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Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane Indicted

Undercover Video Of Man Arrested On Suspicion Of Bestiality

Suspect Accused Of 'Unprecedented' Killing Spree Across 2 States

School Stabbing Victims Urge Judge To 'Fix Evil' By Trying Classmate As Adult

Amish Mourn Trooper Who Comforted Them After Schoolhouse Massacre

State Senator Who Can Afford To Charter Helicopters On Whim Says Public Schools Overfunded

Transgender Doctor One Step Closer To Serving As Pennsylvania's Physician General

Meet The Progressive Likely To Become Philadelphia's Next Mayor

Shooting Reported At Pennsylvania Shopping Plaza

Pennsylvania's Fight Over Paid Sick Days Could Be The Presidential Campaign's Next Issue

Lawyer For Accused Cop Killer Seeks Change Of Venue (READ THE MOTION)

Watch The Sweet Moment An Entire Flight Sings Happy Birthday To Girl With Disability

Pennsylvania McDonald's Bans Unaccompanied Minors

Angelique Miles, Owner Of Horrifically Emaciated Pit Bull Puppy, Charged With Animal Cruelty (GRAPHIC IMAGES)