decidedly male and Republican. In the first three months of the system's debut, almo...

Student and Youth Voters Face Higher Hurdles Than Others to Register and Vote in 2010

Brian J. Siebel | Posted 05.25.2011 | College
Brian J. Siebel

Students and other millennials are an important and growing portion of the electorate. They will be 20% of the voting age population in 2010, up from...

How the World Votes

David Orr | Posted 05.25.2011 | Chicago
David Orr

As Americans, we are proud of the strides we have made over time to extend the voting franchise to all citizens, however halting these steps may have been.