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Paul Ryan Budget

GOP Rep: I'd End Up 'Maybe Killing A Couple Of' Senators To Pass Paul Ryan's Plan

The Huffington Post | Ariel Edwards-Levy | Posted 02.23.2012 | Politics

Rep. John Sullivan (R-Okla.) told a town hall audience on Wednesday that "maybe killing a couple of" senators would help Rep. Paul Ryan's budget pass....

The President's Budget: Continuing the Slow Climb Upward

Deborah Weinstein | Posted 04.15.2012 | Politics
Deborah Weinstein

The president's budget proposal recognizes some basic truths: we cannot speed up economic recovery without investments that create jobs and increase workers' readiness to do those jobs.

Mitt Romney Tells a Huge Lie About Medicare & Social Security

Ethan Rome | Posted 04.01.2012 | Politics
Ethan Rome

Shame on Romney for lying to Florida seniors as he cheers on Paul Ryan's plan to take away their health care and retirement security.

John Celock

New Hampshire Dems Launch Petition To Block Health Care Reform | John Celock | Posted 03.27.2012 | Politics

New Hampshire Democrats are hoping a campaign strategy centered on opposition to a controversial health care bill will pay off in 2012 elections acros...

Romney Proposals Would Slash Non-defense Programs

Paul N. Van de Water | Posted 03.26.2012 | Politics
Paul N. Van de Water

Romney's proposals would shrink non-defense discretionary spending -- which, over the past 30 years, has averaged 3.7 percent of GDP and never fallen below 3.2 percent  -- to just 1.7 percent of GDP by 2021.

The Fight for the 99 Percent

Rep. Mike Honda | Posted 02.14.2012 | Politics
Rep. Mike Honda

Republicans' refusal to act on anything other than tax cuts for the rich is an economic and moral failure of leadership -- it flies in the face of the fact that countless American families, a great cross-section of the 99 percent, are in utter crisis.

Amanda Terkel

GLOVES OFF: Romney Campaign Goes After Gingrich | Amanda Terkel | Posted 12.08.2011 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- Newt Gingrich finally appears to be making Mitt Romney nervous. On Thursday morning, the Romney campaign held a conference call with rep...

For the Super Committee, an Option to Save Medicare

Grace-Marie Turner | Posted 01.04.2012 | Politics
Grace-Marie Turner

The key to real reform is building in changes to Medicare and Medicaid that rely on consumer choice and competition, not price controls and crushing government regulations.

Rep. Ryan Reality Check

Jared Bernstein | Posted 12.28.2011 | Business
Jared Bernstein

In a radio interview this AM, Ryan claimed that the Republicans on the deficit reduction super-committee were putting revenues on the table. That surprised me since I'd thought they'd pledged to stonewall on that point.

Jennifer Bendery

Paul Ryan: Obama Preying On "Fear, Envy and Resentment" | Jennifer Bendery | Posted 12.26.2011 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) came out swinging at President Barack Obama in a Wednesday speech, charging the president with ...

Jennifer Bendery

Paul Ryan Tries To Create Tax Loopholes For Biggest Donors | Jennifer Bendery | Posted 08.16.2012 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) has for months argued for closing tax loopholes as a way to pay for his proposed tax ...

Tea Party To Push Plan To Slash Medicare

Posted 10.03.2011 | Politics

By David Morgan WASHINGTON -- With Medicare at the top of lawmakers' fall agenda, Tea Party movement leaders hope to ignite support for Republi...

Getting Back to Basics for Our Nation's Children

Bruce Lesley | Posted 09.20.2011 | Education
Bruce Lesley

By a nearly 3-to-1 margin (58-20%), American voters believe that the lives of children have become worse rather than better over the last ten years, as key indicators of child well-being continue to decline.

Paul Ryan: Obama 'Unwilling' To Do What's Necessary To Reach A Deal On Debt Ceiling

AP | Posted 09.14.2011 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- The Republican chairman of the House Budget Committee is accusing President Barack Obama of being unwilling to embrace the level of spen...

Paul Ryan: No New Taxes As Part Of Debt Ceiling Deal

AP | Posted 09.11.2011 | Politics

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Republican chairman of the House Budget Committee says his party is vehemently opposed to tax increases because U.S. businesses...

Paul Ryan Drank $350 Bottle Of Wine While Calling For Medicare Cuts

Talking Points Memo | Posted 09.07.2011 | Politics

Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI), a leading advocate of shrinking entitlement spending and the architect of the plan to privatize Medicare, spent Tuesday evening...

Does Wall Street Win?

Mike Lux | Posted 09.06.2011 | Politics
Mike Lux

Does the middle class win, or does Wall Street win? If Obama chooses Wall Street, gives into the banks on all these issues, and hurts senior citizens with Social Security cuts, he will break apart the Democratic coalition and doom his re-election chances.

Preserving Employer-Sponsored Health Care Protects America's Middle Class

Rep. Joe Courtney | Posted 09.06.2011 | Politics
Rep. Joe Courtney

Another middle class landmine is buried within both the Simpson-Bowles and Domenici-Rivlin debt reduction plans.

Democratic-Aligned Group Targets Republicans On Medicare

AP | Posted 08.29.2011 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- A fundraising group supporting President Barack Obama's re-election bid is airing ads accusing Republicans of blocking progress on the e...

WATCH: Ex-Economic Adviser On Ryan's Budget: 'Robin Hood In Reverse'

The Huffington Post | James Sunshine | Posted 08.22.2011 | Business

Jared Bernstein, Vice President Joe Biden's former economic advisor, agrees with Republican Congressman Paul Ryan on Wisconsin being a nice place to p...

Huntsman Polishes His Magic Mirror to Show GOP Voters Whatever They're Looking For

Michael Keegan | Posted 08.20.2011 | Politics
Michael Keegan

Huntsman's record shows that, faced with the reality that he must appeal to the increasingly far right Republican base, he is quickly trying to jettison formerly held "moderate" positions.

Amanda Terkel

What's At The Heart Of The Battles In Wisconsin? | Amanda Terkel | Posted 08.17.2011 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- Milwaukee's Mitchell Airport is in good shape. Last year, it was the fastest-growing airport in the United States and one of the top air...

Sam Stein

Paul Ryan Says He's Open To Making Medicare Plan Optional | Sam Stein | Posted 08.17.2011 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- The news from Thursday that House Budget Committee Chair Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) was willing to make his proposal for privatizing Medicare op...

WATCH: HuffPost's Alex Wagner Discusses Medicare Cuts

Huff TV | Posted 08.14.2011 | Politics
Huff TV

HuffPost's Alex Wagner appeared Tuesday on MSNBC to discuss the Democrats' battle against Medicare cuts. "I think it's high time that the Democrats a...

Sara Kenigsberg

Town Hall Protestors: 'No To Ryan, Yes To Medicare' | Sara Kenigsberg | Posted 08.13.2011 | Politics

With reporting by Paige Lavender. WASHINGTON -- Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) headed to the Newseum in downtown D.C. on Monday to participate in a town ...