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A Stroke At 19 -- With A Surprising Cause

Rebekah Lost 125 Pounds: 'I Took It One Month And 10 Pounds At A Time'

Michael Lost 108 Pounds: 'Fitness Changed My Life'

Kay Lost Almost 140 Pounds: 'I Feel Like I've Been Given A Second Chance'

Tom Lost 100 Pounds: 'It Has Been The Greatest Accomplishment Of My Life'

Richie Lost Over 60 Pounds: 'I Am In The Best Shape Of My Life'

Dan Lost More Than 100 Pounds: 'It's All Willpower, And We All Have It'

Triumph Time! What Is Your Personal Health Victory?

Elliott Lost 125 Pounds: 'I Almost Passed Out After Bending Over To Tie My Shoes'

Kishan Lost 205 Pounds: 'It Tastes That Much Sweeter That I Did It On My Own'

Lindsay Lost 65 Pounds: 'I Get To Walk Around Feeling Proud And Accomplished'

Angie Lost 66 Pounds: 'I Love The Skin I'm In Now'

Two-Time Breast Cancer Survivor Fabiana Lost 126 Pounds: 'Now I Am Having The Best Time Of My Life -- And In The Best Shape'

Dave Lost 75 Pounds: 'I Gained A Renewed Sense Of Passion For Life'