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8 Tips To Help Heal From Depression

Megan Bruneau | Posted 11.18.2016 | Healthy Living
Megan Bruneau

When we make space for depression to be there, we can make linkages and better understand what causes it. When we become more aware of these causes, we can do what we need to feel better. Finally, we can be intentional around living our lives despite the presence of depression.

Addicted to Perfection?

Candace van Dell | Posted 11.17.2016 | Healthy Living
Candace van Dell

The interesting thing is that we always have a choice. We have a choice if we will still love ourselves regardless of who else does. We have such an opportunity in these instances to practice "unconditional self love."

5 Ways to Make Losing Weight Less Overwhelming

Naomi Teeter | Posted 11.10.2016 | Healthy Living
Naomi Teeter

Why does everything seem so crushing after just a short amount of time? There's not just one answer for this. We all have different perceived reasons as to why it feels like a struggle. Here are five typical reasons losing weight can feel overwhelming and what to do instead:

Why You Can't Hear the Calling of Your Soul When Fear Is in Charge (and How to Listen Anyway)

Esther de Charon de Saint Germain | Posted 11.08.2016 | Impact
Esther de Charon de Saint Germain

Reading books is all great and deep and wonderful, but as long as you don't know what it feels like to push a brush with green paint on a piece of paper, it's all in your head -- where fear has taken over the entire house. Not much space left for happy-go-lucky creativity.

The Power of Imperfection

Megan Baca | Posted 11.03.2016 | Women
Megan Baca

I spent most of my childhood reading books under the covers with a flashlight. The hours in the day didn't seem to be enough time for me to read everything that was on my list. I didn't consider the strain I was putting on my eyesight. I didn't worry about getting a good nights sleep.

Dare to Suck: Why Do We Try So Hard and Fail to Be Perfect?

Kay Tacke Morse | Posted 10.28.2016 | GPS for the Soul
Kay Tacke Morse

How do we make mistakes without losing faith in ourselves? How do we cope with stinking at something and not being perfect? When will giving it our all satisfy us? Them? Isn't some of our success built upon our failures? Our dares? When will we rest?

Why I Hid a White Silk Dress in Shame: A True Story About Transforming Creative Fears Into Magic

Esther de Charon de Saint Germain | Posted 10.28.2016 | GPS for the Soul
Esther de Charon de Saint Germain

What I'm about to tell you is not a pretty story. To be honest, I've never told this to anyone. But I think it's time to share it. Because you might r...

The No. 1 Tool You Need to Take Risks in Life

Megan Bruneau | Posted 10.20.2016 | Healthy Living
Megan Bruneau

Photo credit: Kevin Krejci Our minds like to tell us not to take risks (and sometimes our fathers, but usually our minds get the final say). I resig...

Perfectionism Makes Raising a Toddler Very Challenging

Susan Stiffelman | Posted 10.19.2016 | Parents
Susan Stiffelman

Despite all those yummy baby kisses and cozy snuggles, children push our ability to tolerate disorder to its absolute limits. Parenting is hard... and it's messy! Even those of us who aren't perfectionistic often struggle with the chaos.

Letting Courage Take the Lead

Erin Parker | Posted 10.12.2016 | GPS for the Soul
Erin Parker

We must be courageous and step out even if our steps are unsteady and what lies ahead is unable to be seen. It's not an easy transition to make or one that is done successfully each time, but it is one that is the foundation for a live worth living.

How to Let Go and Find Yourself

Emily Pereira | Posted 10.07.2016 | Women
Emily Pereira

The way to an adventurous, passionate, fulfilling existence is the exact opposite of what most of us have been programmed to believe. Life's gifts don't come from being perfect and doing everything perfectly; they show up when we ditch the script and give ourselves a little freaking permission to just be The Beginner.

What If Everything in Your Life Was Perfect?

Emily Cassel | Posted 10.06.2016 | GPS for the Soul
Emily Cassel

Did you know that everything in your life is perfect, just the way it is, right now, without changing anything at all? WITHOUT DOING MORE, OR BETTER,...

