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Melody Lost 125 Pounds: 'I Was Determined To Lose'

Stephen Lost 291 Pounds: 'If You Can Visualize It, You Can Realize It'

Tanee Lost 200 Pounds: 'We All Have That Power Within Us'

Lori And Ed Lost 295 Pounds Together!

Heather Lost 136 Pounds: 'Losing The Weight Is The Best Thing I Could Have Ever Done'

Jessica Lost 107 Pounds: 'My Life Has Been One Hell Of A Race'

Jen Lost 70 Pounds: 'My Life Has Done A 180'

Cristina Lost 58 Pounds: 'I Had Seen What Diabetes Had Done To My Grandmother And Was Scared Senseless'

Sara Lost 80 Pounds: 'I Was Not Just Simply Trying To Lose Weight, I Was Saving My Life'

Dannii Lost 98 Pounds: 'You Might Not Be Exactly Where You Want To Be Right Now, But You Are Worth It'

Mindy Lost 124 Pounds: 'You Don't Need Anything Special Besides Patience And A Drive To Change'

Danny Lost 132 Pounds: 'From Being Someone To Laugh At, I Have Become Someone People Ask For Advice'

Hannah Lost 120 Pounds On 'The Biggest Loser'

Janaye Lost 122 Pounds: 'We Only Get This One Body, And We Are Only Cheating Ourself By Not Taking Care Of It'