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Are Most Women Always Running On Empty?

Jennifer Benjamin | Posted 12.02.2014 | Parents
Jennifer Benjamin

I think that most women are often running on empty, at least to some degree. Overwhelmed. Stretched thin. They feel like they're being pulled in a million different directions.

Just Say No to the PTA -- An Open Letter to Myself

Anna Sandler | Posted 11.05.2013 | Parents
Anna Sandler

The kids go back to school next week, and let's face it, that means you do, too. But it doesn't have to mean that. It could mean freedom and relaxation this year instead of endless PTA projects and class mom responsibilities that never seem to end. Self, let's do things differently this year.

Battling the Alpha Mom Syndrome

Beth Rosen | Posted 11.03.2013 | Parents
Beth Rosen

I always seem to say "yes" when asked to help. I am one of many women that suffer from a disturbing illness that I like to call the Alpha Mom Syndrome.

The Year of the No: One Woman's Journey to the Dark Side of Yes

Sue Fliess | Posted 09.11.2013 | Parents
Sue Fliess

In my quest to be Every Woman, I'd lost sight of the very people I was killing myself to do it all for. Somewhere along the way, I'd stopped noticing my 8-year-old's copious kisses before school and how my older boy has my dad's soulful eyes.

Saying Yes to No

Jody Gastfriend | Posted 07.03.2012 | Fifty
Jody Gastfriend

As many of my generation of caretaking, overextended, multi-tasking women can attest to, saying yes is easy; saying no can be tough.

The Overextended Toddler

Rhiana Maidenberg | Posted 03.24.2012 | Parents
Rhiana Maidenberg

Is the primary job of a parent to give our kids every possible opportunity to prove themselves tiny geniuses (the American model), or is it our job to make them self-sufficient and confident citizens (the more European model)? I'm not sure that we can do both at the same time.

13 Signs You're Too Busy

M. Lin | Posted 10.24.2014 | Women
M. Lin

Here are 13 signs that you might need a time overhaul in your life -- and easy tips on how to get started, today.

Overscheduled and Overextended? How to Stop

Stephanie Sarkis, Ph.D. | Posted 10.24.2011 | Healthy Living
Stephanie Sarkis, Ph.D.

Put your phone down for the day. Take a walk. See where the day takes you. Take a "mental health day." Learn the word "no", and use it. Say "no" to technology for just a day.