5 Ways to Find Happiness in the Chaos

Dr. Darria Long Gillespie | Posted 10.06.2016 | Healthy Living
Dr. Darria Long Gillespie

Some women launch record-breaking social media campaigns. Some volunteer in Haiti. Some raise three children -- while they're launching their own business, finding time to exercise and (even!) meditate. Danica Kombol, CEO of Everywhere Agency, does them all.

Be the Beginner

Emily Pereira | Posted 10.02.2016 | GPS for the Soul
Emily Pereira

Do you ever feel like society has reneged its happily ever after promise to you? Do you wonder why -- after doing everything "right," -- you still ar...

How to Stop Being a Perfectionist

Kali Rogers | Posted 09.22.2016 | Women
Kali Rogers

It's time to take the power away from everyone else, and create your own version of perfect. Stop comparing yourself to others. Looking at somebody else's grades, shape, rewards, accomplishments or anything else has no weight on whether or not you are doing well in your life.

6 Things That Happened When I Stopped Hating My Body

Michele Lian | Posted 09.17.2016 | Healthy Living
Michele Lian

When I was ready and started loving my body, amazing things started to happen, like these six revelations:

Letting Go of Perfect

Kali Hawlk | Posted 09.11.2016 | Healthy Living
Kali Hawlk

Letting go and focusing on what really mattered -- like actually getting to the grocery store or capturing that fleeting idea I had -- didn't seem like an option. Perfectionism was the only choice, and it was so easy to agonize over every little detail that didn't measure up.

Mindfulness: The Antidote for Perfectionism

Mark Bertin, M.D. | Posted 09.09.2016 | Parents
Mark Bertin, M.D.

Being mindful starts in part with accepting the fact that we cannot ever be fully mindful in the first place. Our brains aren't wired that way. And life itself is unendingly uncertain and unpredictable. Imperfection is the norm. It's how we live with these facts that influences our moment-to-moment well-being.

Confessions Of A 'Supercrip'

Bryan Dooley | Posted 09.01.2016 | Healthy Living
Bryan Dooley

On one hand, I like to see myself as a young leader within the disability field, so I like to use what I have to inspire people and hopefully foster change. On the other hand, having to be a constant inspiration can be exhausting and require years of therapy, which is hard to pay for when you inspire for free.

Why Art Makes Me Cry -- A Lesson Taught by Tracey Emin and Louise Bourgeois

Esther de Charon de Saint Germain | Posted 08.26.2016 | GPS for the Soul
Esther de Charon de Saint Germain

Let me paint you the scene. At this very moment I'm in the final stage of finishing a big project called the Creative Study. But I'd got stuck. I need...

How to Stop Perfectionism in Its Tracks

Melissa Escaro | Posted 08.26.2016 | Healthy Living
Melissa Escaro

Remember to be gentle and truly appreciate yourself for all of your unlimited potential. Celebrate your imperfections, because they are also a part of who you are and what you have to share with others!

How to Be the Perfect Woman

Nicole Jankowski | Posted 08.12.2016 | Women
Nicole Jankowski

If you want to be the perfect woman, it will be hard work. Stand at the checkout of the grocery store and scan the perfect faces on every magazine cover. Whatever you see -- on film, in print, in the front windows of the stores at the shopping mall -- this is what you must try to be.

When You Feel Frozen and Alone at Church

Caroline Garnet McGraw | Posted 08.09.2016 | Religion
Caroline Garnet McGraw

So many of us are walking around with a judge and jury in our heads. We don't believe that we're enough as we are. Instead, we're putting ourselves on trial, and the "verdicts" leave us feeling unworthy and isolated. But what happens when we embrace freedom, even though we're afraid? It's revolutionary.

How Perfectionism Tears Us Down

Matt Baume | Posted 08.07.2016 | Queer Voices
Matt Baume

Just about all of us feel pressure to be more than we are. And ambition is great, but that impulse can turn into destructive guilt when you fail to measure up. That failure's self-fulfilling, whether it's little gay boys wishing they were straight, or big gay men comparing each other at the gym.

The Gender Leadership Gap: Are Women the Real Issue That's Holding Women Back?

Teawna Pinard | Posted 08.06.2016 | Business
Teawna Pinard

Is it men who are the barrier to the advancement of more women into leadership roles? Are they acting as the gatekeepers of the boardroom, shutting women out? I really don't think so.