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Patriotic Union of Cuba

José Daniel Ferrer, Former Cuban Black Spring Prisoner, on Hunger Strike After New Arrest

Yoani Sanchez | Posted 06.25.2012 | World
Yoani Sanchez

His drawing power, and the respect many have for him, comes also from his perseverance and, in particular, from the fact that he is quicker to embrace than to distrust. He has become a human bridge between several citizen projects and, right now, that makes him a sharp stone in the Cuban government's shoe.

Wilman Villar Mendoza: The Death of a Dissident

Yoani Sanchez | Posted 04.04.2012 | World
Yoani Sanchez

From the hole in the floor that serves as a toilet, a rat emerges and looks curiously at the curled up man lying there. Outside shouts are heard, metal banging, and the general noise of the Aguadores prison, one of the most feared in eastern Cuba.