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Overcome Adversity

7 Ways to Deal With Overwhelm in Your Company

David Finkel | Posted 11.13.2014 | Business
David Finkel

According to a recent survey we conducted of 500 business owners, over 70 percent reported feeling "overwhelmed" running their companies. They felt pulled in too many directions, like they were wearing too many hats, with no time to take a breath and regroup. Here are seven concrete tactics to deal with overwhelm in your company.

When Life Feels Grueling, Find the Grace

Nancy Sharp | Posted 10.31.2014 | Healthy Living
Nancy Sharp

If we're lucky, we're thrown one curveball at a time. But that's seldom the case, and in fact, sometimes in our despair over one unlucky turn, we wind up creating others. Like an unstoppable chain reaction.

How To Achieve Personal Greatness In The Face Of Adversity

The Huffington Post | Alena Hall | Posted 05.20.2014 | Healthy Living

Sometimes, it's the obstacIes in our lives that give us the opportunity to discover our true selves, our real values, and how resilient we can be in t...

12 Not So Obvious Things to be Thankful for This Thanksgiving

Bob Miglani | Posted 01.27.2014 | Healthy Living
Bob Miglani

As we look back at a year where clouds of uncertainty seem to hover always above, there might just be a tiny line of silver that we haven't noticed. Here are 12 not so obvious things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

'I'm Never Pain-Free But I Don't Allow My Circumstances to Stop Me': Interview With Candida Sullivan

Harriet Cabelly | Posted 09.08.2013 | Impact
Harriet Cabelly

How does someone go through life being constantly stared at? Candida Sullivan is a pro at managing and living her life in a manner that elevates her and others beyond her external deformities.

How Unplugging Can Help You Climb Your Emotional Mountains

Michelle Renee | Posted 01.01.2013 | Healthy Living
Michelle Renee

Climbing a mountain physically is not that much different than climbing emotional mountains or overcoming obstacles in our life that come in all shapes and sizes. If we are listening to someone else's music, how can we hear the beat of our own heart, our own drum, our own feet carrying us forward?

The Longest Journey Begins With A Single Misstep

Ben Patrick Johnson | Posted 05.13.2012 | Healthy Living
Ben Patrick Johnson

What is the longest journey? To me, it is the one from here to enlightenment, to spiritual transformation. And without a costly misstep, or suffering, that journey can never even begin.

Stories Of Resilience From Around The News (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

The Huffington Post | Posted 11.17.2011 | Healthy Living

Hearing real-life tales of resilience is not only inspiring, it can help us gain perspective as we face our own obstacles and challenges in life. H...

This Week in the News: People Who Have Overcome Adversity

The Huffington Post | Posted 11.17.2011 | Healthy Living

We all face obstacles, challenges and tragedies, and some people are able to overcome adversity in extraordinary ways. Here are some stories from arou...