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Panic Attacks

When Anxiety Attacks

Lisa R. Petty | Posted 01.25.2016 | Women
Lisa R. Petty

If you have never had a panic attack, I'm jealous of you. It is the most scared you will ever be without actually dying. Here is how a panic attack generally works.

What It's Like to Be a Mother With Anxiety

Laurie Hollman, Ph.D. | Posted 01.19.2016 | Parents
Laurie Hollman, Ph.D.

They all finally flew out the door on time. When I could hear the bus roll up the street, I felt some relief. They would be gone soon. I proceeded ca...

Calming Your Mind in the Age of TERROR

Debra Kissen | Posted 12.17.2015 | HuffPost Home
Debra Kissen

The human brain was not built to receive and process the ever-present, nonstop safety threats that we are constantly bombarded with. Our hard working ...

Anxiety: Dying to Live

Richard Lucas | Posted 12.04.2015 | Healthy Living
Richard Lucas

It was a Saturday afternoon and I was doing what you do on the weekend, basically nothing. Scrolling through endless independent movies on Netflix, lo...

4 Techniques for Dealing With Panic Attacks

Richelle DeVoe | Posted 11.18.2015 | Healthy Living
Richelle DeVoe

The techniques below are not easy. They are not a passive way of overcoming panic like "just breathe." These steps require work. But it's work that will pay off. (At least it did for me.)

Sarah Silverman Perfectly Sums Up What Panic Attacks Feel Like

The Huffington Post | Lindsay Holmes | Posted 10.13.2015 | Healthy Living

Sarah Silverman has some choice advice for people who nonchalantly say they're "having a panic attack" when something goes wrong: Don't. The actr...

When Anxiety Came to Visit...

Jamie Scanlon | Posted 09.30.2015 | Healthy Living
Jamie Scanlon

Whilst this was over 12 months ago now, it is still as vivid as ever. This story still has so much relevance to the goings on in my life currently; lo...

Anxiety Attack: Life Changed for Me in 25 Mintues

Doug A. Sandler | Posted 09.14.2015 | Healthy Living
Doug A. Sandler

The day started off as my day normally does, around 6:30 a.m. or so. I had no idea what was in store for me, although based upon my schedule it was a ...

How to Quell Intense Anxiety and Panic

Susan Anderson | Posted 07.15.2015 | Healthy Living
Susan Anderson

The part of you that is usually reasonable and self-reassuring has been momentarily knocked out of commission. You feel out of control, helpless, demoralized by the emotional excesses running rampant within you, at loss for your usual coping mechanisms. Regardless of what causes the emotional hijack, how to quell it?

ICYMI: The Perils Of A Bad Mug Shot And Why STD-Testing Condoms Might Not Be That Awesome

The Huffington Post | Erin Schumaker | Posted 06.30.2015 | Healthy Living

ICYMI Health features what we're reading this week. This week, first-person essays by individuals affected by stigmatized diseases and disorders c...

'Anxiety Is Real. This Is Real.'

The Huffington Post | Dominique Mosbergen | Posted 06.17.2015 | Healthy Living

As he was coming down from a debilitating panic attack, Casey Throwaway turned on his camera and started filming himself. “I wanted to make this ...

5 Reasons Why Facebook Can Be Dangerous for People With Depression

Lorne Jaffe | Posted 05.18.2015 | Healthy Living
Lorne Jaffe

Last week I fell into panic mode. It started with intense chest pains each time I logged onto Facebook to check the groups I belong to as well as scro...

Why I Chose Anti-Anxiety Medication

Elli Thompson Purtell | Posted 05.07.2015 | Healthy Living
Elli Thompson Purtell

Anxiety can make you a prisoner to your own mind. It exhaustively beats your spirit to a pulp. It doesn't go away no matter what you try and how badly you want to change. When decided upon thoughtfully and responsibly, medication can be a lifesaver.

The Tyranny of Panic Attacks: Healthy Tips for Coping

John Tsilimparis | Posted 06.20.2015 | Healthy Living
John Tsilimparis

About 6 million American adults experience a panic attack every year. Panic attacks are bi-products of anxiety that occur regularly or intermittently....

Bridges, Planes and Panic Attacks: Getting Over Fear

James E. Porter | Posted 06.17.2015 | Healthy Living
James E. Porter

That's when I realized that I could proactively ALTER my reaction to that bridge by controlling how I felt when I ARRIVED. I just had to arrive at a zero or a one and I would barely even feel it, no matter what direction I traveled in. I began to wonder if I could do the same thing with my fear of flying.

What Anxiety Is Like Day to Day

Janelle Ann McCarthy | Posted 06.13.2015 | Healthy Living
Janelle Ann McCarthy

It's not something that I can control or just change whenever I want to. If I could just choose not to be anxious, I would. Since I can't, I've had to find ways to cope with it. I've found that meditation is the biggest help in calming my anxiety.

The Journey From Anxiety to Gratitude

Dr. Colleen Georges | Posted 06.08.2015 | Healthy Living
Dr. Colleen Georges

When all you see is what you don't have, trying to see what you do have is not easy.

Prematurity and the Bravest Thing I Didn't Do

Kayla Aimee | Posted 05.27.2015 | Parents
Kayla Aimee

I was wretched and retching and people said, "Maybe you have strep throat, too," but I didn't have strep throat. I had the kind of fear that reaches into your insides and empties you out and makes you certain that you can not step one foot away from your child, much less walk on to a plane.

How A Man Named Chesley Can Help Your Child Manage Anxiety

Renee Jain | Posted 04.22.2015 | Parents
Renee Jain

When children are in the throes of anxiety, even if they've acquired tools to manage their worry, sometimes it's hard to remember the steps to take to feel better.

7 Quick Steps to Follow When a Panic Attack Strikes

Stan Popovich | Posted 04.22.2015 | Healthy Living
Stan Popovich

A person can experience a panic attack when they least expect it. This can cause a great deal of fear and anxiety for the person. Many people do not know what they should do when dealing with a panic attack.

Making Stress Your Friend: It's All in Your Mindset

Paula Davis-Laack | Posted 04.08.2015 | Healthy Living
Paula Davis-Laack

While it's no secret that sustained levels of stress are not good for your health, there is more to the stress story than "stress is bad." As it turns out, how you perceive stress is just as important as the amount of stress you're experiencing.

Lindsay Holmes

9 Panic Attack Myths We Need To Stop Believing | Lindsay Holmes | Posted 01.29.2015 | Healthy Living

Imagine that you're walking down the street, when out of the corner of your eye you spot a semi-truck barreling toward you at an astronomical speed. Y...

5 Things You Should Never Say To An Anxious Child

Renee Jain | Posted 03.23.2015 | Parents
Renee Jain

Anxiety is a word that I use now, based on personal and professional hindsight. Back then, as far as my parents and I were concerned, I was simply prone to a bit of extra worry. None of us understood that my fearful thoughts were actually provoking a real nervous system response.

The Panic Attack That Changed My Life

Posted 01.19.2015 | Healthy Living

Ashley Nessman, 23, of Hamburg, New Jersey, was diagnosed with a panic disorder in 2009 after years of misdiagnosis and unsuccessful attempts at treat...

The Christmas Cat That Worked Better Than Xanax

Patrice Bendig | Posted 02.23.2015 | Healthy Living
Patrice Bendig

If 2014 was the worst year of your life, or even if it was just a shitty year, that is okay. 2015 is less than two weeks away. If you don't know where to start to make the next year better, I have one piece of advice. Get a cat. Pet therapy can be the catalyst of the progression of a better life .