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Resident Evil 6 -- Live Commentary From SeaNanners and Voice Star Matthew Mercer (VIDEO)

Shira Lazar | Posted 12.04.2012 | Technology
Shira Lazar

YouTuberSeaNanners brings his famous gaming commentary live to the What's Trending studio while answering fan questions and guiding me through Residen...

The Gregarious Salesman: Death of a Stereotype

Wray Herbert | Posted 11.17.2012 | Science
Wray Herbert

Just because extraverts are attracted to sales jobs, does this mean they are necessarily good at selling us SUVs and wide-screen TVs and time shares in Honolulu?

POLL: Ryan Addition Fails, Latino Voters Still Don't Trust Romney

The Huffington Post | Janell Ross | Posted 08.23.2012 | Latino Voices

While President Barack Obama’s persistently large Latino voter lead over Gov. Mitt Romney has become a campaign season theme, a new poll indicates t...

Is Your Need for Attention Ruining Everyone Else's Life?

Lisa Haisha | Posted 10.01.2012 | Healthy Living
Lisa Haisha

The narcissist is arguably the most noticeable in the impostor family because it doesn't just expect the spotlight -- this impostor demands it.

Persuasion Is Local

Art Markman, Ph.D. | Posted 09.10.2012 | Healthy Living
Art Markman, Ph.D.

A new psychology paper, published in the June 2012 issue of Psychological Science, looked at the effectiveness of different advertising messages based on people's personality traits.

Why Thinking Isn't Always Good

Lisa Haisha | Posted 08.29.2012 | Healthy Living
Lisa Haisha

It's a good idea to think things through, especially for major decisions. But sometimes people over-think a situation, even when the decision is relat...

Cara Santa Maria

Woof! Do People Really Look Like Their Pets? | Cara Santa Maria | Posted 06.14.2012 | Science

2012-06-14-caradog.jpgIs there any truth to the idea that cat people and dog people are fundamentally different? Do people really look like their pets? What does the science say?

How To Take Control Of Stress At Work

Christy Matta, M.A. | Posted 08.01.2012 | Healthy Living
Christy Matta, M.A.

Job demands can certainly cause stress. But your own reaction to those demands can have a significant impact on the intensity of stress you experience.

Do You Mistake Sex-Esteem for Self-Esteem?

Lisa Haisha | Posted 07.31.2012 | Healthy Living
Lisa Haisha

It's always fun to be with someone living a vibrant and exciting life, but sometimes these people are acting out from deep-rooted self-esteem issues.

How You Pick Your Nose Determines Your Personality

Mark C. Miller | Posted 07.29.2012 | Comedy
Mark C. Miller

New research has determined that the universally practiced custom of picking one's nose holds the key to determining one's personality.

What Birth Season May Mean For Health

Posted 05.12.2012 | Science

By: Charles Choi, LiveScience Contributor Published: 05/11/2012 02:14 PM EDT on LiveScience The season in which a baby is born apparently influenc...

Cara Santa Maria

WATCH: Liberal, Conservative: Are You Born That Way? | Cara Santa Maria | Posted 07.04.2012 | Science

2012-05-07-Screenshot20120507at1.18.50PM.jpgDo we have traits that can be used to reliably predict whether someone is liberal or conservative in nature?

Your True Self Is 'Intelligent Stardust': Turning Points, Part 2

Douglas LaBier | Posted 06.11.2012 | Healthy Living
Douglas LaBier

As you reflect on turning points or moments in which you experience a glimmer of who you really are, might have been -- or might still become -- envision yourself as like a ocean's wave: Both separate and yet part of the ocean itself.

Unlocking the Mysteries of Life's Turning Points -- Part 1

Douglas LaBier | Posted 06.02.2012 | Healthy Living
Douglas LaBier

We experience many turning points in our lives, whenever we shift direction this way or that. All involve turning away from one path, and toward another. And they shape the self that you experience and that define "you" along the way.

Cara Santa Maria

WATCH: The Mind Of A Mass Murderer | Cara Santa Maria | Posted 03.28.2012 | Science

2012-03-28-Screenshot20120328at10.35.41AM.jpgOn August 1, 1966, Charles Whitman murdered his mother and his wife before traveling to the campus of the University of Texas, climbing inside the tower, and killing fourteen others.

Personality Influences on Cognitive Training

Scott Barry Kaufman | Posted 05.21.2012 | Science
Scott Barry Kaufman

Cognitive training works. But does it work equally well for all people? A new study suggests that the effectiveness of working memory training depends heavily on personality.

Bee Study Showing Bugs' 'Personalities' Has Biologists Buzzing

Posted 03.09.2012 | Science

By: Jennifer Welsh, LiveScience Staff Writer Published: 03/08/2012 02:09 PM EST on LiveScience Like humans and other vertebrates, some bees are ...

Is It Possible For Your Personality To Change?

The Huffington Post | Amanda L. Chan | Posted 03.05.2012 | Healthy Living

According to a new study, grouches don't necessarily remain grouches for the rest of their lives. Findings published in the journal Social Indicato...

Military Mind: What Happens to Our Heroes' Brains

The Huffington Post | David Freeman | Posted 02.17.2012 | Science

Combat seems to do a number on some soldiers' minds--as high rates of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) among returning soldiers attest. But a bom...

What Is Character And How Does It Change?

Robert D. Stolorow | Posted 04.17.2012 | Healthy Living
Robert D. Stolorow

Interpretative expansion of the patient's capacity for reflective awareness of old, repetitive organizing principles occurs concomitantly with the emotional impact and meanings of ongoing relational experiences with the therapist.

Going With Your Gut in the Voting Booth

Sam Sommers | Posted 03.12.2012 | Politics
Sam Sommers

No, this is not another blog post about the benefits (or costs) to being beautiful, though attractiveness certainly is a characteristic that can impact an election. Just ask Richard Nixon. But I'm not talking about physical attractiveness per se.

What Your Attachment Style Says About You

Dr. Shannon Kolakowski | Posted 03.09.2012 | Weddings
Dr. Shannon Kolakowski

Wedding planning is a phase of life that is really exciting, and it can also place strain on your relationships at times.

What You Don't Know About People

Sam Sommers | Posted 02.29.2012 | Home
Sam Sommers

You've been lied to. Or, at the very least, misled. It's simply not true that everything you need to know about life you learned in Kindergarten.

How Personality Can Influence Your Weight

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D. | Posted 02.20.2012 | Healthy Living
Judith S. Beck, Ph.D.

What's your personality? Are you self-disciplined and orderly, or are you more on the indulgent and impulsive side? Recent research from the National Institute of Health suggests that these personality traits could very well help determine your weight.

Cara Santa Maria

Mental Illness Is Brain Illness | Cara Santa Maria | Posted 12.06.2011 | Education

The mind does not exert power on the brain nor does the brain exert power on the mind. Mind is an emergent property of brain. And mental illness is a dysfunction of both sides of the coin.