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Is Kanye's 'Famous' Video Plagiarism?

John Seed | Posted 06.28.2016 | Arts
John Seed

I think of painter Vincent Desiderio as a living master and one hell of a hard worker. His epic 24-foot-wide canvas, Sleep, which depicts a dozen fitf...

My Museum Love Affair

Lev Raphael | Posted 05.20.2016 | New York
Lev Raphael

It's International Museum Day and I'm thinking how lucky I was growing up in Manhattan. My parents took me to art museums there on a regular basis from when I was very young.

Marseille -- The City by the Sea Where Art and Sun Compete to Blind You

Sidonie Sawyer | Posted 05.09.2016 | Travel
Sidonie Sawyer

Marseille (in the South of France, aka French Riviera, aka Cote d'Azur) is a city of surprises, an ocean-side formerly fortified enclave where strong accent and slang-ish dialect rule the quays of the old port.

Do You Call Yourself a Writer?

Henrietta M Ross | Posted 05.04.2016 | Arts
Henrietta M Ross

My partner has often debated with me whether I should be referring to myself as a writer; he thinks I should be and that there is nothing for me to be questioning, whilst I think I shouldn't and feel mildly arrogant about presenting myself as such.

At 11, This Child Prodigy Sold Paintings For $100,000. Here's Her Life Today At 30.

OWN | Lisa Capretto | Posted 05.04.2016 | OWN

Nearly 20 years ago, when Alexandra Nechita's artistic peers were dabbling in acrylics and exploring color in art class, she, too, was painting -- but...

Picasso and Pornhub: What I Learned From Magazines This Week

Roz Warren | Posted 04.16.2016 | Media
Roz Warren

Reading magazines this week, I learned that: Sally Field dislikes gefilte fish. (Vanity Fair, 3/16) Pornhub, an explicit-video-sharing site, gets 2....

Picasso Was Wrong: How coding is leading the future of arts related careers

Vidcode | Posted 03.23.2016 | Education

Pablo Picasso, in one of his more famous quotes said "Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up." But Picasso did...

Educating for Democracy: Some Good News

Joel Shatzky | Posted 03.16.2016 | Education
Joel Shatzky

There is so much bad news about education these days that I decided to post a positive story about a class of students, most all minority, whom I observed at the Picasso sculpture exhibit at MOMA several weeks ago

Picasso Exhibit at MoMA

Chetna Singh | Posted 03.08.2016 | Arts
Chetna Singh

The superbly curated works spread over several rooms and loaned from all over the world, an astounding 140 pieces, reflects the evolution of Picasso's work and each room is indicative of a particular phase in his life.

Rebecca Campbell's 'Miss April 1971': Picassian Power and Feminist Insight

John Seed | Posted 02.27.2016 | Arts
John Seed

Yesterday I stood in front of Rebecca Campbell's 13 foot wide canvas Miss April 1971 and found myself thinking "That is one ballsy painting."

A Stitch in Time: Sandra Muss at the Coral Springs Museum of Art

Bruce Helander | Posted 02.22.2016 | Arts
Bruce Helander

This ambitious overview is a warm, paint-stained handshake and a grateful, standing salute to past award-winning innovative performances in a supportive role by pioneer picture makers. At the same time, it is a inquisitive and delightful investigation.

Churchill's Passing and a Marketplace Pierced By Lies

Barry Singer | Posted 01.29.2016 | Arts
Barry Singer

Churchill's passing and that widely-televised funeral launched the market for all things Churchill. In other words, the loss of Winston Churchill put me in business.

Scientists Uncover Pablo Picasso's Chemical Fingerprint In Breakthrough Study

artnet News | Priscilla Frank | Posted 01.06.2016 | Arts

This article originally appeared on artnet News. An extensive analysis of Pablo Picasso's early work by a Spanish chemical engineer has provided som...

Yup, The Internet Is In Charge Of Saving Or Shredding A Picasso

The Huffington Post | Katherine Brooks | Posted 12.22.2015 | Arts

This week in WTF art news, the makers of Cards Against Humanity -- you know, "the party game for horrible people" -- are threatening to shred an origi...

CultureZohn: A Very Burri Christmas

Patricia Zohn | Posted 12.22.2015 | Arts
Patricia Zohn

Alberto Burri, a surgeon who became a painter, preferred "precarious equilibrium and masterful control of the unpredictable". A once-in-a-lifetime exhibition at the Guggenheim is a dramatic example of an artist marching to his own drum and for any creative person, a source of passionate inspiration not to be missed.

Bye-Bye, Blood

Susan Perloff | Posted 12.15.2015 | GPS for the Soul
Susan Perloff

I hate giving blood. They stick the needle in, it hurts. They twist the syringe before sucking the blood out, it burns. They pull the needle out, it s...

Your Definitive Guide To Reading A Piece Of Nude Art

The Huffington Post | Katherine Brooks | Posted 11.17.2015 | Arts

Artists have been depicting the naked body for quite some time. As the Metropolitan Museum of Art puts it, this is perfectly natural, given the fact t...

Yes, The Censorship Of Nude Art Today Is Completely Arbitrary

The Huffington Post | Katherine Brooks | Posted 12.08.2015 | Arts

Stephen Colbert doesn't know a lot about art, but he's devoted six minutes of his show this week to analyzing the difference between it and porn. As y...

Behind the Scenes: Bradley Rubenstein Plus Post HEAD Reflections

D. Dominick Lombardi | Posted 10.22.2015 | Arts
D. Dominick Lombardi

This is the fourth of a series of interviews that focus on Local 829's Scenic Artists' "behind the scenes" talent who sculpt and paint in a variety of ways the sets we see on television, in movies and documentaries, on theater stages, and in the backgrounds of television and internet commercials.

Who Created A Secret Painting On The Back Of A $60 Million Picasso?

artnet News | Priscilla Frank | Posted 10.13.2015 | Arts

See the original piece on artnet News. Sotheby's has announced the consignment of two major works from the collection of renowned art and wine collec...

Making Waves at Art Silicon Valley/San Francisco

Bruce Helander | Posted 10.05.2015 | Arts
Bruce Helander

Shepard Fairey is an acclaimed American contemporary street artist, graphic designer, activist, and illustrator, who, while attending the Rhode Island School of Design, began appropriating images from supermarket tabloids and other printed materials.

There Is No Romance in Art Fraud

Anthony Amore | Posted 09.24.2015 | Arts
Anthony Amore

The idea of a talented painter committed only to his art and the resultant harmless trickery may seem quaint and somewhat romantic, but it is hardly the case.

Million-Dollar Oooops!

MoneyTips | Posted 09.21.2015 | Arts

When a 12-year old boy armed with soda meets an expensive painting, guess who wins? It's not the painting, the displaying museum, or the insurance company, that's for sure.

An Interview With Jeffrey Breslow: Sculptor, Creator and Artist -- Boulder and Bolder

Carroll F. Gray | Posted 09.14.2015 | Arts
Carroll F. Gray

Jeffrey credits his University of Illinois Professor, Edward Zagorski, for helping him to develop a clear sense of Design, as distinct from "shaping and making." Jeffrey calls Design "the secret operator behind everything-automobiles, furniture, appliances, toys..."

5 Need to Know Picasso Paintings

Madelaine D'Angelo | Posted 09.21.2015 | Arts
Madelaine D'Angelo

Picasso painted Girl Before A Mirror during his cubism period in March 1932. The young girl was Picasso's mistress, Marie Therese Walter, who he painted multiple times during the 1930s.