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Paul Ryan Rnc Speech

When Facts Deceive

David Westin | Posted 11.06.2012 | Media
David Westin

Considering that facts are always true, it's surprising how often they can deceive us. That's why all the fighting between the presidential campaigns over the facts and whether they're being manipulated to mislead is much, much more than just petty politics. Thankfully, at least for the moment, we've come light-years from being trapped in a fiction that "fair and balanced" is the best way to cover all the serious issues of the day. Sometimes there is a right answer, and we need people in the media to have the courage to call some balls and strikes as our leaders and those around them are throwing fastballs and curves at us.

Paul Ryan Should Visit Congo

Anjan Sundaram | Posted 11.03.2012 | Politics
Anjan Sundaram

Perhaps Congo might help Paul Ryan reconsider whether rights really come from nature and God, or whether they come from government.

Biden Doubles Down On Paul Ryan Speech Criticism

AP | PHILIP ELLIOTT | Posted 11.02.2012 | Politics

YORK, Pa. — Vice President Joe Biden said Sunday that Republican rival Mitt Romney is "ready to go to war in Syria and Iran" while hurting the m...

Former Janesville GM Plant Employee: Paul Ryan 'Should Be Ashamed Of Himself' For Telling An 'Outright Lie"

Posted 09.01.2012 | Politics

A former employee of the General Motors plant in Janesville, Wisconsin said Paul Ryan "should be ashamed of himself" for his misleading claim about th...

Ryan's One True Claim Isn't

Brad Miller | Posted 10.31.2012 | Politics
Brad Miller

I have a pretty good idea what legislation in the last decade could have "corrected" the housing crisis, and what legislation made it worse. Ryan voted wrong every time.

Elise Foley

Paul Ryan Defends General Motors Lie | Elise Foley | Posted 08.30.2012 | Politics

GOP vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan insisted Thursday that it was fair to blame President Barack Obama for the closure of an automobile plant, des...

25 Paul Ryan Jokes From Last Night

Posted 08.30.2012 | Comedy

While Paul Ryan was giving his supporters a double dose of indisputable charm and questionable facts at the Republican National Convention last night,...

Fox News: Paul Ryan's Speech Was Full Of 'Blatant Lies'

The Huffington Post | Bonnie Kavoussi | Posted 08.31.2012 | Business

According to Fox News columnist Sally Kohn, vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan's speech at the Republican National Convention on Wednesday "was an ap...

Christina Wilkie

Paul Ryan Provokes Waterworks From Scott Walker | Christina Wilkie | Posted 08.30.2012 | Politics

TAMPA, Fla. -- Less than 10 minutes into Rep. Paul Ryan's vice presidential nomination speech at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Republic...

Arthur Delaney

Paul Ryan Misleads With GM Plant Closure Tale | Arthur Delaney | Posted 08.30.2012 | Politics

TAMPA, Fla. -- In his prime-time speech at the Republican National Convention on Wednesday evening, vice presidential hopeful Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) ...